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Friday, April 20, 2018

Homeward Bound... The Drive Northeast to Rotterdam, New York

Eric & I are delighted to see

Number 53 had a starring role
in the The Love Bug.

We will continue on
through Pennsylvania
& into New York.

Boats & RVs wait to be
sold at Public Auction.

Eric & I share the first part
of our drive with Tractor


Workers are patching this
section of the highway.

This is the best depiction
of why cars need to give
Tractor Trailers a lot of
room when they are
turning corners.

Nanticotke stretches
out before us.

Eric & I stop for Propane at
the Flying J Travel Center
in New Milford.

It's a bargain here at $2.39
per gallon.

Propane is $4.00 per gallon at Adams Heating in Rotterdam, .

It's my turn to drive for
about an hour & a half.

Welcome to New York.

Interstate 88 was built
in the early 1980s.

This portion of today's
drive bought to you by
Bumps in the Road.

lies before us.

Here's our Exit.

We waited until Rotterdam
to get Diesel because it
costs about 25 cents less
per gallon here.

I unhitch our Jeep and drive to Jerry's house to wait for Eric.

Welcome to Rotterdam.

Eric arrives.... 

.... & I direct him into the

We're home!

Continuing Our Northeast to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

 Eric drove out of the Marion Walmart parking lot at 10:00 am.  Our Diesel Engine was "lagging."  We should change the Fuel Filter/Water Separator.  (We always carry two.)

Eric purchased a special
tool to change out the
Fuel Filter/Water Separator.

It didn't fit.

Eric walked into Walmart and bought an Filter Wrench.

The Filter is easily

Eric installs the new

After priming the engine, it started and we again left the Walmart parking lot...  at 11:10 am.

Almost all of today's five
hour drive is on

I wonder how much Dynamite
was used to blast this rock cut.

Eric points out this cloud.

It looks to him like the
 remnant of a Smoke Ring.

This is farm country.

The Wytheville water tower
looks like a Hot Air

We will be driving through
Construction Sites all day.

the highway.

Eric pulls over and I drive for about an hour.

Eric takes a picture of
his propped up feet.

I pulled into a Rest Stop so and I could swap drivers again.

This Tractor Trailer is
broken down.

Our sunny drive turned cloudy.

A 1967 Ford Pickup Truck
is being transported.

I bet it will look great after it's been restored.

The fencing reminds me
of last fall's drive in

The Woodstock water
tower is huge.

This cross is an open
lattice design.

Eric pulls into Flying J
Travel Center to get

Eric chats with a fellow
RVer as he fills the tank.

RVs wait in line to
fuel up at Flying J's
RV Lanes.

We enter West Viginia's

This is how Flat Bed Trailers
are transported.

Eric & I enter Maryland &
watch for Construction

Entering Pennsylvania....

open year round.

Forsythias brighten
the roadside.

I got this shot of a Tractor
Trailer in front of
  Truck Mart.

Here's our Exit.

Eric & I are spending the
night in Wegmans Food
Market parking lot.

Eric & I Drive Northeast to Marion, Virginia

Our drive starts on
Interstate 40 East.

I wish all Interstates had
Emergency Pull Over

Tis the Season for
Road Construction

Man Toys are available

A highway side cross.

This is how tractors are

They are hitched together
with the front wheels off
the ground.

Our first snow sighting
of 2018.

Capital of Tennessee.

The Clinch River

I admire the Vintage Cruiser

is at the top of an exit ramp.

We will drive hundreds
of miles north on

Welcome to Virginia.

This state is for Lovers.

Another highway side

This is our Exit.

Eric & I are spending a cold
night in the Walmart parking
lot in Marion.