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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Return Visit to The Desert Bar in Parker, Arizona

Eric & I drive the 7 miles on
Cienega Springs Road
road to The Desert Bar.

The Desert Bar sits in a bowl-like
depression in the Buckskin

Open Saturdays and Sundays from October to April from noon to 6 pm, The Desert Bar is a destination visited by many RVers and tourists from the fall through early spring.  Music starts at 1 pm and ends at 5 pm.

Eric and I visited The Desert Bar with Dave and Kathy in 2014.  They, along with Dee Dee and Tony, will join us this afternoon to enjoy music, drinks and food.

The Church, completed in
1996, is made of steel.

 Parking that rings The Desert Bar is part of the old Nellie E Copper Mining Camp.

The owner opened a small bar in a small three-sided structure in 1983.  In its 30 plus years, as The Desert Bar and its clientele expanded, the saloon and other buildings were constructed.

I think these solar panels 
have been installed 
since our 2014 visit.

More solar panels....

For years, the remote Desert 
Bar has been powered by 

The Walkway to The Desert Bar

Eric and I put a three small tables together, with chairs for Dave, Kathy, Tony and Dee Dee.  We chose a spot near the entrance to ensure that there would bed LOTS of 
people watching.  

Dee Dee, Tony, Dave &
Kathy arrive.

Let the fun begin!

The music started...

This walkway has been turned
into a Horseshoe Pit.

I walk through a second
bar on the main level...

... to examine the bar's
souvenir tee shirts,
bandannas & hats.

An outdoor patio is full
of visitors.

This outdoor seating area
is "new" since my last

I climbed partway up a
rocky overlook & see
UTVs lined up.

Visitors brought chairs up
here to listen to the

This stack, and others, are used for cooling.

I get a different view of the
band & the bar's main level.

A little girl climbs higher

 As I walk around the back of The Desert Bar, my view of the multi-level watering hole changes.

Covered dining areas
on the lower level

Lots of sunny seating
beneath the covered

Kathy & I spent a LONG time in
the food line two years ago.

Now there are two separate
areas selling food.

The lines are moving
much faster.

Another shot of the sunny
lower level of the saloon
with the unfinished stage
in the background.

The Desert Bar will soon have two music venues.

These visitors have an
awesome view of the

After a couple of hours, it's time to head out...  Dee Dee, Tony, Dave and Kathy are returning to Boomerville for the 4 pm Happy Hour.  Eric and I will take the Gray Eagle Mine Trail east toward Parker.

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