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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Getting Soft Ice Cream at Curry Freeze in Rotterdam in Late September

Eric and I were in the mood for soft ice cream, but it's late September.  Soft ice cream businesses are closing in for the season in September.  We drove to Bumpy's Polar Freeze
on State Street in Schenectady.  Sadly, it is closed.  I'm hoping Curry Freeze on Guilderland Avenue in Rotterdam will be open.


Curry Freeze is open!

They are also selling pumpkins
for Halloween.

It's a busy afternoon at
Curry Freeze.

This is a small ice
cream cone.

I'm glad I didn't order
a large cone.

Our craving for soft ice cream has been sated.  Thank you, Curry Freeze, for being there for us in our time of need.

The Farmer's Market at the Harbor in Waterford, New York

 After visiting Early Albany: The Hudson River Festival in Albany, Eric drove north to the Village of Waterford.

The village has a waterfront
Farmer's Market on 
Sundays through the
middle of October.

Visitors stock up on fresh
 fruits & vegetables.

Valley Falls offers
wine tastings.

The theme of this horse

Fresh Brown Eggs, Honey,
Maple Syrup & Pumpkins

We enjoy live music
 while we shop.

One vendor brought
clothing to sell.

offers massages &
knit hats, mittens...

So, where's the harbor side?

A man fishes beneath
the New York State 
Canal System sign.

***Update***  The Barge Canal has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The canal, built between 1905 and 1918 is the direct descendant of the Erie Canal.

Pots of flowers sit on the
edge of the dock.

is in the distance.

Welcome to the

The Buffalo, built in 1923,
proudly sits dockside.

The replica of the 17th
century Dutch Ship,
Onrust is moored here.

The Onrust was built at the Mabee

The project started in 2006 & the
Onrust launched on May 20, 2009.

A catamaran sail boat

This is a beautiful setting
 for a Farmer's Market.

Our one & only purchase...

Amorici Vineyard's Sweet 

Early Albany: A Hudson River Festival at The Corning Preserve in Albany, New York

Eric and I drove to The Corning Preserve on the Hudson River in Albany to tour Early Albany: A Hudson River Festival.  Albany is very proud of its Dutch heritage.

English explorer Henry Hudson's 1609 expedition to find the Northwest Passage was funded by the Dutch East India Company.  Hudson and his crew, aboard the Half Moon, discovered New Amsterdam  and sailed north on the Hudson River to Albany.

Later, England took possession of this Dutch Colony in 1664 and renamed it New York.

Our first view of the
Half Moon replica.

A scaled-down model of


The animal furs would
help make the long house
warm in the winter.

A native dugout canoe

An elder leads the

Some of the sailors from
the Half Moon are
camped on the shore.

A reenactor chats 
with a visitor.

A woman plays the flute.

The broom maker shares
his craft.

People inspect one of
the landing boats.

The Half Moon is crewed by
volunteers & has sailed from
North Carolina to Michigan.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Trucks @ Colonie Center in Albany, New York

Colonie Center has big
trucks in their parking lot.

The Touch A Truck Event is
 a fundraiser for Wreathes
 WWA remembers and honors those who served in the armed forces by laying wreathes at Arlington National Cemetery and veterans cemeteries across America.

A Flatbed Tow Truck
with a car.

Two small children are
getting a ride in the bucket
of the Boom Truck.

A family admires the 

A Front-End Loader "dumps"
a load into a Dump Truck.

show off their car,

pulling an over-sized

Not all the trucks here are large...

shows off its 

A young man tries out
the Army Humvee.

Fire Trucks draw the biggest crowds.

Colo nie Fire Company sent
a tan colored Fire Truck.

 Ladder Truck has lots
of admirers.

It was fun to walk around and take pictures of different types of trucks, and cars too....

Inductee Into the Customer Hall of Fame: Wingard Mobile Satellite Dish Customer Support

While we were driving through northern British Columbia and Yukon Territory in Canada we didn't have satellite TV reception.

We were traveling too far
north to pick up the
 DirecTV satellites.

As we traveled south through Alberta, Canada, we started to get TV reception, but Eric couldn't use our DVR to record two shows at once, as we are accustomed to doing.

Winegard manufactures mobile 
satellites dishes for RVs.

This is probably a hardware issue, so Eric called Winegard's Customer Support Line after we returned to the United States.  He was automatically connected to support staff.  Tanner, our Tech, walked Eric through several procedures to determine the problem.  Tanner's instructions were clear and easy to follow.  Twenty minutes later, it was determined that we had a bad wire. This is an inexpensive fix and not as costly as replacing the DVR or the satellite dish.

I am nominating Winegard Mobile Satellite Dish Customer Support to our Customer Service Hall of Fame for prompt response and excellent troubleshooting technical service.

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Boat Ride on Schroon Lake

Dave, Kathy, Eric & I drove
to Schroon Lake Marina.

It's a late September day....  Sunny and in the 70s.  Dave rented a pontoon boat for a cruise around the lake.

Craig gave Dave some instructions and we slowly left the marina.


Dave pilots the boat into
open water.

Kathy is catching some rays.

Autumn colors are
spreading around
the lake.

Eric does his Leonardo DiCaprio
impression from Titanic...

Vacation homes are clustered
on the shoreline.

Kathy "surfs."

Other boaters are enjoying
this beautiful day.

It must be wonderful to
walk downstairs, get into
your boat and head out
onto the lake.

Kathy starts scouting the
shoreline for a place to
stop for lunch.

We will sit just off
shore while we eat

We watch a Sailboard
catch the wind.

Dave turns the boat 
for our return trip
to the marina.

Our two hour cruise 
is leisurely,

Craig is waiting at the dock to 
moor the boat when we return.