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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hurricane Coffee Company in Sequim, Washington

Our friend, Dave, recommended
we go to Hurricane Coffee
Company while we are in
Sequim (pronounced Skwim).

There's lots of coffee
choices here.

Sweets too!

Add some milk, cream,
sugar to your coffee.

Seating by
the windows.

Comfy seating in back
back of the cafe.

Eric and I sat at a table in front of the Hurricane Coffee Company and watched the 
world go by.

Look at All Those RVs at Eric's RV Performance Center in Sequim, Washington

When we arrived at
Eric's RV Performance 
Center, it was very crowded.

It's a good thing we have
an appointment.

Eric Davis was turning two RVers away when we arrived.  The shop is slammed with
repair work.

We were directed across
7th Avenue to the
JCPenney parking lot.

RVers love to share information on RV repair shops.  Rachel and Ed, a couple we met at Mountain Lakes RV Resort in Lytle Creek, California, emailed my Eric to tell him of Eric Davis' reputation in RV repair.  His shop is rated among the best on the West Coast.  

Eric got the call at 3:30 pm
to move the motorhome
to our overnight spot.

The front end of a 5th wheel
can barely be seen next to
the Safari motorhome.

We have a 50 amp electric
hook up for the night.

Our new RV refrigerator
cooling unit is waiting
for tomorrow's installation.

It's time to empty the refrigerator and freezer...

Frozen foods are in the gray
cooler with the purple top.

Foods that we use every day,
milk, eggs, cheese, etc.
are in the red cooler.

Partial jars of pickles, jelly,
chocolate syrup etc. are
in the Dometic Cooler in
a storage bin of the

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ewww.... That Smell! We Need Our Refrigerator Repaired at Eric's RV Performance Center in Sequim, Washington

My Eric called Good Sam Extended Service Plan number to notify them that ammonia leaked from our Norcold Refrigerator AC/DC refrigerator.  This is the first step in getting our Extended
Service Plan to cover the cost of a repair.

Eric's RV Performance Center
214 W. 7th Avenue in
Sequim (pronounced Skwim).

Eric's RV Performance Center
has a large selection of
RV parts & accessories.

Deep Cycle batteries too

 A rock guard for the vehicle
towed behind  an RV.

The one fixture no one
wants to talk about, yet
everyone has issues
with, the RV toilet.

 A quick examination at Eric's RV Performance confirmed that the ammonia is gone and we need a new RV refrigerator cooling unit.  The call confirming the need of this replacement part was made to Good Sam Extended Service Plan and the repair has been authorized.
The cooling unit has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow.

Sequim Dungeness Chamber of Commerce in Sequim, Washington

The Sequim Dungeness
Chamber of Commerce
is our first stop in Sequim,
(pronounced Skwim).

We browse the racks
of brochures.

I want to go see the
John Wayne Marina
on Sequim Bay.

Eric mentions that our refrigerator isn't working.  A staff member recommends we go to Eric's RV Performance for the repair.  She gives us directions and that's our next stop.

All Things Twilight in Port Angeles, Washington

Port Angeles is my last stop on the "All Thing Twilight Tour" on the Olympic Peninsula.
Forks is a small city with just 3,500 people.  It doesn't have a wide variety of shops, no movie theater.

Port Angeles, 57 miles away,  is
the place to go to on the northern
Olympic Peninsula for movies,
serious shopping.

East First Street is in the heart of Port Angeles' downtown shopping area.

Bella & Edward ate
Mushroom Lasagna with
soda on their first date in
 108 East First Street.

Bella went shopping for
prom dresses with friends
at an unnamed shop in
 Port Angeles.

109 East First Street recreated
 Bella's prom dress.

Edward saves Bella from being
attacked by thugs in Twilight at
an unnamed bookstore in
Port Angeles.

Port Book & News is located
at 104 East First Street.

at 132 East First Street with 
friends after her break up
with Edward in New Moon.

It closed in February, 2014.

Diamond Point Resort in Sequim, Washington

Diamond Point Resort
7 miles east of Sequim

Eric registers our arrival
at the Office.

We pay $1.00 a day for Internet access.   The connection is consistent and pretty fast.

The Club House

Puzzles & games
for campers

A well appointed

The Lounge

The hot tub is closed
right now.

Mini Golf & the

Motorhomes &
tow cars

We are set up for
four nights.

The RV refrigerator isn't restarting.  It's time to call  the Good Sam Extended Service Plan number and notify them that we are in need of refrigerator repair.

Our Drive to Sequim, Washington

 It's raining when we leave Forks.

We are at 1,000 feet
above sea level.

The snow on the mountain
is at about 2,000 feet
above sea level.

U.S. Route 101 East takes
us past Lake Crescent.

A motorhome heading

Sequim is pronounced

Eww!  What is that smell?  It's ammonia!  I don't have any ammonia cleaning products.  I turned on the exhaust fans and told Eric that the smell isn't just in the front of the motorhome, it's further back, in the kitchen area.  Eric diagnoses the problem:   The RV refrigerator cooling unit is leaking.  The refrigerator is off right now.  We'll try to restart it at the campground.

This deer munches
on grass in the median
of a road east of Sequim.

We are staying at

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Hall of Mosses Trail in Hoh Rain Forest

Eric & I turn onto the
Hall of Mosses Trail.

Moss is everywhere.

Eric examines

It's truly a primeval place.

Oregon Spikemoss hang
from the trees.

Eric gets a shot of
this giant slug.

We coined a new term
for this type of tree:

Eric stands beneath
a mossy arch.

We think a nurse log
provided nutrients for
this very large tree.

Fungi grow on tree trunks.

Eric squats inside
this felled tree.

This is the perfect setting
for a sci-fi movie.

...or a scary fairy tale