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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Chili Cook Off at Boomerville, East of Quartzsite

The Chili Cook Off judging is about to start.

Boomer Chili Chefs are
bringing samples of their
best Chilies to be judged.

There are 20 entries at this
Chili Cook Off.

The judges start sampling
each Chili.

The categories are: Best in Appearance and Best Hot Damn Chili.   Judges linger over individual samples and write down their judgement on each of the 20 Chilies.

I investigate the smokey
grill nearby....

Sourdough Bread is slathered
in butter & placed on the grill. 

The toasty Sourdough slices
are cut into pieces & offered

Fellow Boomers add sides for our Chili centered repast.  Everyone enjoyed an amazing assortment of Chilies and thanked the chefs.

And...  the... Winners... Are...

Casey announces the winners.
Best in Appearance Tie:
Connie Farquhar & Lynn

Best Hot Dam Chili Tie:
Steve Buffy & Terry Webb

               Photo by Diana Meyer Ruelens

Another wildly successful event sponsored by Boomers at Boomerville in Quartzsite. Applause! Applause!

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