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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Around Downtown Salisbury, North Carolina

I love this building!
The cornice work around
the top windows is unusual.

City Hall

I liked the artwork at

 is a Salisbury original.

This general store has a
great selection of used books.

This is a working fountain.

Southern Spirit Gallery

These are just a few of the businesses in downtown Salisbury.  Eric and I are having a great time walking around here!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Symbols of Historic Salsibury

This monument commemorates
Rowan County Soldiers who
fought in the Civil War.

This is the bell tower of the 
Old First Presbyterian Church.

The church was built in 1892 &
razed in 1971.  

The remaining bell tower
is part of a park.

This 1854
County Courthouse
is now the Rowan Museum.

It was one of the few
public buildings in Rowan County
not destroyed during the Civil War.

Historic Salisbury, Part 2

The Revolutionary War is
forever remembered here.

One of the oldest gravestones
that can be read in
the cemetery.

There are markers
large & small.

Some died as infants.

It's like theese graves are 
outlined behind the headstones.

This marker stands upright,
with help.

Eric pointed out the marker
with the Masonic Symbol.

I found the grave of a 
Confederate Veteran.

This is the most modern
marker we found in
the cemetery.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Walking Around Historic Salisbury, Part 1

There are beautiful
houses here!

The car is parked under the
portico where carriages 
would disembark passengers.

The Josephus Hall House

Dr.Hall was the surgeon at
Salisbury Prison during the
Civil War.

The windows 
are eye catching.

I like the accent
pieces on the eaves 
of this house.

This home is very

So many houses
to admire...

We spoke with locals Karen
& Kathy while we were
admiring the homes.

This historic district has many rules
for owners to follow.

Exterior modifications have to be
consistent with the historic style
of the home.

The owners have great pride in 
their homes & they pay what it 
costs to keep them up.

The Visitor Center in Salisbury, North Carolina

Our first stop in Salisbury was
the Salisbury Rowan County
Visitors Center.

Jeff is very knowledgeable about
Salisbury and Rowan County.

Salisbury during the Revolutionary
War's Southern Campaign.

Much of Rowan County was
destroyed by Union
troops during the Civil War.

A Bird's-eye Lithograph 
of Salisbury Prison

Union soldiers were imprisoned
here during the Civil War.

The 16th Annual Salisbury 
Confederate Symposium
will be held April 5th through 7th.

I've got a map of the city that includes historic homes, buildings and cemeteries.  
Off we go for a walk.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Storage of Spare Engine Belts

Eric purchased two spare belts for our motorhome engine when we were at Camp Freightliner.  Having a serpentine belt and a v belt with us will come in handy when we need to have one of them replaced.  We won't have to wait for a parts order to be delivered for service to begin.

Belts are best used shortly after purchase. What do you do if you want to keep your spare belts in good shape for future use?  Mike Cody, our Camp Freightliner Trainer recommended sealing the belts with a  food vacuum system.  We picked up the FoodSaver System at Walmart.

Eric started with the section of
storage material he cut to fit the
belt we will store.

It's like a tube, a bag with the
bottom cut out.
This allows you to make
custom sized bags.

After making a seal for the bottom
of the "bag," it's time to put the belt
in and hit the Vacuum Seal button.

After the Vacuum Seal button
goes dark,  the serpentine belt
has been vacuum sealed.

Eric repeated the 
process for the v belt.

The vacuum sealed belts must be
stored in a dark place that doesn't
get too hot or too cold.

Into dark plastic bags they go for 
storage in our bedroom closet.

The  Foodsaver with extra
wrap is stored in a compartment 
above the the windshield.

We have spare belts for our motorhome engine and should one of them break, we can get the service we need with as little wait time as possible.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Driving Around Central North Carolina

We are staying in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina.... 
Eighty-six miles east of Charlotte.

We went to the Post Office in
Jackson Springs.

Gary told us to come back
if we need anything.

Grace Church is in a strip mall
in West End, South Carolina.

Eric pointed out this sign.

Flowers & headstones 
are a natural combination.

Gomtuu Looks For Spring in North Carolina

Where is Spring?

Maybe I'll find it here.

There are no leaves or
flowers here.

It's lonely here at
the baseball field.

I'm going to drive
until I find Spring.

Hey! I found a
green bush!

I found these flowers in
the middle of a field.

 Berries!  I love berries!

There are lots of 
flowers here!

And more flowers!
Spring is here, but 
not everywhere.