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Monday, January 25, 2016

The HoverMaster 4000 @ Tyson Wells in Quartzsite, Arizona

The HoverMaster 4000...

I'm curious to see what
this product is.

A stuffed Bear is tethered
to the truck bumper, &
is squatting.


Merlin Zimmet & I talked at
length about this product,
which costs $19.99.  

The HoverMaster 4000:  We Know Squat.  This product is useful for active women who need to squat the outdoors.  

Everybody answers the call of nature.  No one wants to talk about it.  Women face issues that men don't when "answering the call."  Body mechanics, foot placement and knowing which way the ground is slanting are important when assuming "the position."  The HoverMaster 4000 allows women to maximize the environment, ensures good body mechanics, reduces stress on leg joints, and allows for careful foot placement.  Unlike other outdoors women's products, there's no equipment to clean.  

Any woman going outdoors to backpack, hike, bike, ride motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, go horseback riding, hunting, fishing....  can see the usefulness of the HoverMaster 4000.

The 8 ounce HoverMaster folds
 up into this 6.5 inch by
 9 inch pouch.

It can be worn on
on a belt.

The rectangular case is
4.5 inches by 21 inches

The zippered case opens up and has multiple uses.  It is the part of a sling the user leans against.  It covers one's backside, providing a little bit of privacy.

The strap is stores neatly.

Pockets hold supplies.

The strap is held in place
by double sided Velcro.

The Velcro is fitted
perfectly to ensure
secure fastening.

The three layers compress

Once the strap is secured around
a tree, on a vehicle bumper,
trailer hitch etc., ease back 
& squat.

Merlin is from Colorado and feels that a major part of his job is education.  I appreciated his emphasis on body mechanics and relieving stress from leg joints.  I plan to remain active as I grow older and the HoverMaster 4000 will be a useful addition to my outdoor supplies.

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