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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Celebrating Our First Date Anniversary @ TAJ Fine Indian Cuisine in Glenmont, New York

Eric and I went on our First Date on July 11, 1975.  We celebrate the beginning of our life together every year.

Eric takes a selfie
of us in front of

This sign greets diners.

I ate lunch here a few weeks ago with a friend and wanted to share TAJ's delicious selection of Indian Cuisine with Eric.

The bar

A shot from the side of
the bar to adjacent

Elephant artwork
decorates this wall
of the restaurant.

This over-size
table is available
for large groups.

I have the restaurant
to myself as I walk
around & take photos.

I like TAJ's simple, elegant decor.

We are here for the
buffet which show-
cases TAJ's menu.

Today's offering includes Fresh Garden Salad, Basmati Rice, Chicken Tikka Masala, Alleppey Curry Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Goat Khadhai, Paneer Tikka Masala, Mulligatawny Soup, Naan and Mango with Grapes for Dessert.

Our waiter took this
photo for us.


Eric & I linger over our
lunch with CK Mondavi

The food was great!  Eric loved the buffet selections.  Eric is saving the GPS listing for TAJ so we can return and enjoy other carefully prepared dishes.

Escapees Dine @ Reilly's Cafe in Marathon, New York

Reilly's Cafe is hosting
Escapees for dinner.

I love the term Escapees.  Everyone stops and looks Eric and me up and down after we say we are Escapee members.  The name of the RV Club, founded in 1978, by co-founders Joe and Kay Peterson was chosen to describe people who choose to escape from the conventional lifestyle for a more adventurous one.  

A little bit of backstory....

Eric, Pat, Sue & John...

... joined Shirley & Carol to
try out Reilly's menu.

We were all pleased with the meals we selected.  Carol made arrangements for Rally attendees to come to the Cafe for dinner the next evening.

Reilly's had seating for our large group the following evening.

John & LouAnn are caught

Earl & Shirley are happy to
return & explore more of
Reilly's menu.

Phyllis & Fred break
 into smiles for me.

Leo & Eric are deep
in conversation.

Paul & Janice look up
from their menus.

Rita & Larry have
choices to make....

David & Thelma love
sampling local cooking
as they travel.

Marilyn & Bill look forward
to conversation with their
table mates.

Reports back from the group were highly complimentary.  Escapees who live in nearby towns told me that they plan to return to try other dishes on Reilly's extensive menu.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Geocaching with Fellow Escapees Near Marathon, New York

John reads clues from Experience
Cortland GeoCache as we scour
the roadside for a cache.

Rod, Sally, Ken, Mary Ann, Pat
& Sharon are on the hunt.

This cache was in a good
sized canister.

(Some goeocaches are
in car key boxes, or 
smaller containers.)

The geocache near Johnson's
Garage called Walter's Snow
Fighters in Lapeer was a

This corner is the "home" to

Across the road is the Stage Coach

It's listed on the National Register

Rod climbs up on a truck to
"get the lay of the land."

The clue for this cache is angel wings.  All I see are snowplow blades.

Eric found this ammo box behind
a large snowplow blade.

Ken is recording the find.  Pat's
attention is elsewhere.

Now I get it!

A few of us drove up a
seasonal road.

I wandered along the roadside, looking for a stump or a log that may hide the geocache container.

First time geocacher, Sally,
climbed a steep ditch &
found this canister hidden
in the cleft of a tree.

This was a great group activity and a fun way to learn about this region of New York State.

Escapees Chapter 41 Rally @ Country Hills Campground in Marathon, New York

 for the June Rally.

We go to the enclosed
pavilion to register for
the weekend.

Our Rally Hosts provide
information on local

This weekend's fundraiser
for CARE is a Chinese

First time Rally attendees are welcomed at the Rally as they are "adopted" by Chapter 41 members

Jim adopted Thelma & David.

Sally adopted Rita as
John looks on.

Earl adopted fun loving

Mary Ann & Ken were adopted
by Fred & Phyllis.

Larry was adopted by
Joann & Bruce.

Carol & John adopted Leo.

Campground owner, Jim Walker,
fed us delicious breakfasts
& dinners. 

We met for Friendship Hours... share our adventures in the


Card Bingo had ten winners.

Fred is calling the cards
for this round.

This is our group photo:  John, Rod, Marilyn, Ginny, Eric, Jim, Sue, Pat, Paul, Earl, Bill
Carol, Sharon, John, Ken, Mary Ann, Rita, Joann, Bruce, Sandy
Sally, LouAnn, Larry, Janice, Thelma, David, Phyllis, Shirley & Fred

Next up:  Weekend activities in the area