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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Found Some Cool Rides in Jerome, Arizona

This vintage motorcycle
stood out because of
its classic lines.

The WHEELY license plate
& wheely bar caught my eye.

I spoke with the owner...

This is a 1941 Willys Coupe
with a big block Chevy engine.

This vintage VW bus
has stories to tell...

My favorite bumper sticker is:
"Please Tailgate.  I need the money."

Then, I found this souped up
VW Beetle in a visitors
parking lot.

The Art Co-Operative in Jerome, Arizona

The Art Cooperative
showcases works rfrom
numerous local artisans.

There are many paintings.

Native American inspired

The fabric arts are represented
here at the Art Co-Operative.

The Art Cooperative offers local artists a place to display and sell their work without the expense of operating a gallery. 

A Visit to Historic Jerome, Arizona

Founded in 1876 by
three prospectors

Jerome is perched on
 Cleopatra Hill, overlooking
the Verde Valley.

The copper mine was a
major producer through
the 1920s & into the 1930s.

Jerome reached its peak population of 15,000 in the 1920s.

In the 1953, the copper mine closed
& Jerome's population declined.

The remaining 50 to 100 remaining residents promoted Jerome as a historic ghost town in the 1960s.  Being designated a National Historic District in 1966 helped Jerome redefine itself as a tourist destination.  The population has risen to 450 as Jerome promotes itself as an artistic community set in a historic Arizona town.

The Flatiron Building (1917)
is now home to the Flatiron
Espresso Shop.

The Central Hotel (1906)
now houses The Wary
Buffalo  & apartments.

The Connor Hotel (1898) houses 
Caduceus Cellars, the current

House of Joy is in the former
 DeFillippe Building, (1920),
a former bordello.

The Jerome Historic Society
Mine Museum is housed in the
former Fashion Saloon (1898).

The former Bartlett Hotel (1901)
was gutted as potions of it were
  sold off for scrap in the 1950s.

The Jerome Grand Hotel (1927)
is the former United Verde Hospital.

This is a small sample of the historic buildings in Jerome.  Despite fires in the late 1800s, destroying sections of the town, much of the business area survived, providing eclectic spaces for thriving art related businesses.

Monday, December 30, 2013

This One's For You, Diane: The World's Largest Kokopelli In Camp Verde, Arizona

My daughter, Diane, tweeted me about the giant Kokopelli in Camp Verde, Arizona. According to, this is the largest Kokopelli in the world.

Kokopelli is a fertility god, prankster, healer, teller of stories in the Hopi lore and legend.

We're in the neighborhood... Here it is, honey!

The Wupatki Pueblo at Wupatki National Monument

Those right angles...
This must be man made.

The pueblo is built on top of a sandstone outcrop.

As we approach, the
Wupatki Pueblo takes form.

This pueblo, which has a commanding view of the area, was inhabited between 1120 and 1210 AD by 85 to 100 Wupatki .  Eventually, the inhabitants moved on.

Eric at the top of the

We look into the different
rooms of the pueblo.

We see the construction
up close.

The yellow smudge in the
background is our Jeep.
(We can find it anywhere.)

Our Drive Through Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Here's the sign for Sunset

This area had active volcanoes around 1,000 AD.  The earth's crust to the north (Colorado)  has a very thick and the earth's crust to the south and west (Arizona) has a very thin. Where the earth's crust transitions, heat from the mantle rises and melting occurs.  The resulting lava fields, cinder fields and volcanic crater tell the story of violent change.

Part of the Bonito

A cyclist enjoying a ride
on a cool day.

The view from the 
Cinder Hills Overlook
shows fissure where 
most recent volcanic
activity occurred. 

The Sunset Crater is
 obscured by snow.

We stop for lunch. 

Eric turns onto an
unpaved road.

We drive past acres of
black cinder. 

Someone's living way
out here.

We return to pavement.

What's next?

Sunset Crater National Monument Visitors Center, North of Flagstaff

Here's the sign for Sunset
Crater Volcano National

The Visitors Center

Educational displays
for this unique area.

The topography here looks
like the face of the moon.

Souvenirs for sale

Eric chats with the Park

Spanish friars established a mission in the area dedicated to Francis of Assisi in this area in 1629.  The nearby mountains were named San Francisco, for the saint.

This area had active volcanoes around 1,000 AD.  The resulting lava fields, cinder fields and volcanic crater tell the story of violent change.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Drive North in Arizona

Eric and I decided to go to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, north of Flagstaff.

As we drive north, the
elevation rises & there
is more snow.

tallest in Arizona
at 12,637 feet

A message for the 
holiday season.

As we turn on to Route 89,
we find out that the Grand
Canyon is not far away.

Suddenly, traffic slows...

This horse has his
own lane. 

Eric slows & drifts into
the horse's lane.

The brown smudge in
the rear view mirror is
the two horses on the
road shoulder.