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Sunday, January 24, 2016

TrailerLegs: The Rocking Trailer Storage System @ The Sports, Vacation & RV Show in Quartzsite

Gordon and Chris Brand developed this unique storage system that doesn't need a jack to elevate a trailer car.

Chris tells me that TrailerLegs
is the "rocking" trailer
storage system.

In case you missed the video on the TrailerLegs website, here's the YouTube link.  The specially designed blocks "rock" as you drive your trailer onto them.  Depending on the number of legs used, you can lift one wheel, one axle or all the wheels of a trailer off the ground to a stable, secure position.  TrailerLegs can be used to store cars too.

This is the first year the
product is being

This 100% recycled plastic
plastic storage system is
made in the USA.
Gordon and Chris had replaced one too many trailer tires after storing their trailer with its wheels sitting on the ground.  They wanted to elevate their trailer without moving a jack around and putting blocks into place OR using multiple jacks.

The couple worked in Real Estate for many years and understand that legal issues must be dealt with at the very beginning of any business venture.  Their work was kept secret from family and friends as Gordon developed TrailerLegs.  Only after the storage system was Patented and Trademarked, the prototype made and production had started did Gordon and Chris start to talk about their product.

Interviewed at the the Off-Road Rally in Pomona California, the storage system was featured in the Cool Products & Rigs From the 2015 Off-Road Expo article in FourWheeler Network in October, 2015.

TrailerLegs can be ordered at, on at Off-Roading exhibitions and RV shows.

I was excited to talk to an innovator and entrepreneur.  TrailerLegs fill a gap in vehicle storage and I expect that Gordon and Chris will be very successful with their product.

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