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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dental Work at Smiley Dental Center in Los Algodones, Mexico

Eric and I returned to Los Algodones to go to the dentist.  Eric had a Root Canal last month and needs a permanent crown.  Dr. Kelley recommended I get a crown on a
rear molar.

Los Algodones (the cottons) has many dentists.  Men walk the streets with cards for dental offices, trying to steer tourists to specific dentists.

Donna, a fellow RVer, gave me
a business card for Smiley
Dental Care.

She has been going there for years and highly recommends Dr. Barraza and his staff.

Eric & I brought our X-Rays
& treatment plans to 
Dr. Barraza to review.

Dr. Barraza and his staff are gentle practitioners.  Both Eric and I are pleased with our treatment and the results.

Eric had an unexpected root canal and got five crowns.  I got the crown for my rear molar. Our total bill was $2,900.00.  In the U.S., the cost for the work we had done runs from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00.

Thank you, Donna, for recommending Dr. Barraza.  We are delighted with his work, and the savings.


Craig MacKenna said...

Rotterdam NY on Jan 10 and Los Algodoes, BC on Jan 12? Did you fly or drive full-time?

Ginny said...

We were in the Yuma area: I read my local papers every day & love to report on my local mall.

If someone needed a lot of dental work, it would be cheaper, with all travel expenses to fly in & get work done in Mexico.