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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Walking Along Gulfport's Waterfront at Jones Park

Eric & I stretch our legs at
Jones Park after sampling 

First impressions are

I think this is a "boat wash" for the boats of all sizes that use coastal waters.

It's a large pavilion.

The park's replica lighthouse
from waterside 

Charter Fishing Boats are
docked next to the

Ducks swim past an
empty boat launch.

I wonder what is being
built across the road...

It's the future home of the

An even larger pavilion

Maintenance work:
Applying a new coat
 of paint

Jones Park Educational

Anchor's away.....

Small children play on
"ship-shape" jungle gym.

Eric starts the walk back
to our Jeep.

Gulfport's residents and visitors have a lovely park to make memories in as they play, picnic set sail for .... a three hour tour.  

Just kidding...  The sailing and fishing in this area among the best on the Gulf Coast.

Beer Flights @ Chandeleur Island Brewing Co. in Gulfport, Mississippi

gives great directions to their
Tap Room.

Eric had no problem finding
the Tap Room.

Parking is easy too.

Souvenirs are available
at the Bait Shop.

The bar with brewery
equipment behind it.

A Ping Pong Table &
lots of seating

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company has many beers to sample...

Eric & the first flight of beers:
Belgian Amber, Saisson,
Kolsch, Belgian Red
 & Gulf Sours

The second set of choices:
Free Mason Golden Ale,
Border Line, Mexican
Lager, Surf Side Pineapple
Wheat & Lil' Miss Sour
Tangerine Sour

Of all the beers we tasted today, Eric and I prefer Gulf Sours. 

Let's walk around the waterfront before driving back to TLC Wolf River Resort

A Late Lunch Murky Waters Blues & BBQ in Gulfport, Mississippi

Eric is excited to try Murky
Water's Burnt Ends.

We had Burnt Ends at smoke the Restaurant in San Antonio and want to compare Burnt End at another restaurant.

I like the unfinished brick
 walls & artwork.

The furniture reminds me
of my elementary school

Upcoming entertainment

Murky Waters hosts
Blues musicians.

The stage

Eric reads beers descriptions
on Murky Water's TV.

I like the accent lighting.

Decisions, decisions...

There's another screen
with beer choices
 to read.

Eric's Bird Upon a Hippo
& my CaneBrake Beer

Lunch was AMAZING!!!!  Murky Water's Burnt Ends are tender, smokey, crispy, juicy g-r-e-a-t!  The Sweet Potato Fries are just right.  My BBQ Sampler has a LOT of delicious meats.  The Pulled Pork has stiff competition from the Pulled Chicken.  The Ribs are fall off the bone tender and tasty.  The Brisket is tender, moist and flavorful. 

Sorry, smoke The Restaurant your Burnt Ends didn't make the W0W List.  Murky Waters has the Burnt Ends recipe to beat.

A pleasant surprise....

Murky Water's patio
overlooks Fishbone

Fishbone Alley in Downtown Gulfport, Mississippi

Fishbone Alley takes

What else is going
on here? 

Gulfport established a funky, art filled space in this connector in their downtown district.

Artists from the Gulf Coast
come here to add their vision
to the alley.

I don't know what this
large box is for, but it
is a great palate for
expressive artwork.

This is an eclectic mix,
probably done by two
artists with very
different visions.

Enter the Alley....

Kelly's Sports Bar opens
onto Fisbone Alley.

Words of wisdom on the 
grey utility box:
Life Without Art is Eh

This door reminds me

A monk in prayer....

The lighting fixture above
his head looks like a
flying saucer.

You have to have attitude
to walk Fishbone Alley.

Strolling the Streets of Downtown Gulfport, Mississippi

Eric & I drove into Gulfport to

We're early.  Let's take a walk and I'll take pictures of historic buildings.  

In 2007 I developed an interest in architecture while in Buffalo, New York for a Library Conference.  I often share photos of buildings in cities and towns Eric and I visit.

I love the cornice work & the
homage to Moorish Ogees 
decorating the second floor

Must investigate...

The Horne/Trustmark Building
has Art Deco features.

A "Ghost Sign," the faded
remnant of a bygone
 business ad.

Hewes Brothers
Clothing Shoes Hats

The Anderson Building
now houses law offices.

Eric stops in a shady
spot to check his

City Hall was built in
the 1840s.

Gulfport Art Galleria of
Fine Arts now occupies
the Carnegie Library.

Steel Industrialist Andrew Carnegie provided funding for public libraries across the country to provide resources for Americans educate themselves.

I like the tiled roof.

Early 20th century architectue
has lots of detail & looks

This style of architecture stands in stark contrast with ethereal looking glass faced buildings in Dallas, Texas.

easy to find.

Albuquerque wasn't
as well advertised.

Gulf & Ship RR Offices

challenge we can not

Roses Are Red
Our Burnt Ends Are
So Come Inside
Don't Be So

 Bartending is the only accredited
 gaming & bartending school in
 the US.

Eric and I are thirsty after our walk.  Let's return to Chandeleur Island Brewing Company to sample their brews.