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Friday, January 8, 2016

The History of the World in Granite at The Center of the World in Felicity, California

Creating The Center of the World and getting it officially recognized by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors was not enough for Jacques-Andre Istel.  He decided to present the history of the world etched in granite.

The History of

Early Medicine

Istel, referred to as the Founder, researches topics and writes the inscriptions for
each panel.

Architecture from
Ancient Civilizations

Mystical Stone Forms
Around the World

a replica of the

There's too much history to share in one blog post.  I decided to include the historic sites Eric and I have visited.

Early Settlement:
Roanoke: the Lost Colony

Jamestown & the story
of Pocahontas

The American Revolution

The First President:

 President Thomas Jefferson

Eric & I visited Sackets

The Civil War raged from 
1861 - 1865.

Eric and I visited Fort Sumter, the site of the first shots fired in the Civil War; the Gettysburg and Vicksburg Battlefields; the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Andersonville Prison.  In our travels, Eric and I have seen artwork and statues commemorating Confederate soldiers and battles throughout the South.

Roosevelt provided
hope & help during
the worst of times.

President Roosevelt led our
country through World War 
II, until his death on April 
12, 1944.

War leads to scientific advances in weaponry, battlefield medicine....

President Harry S. Truman
succeeded President Roosevelt;
oversaw the end of World War
II & the beginning of the
Korean War.

President Eisenhower oversaw
the Korean Armistice & managed
the booming 1950s economy.

remembered for his prosecution
of the Vietnam War & not the
social programs passed during
his administration.

The US Space Program

Eric & I visited Kennedy
Space Center & watched 
a Space-X Missile

The Founder saved some space for his own history.

He memorialized his time at

He honors his graduating
class of 1949 from
Princeton University
in New Jersey.

Istel served in the Marine Corps
 during the Korean War.

He is an honorary member of
the French Foreign Legion.

 parachuting, which became
 known as skydiving.

This is a huge task for a man to take on, even with help.  Jacques-Andre Istel is busy working to fill the blank panels with the history of the world.

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