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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Morning Walk Along Plomosa Road in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric & I are parked about
.3 miles in from Plomosa 

I walk along the road, facing traffic.

A 5th wheel is parked in
front of a Saguaro that
 looks like an index finger
pointed up into the air.

They're Number 1!

Groups of RVs are parked anywhere from just off Plomosa Road to 50 or so yards in.

I stop & watch three
motorhomes pull into
an area just off
Plomosa Road.

A woman on a trike
drives by & waves.

This motorhome circles its
area, looking for a place
to park.

We & many hundreds of
RVers are parked in the
one of the 14 Day

Signs guide RVers to
their camping sites.

The Safari Group

WIN (Wandering Individuals
Network) has a unique sign.

This motorhome is using
a smokestack to vent
the generator exhaust
at roof level.

Eric surmises that this is a "homemade" smokestack.  Our manufactured smokestack has an outer tube to "muffle" the exhaust sound.  

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Looking forward to joining you!