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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Shopping at the Duluth Trading Company Outlet Store in Belleville, Wisconsin

Eric and I own several items of Duluth Trading Company clothing.  They are high quality,wear very well, and are costly.  

We are driving through Southern Wisconsin today and can't resist a stop at the Outlet Store in Belleville.  Maybe we'll find some bargains.

A crowd gathers, waiting for the
Store to open.

Duluth Trading Company's 50% discounts on clothing and discounted items brings in the shoppers.

Shoppers can save up to to 75%
clearance items today.

This does not include merchandise
that are marked $1.00.

The extra 25% discount explains today's crowd of bargain hunters.

Men's & Women's

Backpacks & Leather
There are more racks of clothing outside. 

I didn't find anything that I wanted.

Eric shopped hard and found some great buys.

A new shirt


It originally sold for $44.50.

Purchased for $11.26.

Eric's new pants

These originally sold for

Purchased for $18.63.

Had Eric bought this shirt and pants at one of the Duluth Trading Company stores, the total would have been $119.00.  Today, at the Outlet Store, the total cost is $29.89.

Check the store's webpage before you plan your trip to Belleville.  It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Northwest... to Forest City, Iowa

Eric goes through his cockpit
checklist before we leave the
Walmart Supercenter in
Belvidere, Illinois.

The first leg of our drive will be on back roads through Illinois and Wisconsin to the Dultuh Trading Company Outlet Store in Belleville.

We make a lot of turns
on secondary roads
this morning.

The Boone County Fairgrounds
sign is topped by statues of a
horse & a pony.

A church rises up out
of a field of corn.

Welcome to Wisconsin

Buy your Fireworks Here.

We drove through Beloit.

The Walmart Supercenter here
does not allow overnight RV
parking at their store.

I found the listing for the store on,  I called and asked if overnight parking is allowed.  The answer is still, "No."  It was worth the phone call.  Sometimes a store that don't allow overnight parking change its policy and welcome RVers who are passing through their area.

Southern Wisconsin is
farm country.

One of the many pics I
took of farms today.


Two bicyclists are out for
 a morning ride.

Community United Methodist 
Church in Brooklyn

I like Wisconsin's colorful

I'm surprised to see so
many people waiting for
the Duluth Trading Co.
Outlet Store to open.

Crossing the Mississippi

The sky is getting greyer
& greyer as we enter

Phillips 66 Gas is being
sold at the Flying J in

Eric is also topping off
our water tank here.

Here comes the rain...

Twenty minutes later...
the sky clears.

Iowa's colorful Adopt-A-
Highway sign

The road north is gently

Route 27 North is called

I love windmills!

Somebody, turn down the sun!

If I had a TV remote, I would
turn down the brightness
of this moment.

Forest City...

Our 327 mile drive is
about to end.

We are parking at the

Eric parked our motorhome
near the Winnebago Tour

Winnebago provides 50 amp electric hookups for customers who come in for service.  DirecTV reception is great here.  Using USB Wifi antennas, we have use of Winnebago's free Wifi.

I really like this site.  It is very long and I can park the Jeep in front of it..  Some slots are short and RVers park their cars in another part of the parking lot.

Our Drive West to Belvidere, Illinois

Eric and I have two days to drive 676 miles from Port Clinton, Ohio to Forest City, Iowa.

Our day's drive started
in the rain.

This is one of the flooded fields we pass by as we drive on the south side of Lake Erie. There is a weather alert for possible shoreline flooding today.

We get 8 cents off per gallon
with our Flying J credit card.

$2.65 per gallon for diesel
is a very good price.

Eric is driving west on
the Ohio Turnpike.

A soggy Indiana
welcomes us.

The RVMH Hall of Fame & Museum
in Elkhart, Indiana

Eric and I don't have enough time to stop for a return visit.  That's OK.  The Interstate 90 corridor is one that we travel regularly.  We will visit on a more leisurely drive day.

Indiana has a slower speed limit
for trucks over 13 tons.

The skies clear as we
cross Indiana.

A gas station sign at the
edge of the highway.

It advertises fuel prices
for a nearby gas station.

I get a much better photo of
the Illinois Welcome Sign.

Thornton Quarry is no longer
being mined.

It will be used as a reservoir.

Our route takes us north,
towards Wisconsin.

We have a New York State Thruway issued EZPass tag for automated toll payment.  Signs for the Illinois Tollway don't include EZPass Electronic Toll information.  We stopped at a toll booth and asked the toll taker if our EZPass tag will register on this highway.  It does and I don't have to pull out money for tolls as we drive across Northern Illinois.

We just missed the Tattoo Expo
 at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

The Worth water tower
advertises the Water's
Edge Golf Course.

I checked and Water's Edge Golf Course is a private business.  Paid advertising from businesses is a great way to increase a municipality's yearly revenue.

to maintain highway speed
instead of slowing to 5 miles
per hour at a toll booth.

Interstate 294 takes us 
west of Chicago toward

displays the silhouette of an
Elk on its water tower.

This building suddenly appears
above the treeline.  

Eric thinks it looks weird
without other structures

Illinois has speed restrictions
on trucks, motor homes,
campers & trailers.

One of the many construction
zones we've driven through

This Accident Investigation Site
provides a safe spot for drivers to
exchange insurance information.

Belvidere Oasis

Services stops along the New York State Thruway are called Travel Plazas.

The Belvidere exit has a
 concrete divider because
it's also an on ramp.

The Walmart in Belvidere is listed as allowing overnight RV parking on   I called and got permission from the store to park overnight.

Eric and I will continue our drive west to Forest City, Iowa tomorrow morning.