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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Soldiers Memorial in the Bellevue Neighborhood of Schenectady, New York

This statue stands at the
intersection of Broadway
& Guilderland Avenue
in Schenectady.

Men and women from all sections of the city have served in twentieth century wars.  The Bellevue neighborhood erected this memorial to remember their neighbors who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.

A young woman, her arms
 laden with flowers is etched
into the memorial.

The image reminds visitors of the young women from the neighborhood who lost fathers, husbands, brothers, cousins, and friends to war.

Plaques honor those who
served in World War I
& the names of those
who died.

The men from Bellevue
who served during World
 War II are remembered.

The men who fought in
World War II & died.

The men & women who served
in the Korean & Vietnam Wars
& those who did not return are

This memorial, and others across America, remind us that our neighbors went to war and of our neighbors who never returned.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sampling Beers at Wolf Hollow Brewing Company in Glenville, New York

Eric and I continue exploring locally...

Visitors are taking a tour
of the Brewery.

The bartender keeps the
craft beers flowing...

dishing up Ribs, BBQ Pork,
Chicken & Brisket, with

Wolf Hollow Brewing 
Company's souvenirs:
Tee Shirts, Sweatshirts,
Hats, Glasses, Wooden
Six Packs & Tote Bags

Visitors are enjoying the
beautiful weather on
the patio. 

Eric & I made out beer

Eric sampled Campout Stout, Tripel Jump, Look Bock and Laugh, Lock 9 Porter and Wolf Hollow Amber.  I tasted Wolf Hollow Amber, Lock Bock and Laugh, Foothills Pilsner, Lock 9 Porter and Tripel Jump.  We both agreed on our favorite beer at Wolf Hollow Brewing Company is Lock 9 Porter.

Eric and I love exploring locally....  There's a lot to see and do in Upstate New York, and many, many tastes to explore.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Strolling Along Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York

Joe, our Saratoga Springs Food Tour Guide, shared many interesting facts about the as we walked through downtown.  Here are some photos I took on Broadway....

housed in the former
Saratoga Springs Firehouse.

Saratoga Springs is the home of America's oldest horse racing track.  Since 1863 horse racing enthusiasts from all over the world have been traveling here for the annual Summer Meet.

I love the stonework at
The Algonquin's entry.

Built in the 1890s, The
Algonquin houses
shops & upscale


In a changing world, Saratoga Springs has worked hard to balance historic preservation and growth. Their efforts are paying off....  Last year, Broadway was voted one of the ten best main streets in America.  

is a fun place to learn about
Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Menges & Curtis is
Saratoga Springs'
oldest surviving

Opened in 1860, the former Apothecary, now Fallon Wellness Pharmacy, continues to strive to meet the community's healthcare needs.

1877, has been renovated
& will re-open on July 1.

The color palate chosen for the front exterior shows off the building's beautiful Victorian features.

Rip Van Dam Hotel, built
in the mid 1800s, now
houses Salt & Char.

The roof line of the building
 at Broadway & Caroline 
catches my eye...

A Saxophone Player
serenades the 
people who walk by.

A Horse greets small children
in front of Impressions of

James & Sons Tobacconists
also sells souvenirs.

is a lovely shop with many
flavorful teas & honeys to sample.

These are just a few of the historic buildings and businesses that line Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Come for a visit and let me know your opinions of Saratoga Springs' award winning main street.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Exploring Locally: The Saratoga Springs Food Tour: Saratoga Tea & Honey Company

Joe brought Eric & me
to Saratoga Tea &
Honey Company.

Shop co-owner Hayley &
Joe, our Saratoga Food

Hayley answers Eric's
tea questions.

Eric & I shared a cold tea

Hot tea flights are also available.

Hayley showed us the
Lu An Gua Pian Tea

Hayley & the staff help
shoppers select from

There is an entire section
devoted to Aged Teas.

Saratoga Tea & Honey Company
brew cold teas....

... & hot teas.

Sue, Hayley's Aunt, is working
in the Honey Room.

Sample honeys (there are a
lot of them) & take home
your favorites.

Eric and I had a lovely time at Saratoga Tea and Honey Company.  I recommend you try some teas and honeys to expand your flavor palate.

Eric and I said goodbye to Joe and thanked Hayley for introducing us to her shop's teas and honeys.

Exploring Locally: The Saratoga Springs Food Tour: The Saratoga Olive Oil Company

Clint, Barbara & Chad Braidwood
opened the Saratoga Olive Oil
 in 2011.

Andrew welcomes
Joe, Eric & me.

Olive Oils are sold here.

Shoppers taste oils &
 make their choices.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of the first "press" of the carefully selected olives.  This fresh, unrefined oil has numerous health benefits.  Its properties can help lower cholesterol; help control insulin levels in the body and help protect the body's cells from damage.  

Sample the shop's selection
of Balsamic Vinegars.

Find the perfect vinegars to add zest to your meals.

Sea Salts add exotic flavors
to meals.

I also found an eclectic
assortment of gifts.

Saratoga Olive Oil Company is the place to shop for new flavors to add to your meals.  It's also the go to shop for unique gifts for the special people in our lives.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Exploring Locally: The Saratoga Springs Food Tour: The Olde Bryan Inn

Joe, Eric & I walked to The
at 123 Maple Avenue.

Saratoga Springs celebrates its horse racing culture throughout the city.

Saratoga Springs hospitality
goes back to the late 1700s.

Frequent patrons own
personal mugs.

The Bryan property changed hands several times before it became what we know of today as The Olde Bryan Inn.

A painting of Leda & the
 Swan hangs over the
fireplace in the bar.

The Olde Bryan Inn's small dining rooms are intimate.

Outdoor seating overlooks
an outdoor fireplace.

Eric & I enjoyed the Inn's
 Bruschetta, with Greens.

This generous appetizer was delicious.  Eric and I look forward to trying more menu items during a future visit.

Exploring Locally: The Saratoga Springs Food Tour: The Farmers Market

Eric and I have visited Saratoga Springs many times over the years.  It's easy to find a few favorite restaurants in this city and return to them over and over again.  Today's Food Tour will take us to unfamiliar places as walk around and learn about Saratoga Springs' history.

We meet Joe at the
Saratoga Springs 
Farmers Market.

Julia welcomes us to the Market
 & told Eric & me that we will
 have fun exploring the tastes
of Saratoga.

The Saratoga Springs Farmers Market started in 1978.  Vendors from Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Washington counties come here to share the bounties their farms produce.  Seventy percent of the items for sale are agricultural...  Fruits, vegetables, locally produced foods and beverages.  Thirty percent of the market includes beverages, foods, some crafts.  

Joe shared some of Battenkill
Valley Creamery's fresh
Chocolate Milk.

The creamy whole milk
drink is heavenly.

Battenkill Valley Creamery milk won awards at the New York State Fair.  I am not surprised.  Their milk products, sold in glass bottles, are available in some local grocery stores, at farmers markets and home delivery.

Eric & I sample Italian Cheese
at the Dancing Ewe Farm tent.

Jody and Luisa host Saturday Night Dinners and Sunday Lunches in a barn at the farm. Docsconz Musings on Food and Life published an article on Dancing Ewe Farm's Dinner.  
The foods look amazing!

We visited with Anna Mae 
& sampled her homemade
Sour Cherry Jam.


Anna Mae's Jams served in several local restaurants.

Kelley shares Pucker Gourmet
products with us.

Kelly uses Old World recipes
to create Sour Pickles,

We sampled her Sour Pickles, Sauerkraut and Kimchi as Kelly talked about the fermenting process she uses.  The Kimchi is aged in Kentucky Oak Whisky Barrels.  

Pucker Gourmet has been winning international pickle awards...  I am so impressed!

Rick takes a few moments
to tell us about his "honey
of a life."

This beekeeper takes his hives to farms so his bees can fertilize crops.  He sells Honey Combs, Honeys, concentrates made with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar or Teriyaki Sauce and Mead.

While Eric & I eat a cookie,
Marcie tells us about The
delectable baked goods.

The Chocolate Spoon sells its wares at area Farmers Markets, provides baked goods for area restaurants and delis.  Marcie still finds the time to bake for people in need of great sweet treats.

Eric & I sample Saratoga
Peanut Butter Company's
unique Nut Butters.

Monkey Boy, made with bananas
& raisins, is a stand out.

My favorite is Almighty

Saratoga Crackers uses
natural ingredients in
all their products.

Their artisan crackers are available in several Saratoga Springs stores.

Dave diversified his Argyle
Dairy Farm when he & his
 wife, Marge started making

Eric & I shared Dave's
Sweet Greek Vanilla
Yogurt  & the Chocolate 

They taste great with the consistency of pudding!  I told Dave that his Yogurts should be in schools and colleges.  Anyone with knowledge of how to get a product into a school lunch room or college dining hall, please contact Dave.  

The Saratoga Springs Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Stop and shop... You'll find fresh flavors and spend time with the people who feed us, our local farmers.