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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Rainy Drive into Michigan

A rainy day drive is tiring.

I wish I could help Eric
with the driving.....

The rain let up for a bit.

After propane explosion at
the Blue Rhino Plant in 
Tavares, Florida yesterday,
this tank looked ominous.


Thousands of boots to
choose from

There's a lot of corn
here in Michigan.

Roofing in the rain...

We are settling in at
one week.

This campground is pretty heavily wooded.  We will be watching the channels we can pick up with our regular TV antenna this week.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gomtuu: Physical Therapy Coach

Press your left knee into
the mattress.
Keep stretching your

Bend your right knee!
You must do your strengthening
exercises correctly. 

Thanks Gomtuu, I forgot...

Count to five, slowly...

Just lay there for a
few minutes.
Gravity helps stretch
the hamstring.

Get to work!

I'm doing isometric exercises.

Got it! You can exercise
without moving your leg.

That's it, move your left
foot up...

then down...

Great session!  Meet me back here in two hours.  Exercise and stretching makes your left leg stronger and your ankle more flexible.

Monday, July 29, 2013

White Oaks on the Lake in Monticello, Indiana

White Oaks on the Lake
has a prominent sign on
Route 24.

This is where we turn
onto Key Drive.

The park entrance 

The office

Wifi is available for a cost through an outside vendor.

Seasonal sites are located 
near Lake Freeman.

The playground in the
seasonal section.


White Oaks on the Lake
boasts 1,500 feet of 
lakeside frontage.

The beach side

The pool

Chalets are available
to rent.

We are parked up the
hill from the seasonal area.

That Bridge Is Too Low in Olympia Fields, Illinois

This is not good...
The bridge clearance is
11 feet 9 inches & the height
of motorhome is 12 feet 4 inches.

Eric stopped, put on the flashers,
turned off the motorhome,
 got out & unhitched the Jeep.

While he relocated it, cars 
took turns using the one 
free lane to under the bridge.

After about 10 minutes, the
Olympia Field police showed up
& started directing traffic.

Eric is backing up.

That rear camera is awesome! 

Eric backed the motorhome
onto a dirt road about 70
feet from where we stopped
short of the bridge.

We got a $50.00 ticket for
not being able to fit
 under a viaduct.

We knew that someday this would happen on a busy road.  We need to be more alert for bridge height signage.  This happened once before near Alexandria Bay, but we were on a rarely used road and we took care of things without seeing a police car or getting a ticket..  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Overnighting at Swedish American Outpatient Services Parking Lot in Rockford, Illinois

After I said goodbye to Ray
& Lee at Swedish American
Outpatient Services, Eric
wheeled me across the parking lot

to our motorhome in
in the far corner.

There were very few
ambulance sirens at night.

We pulled out at 9 am, before
the parking lot filled up.

I'm glad that Eric thought to ask for permission to park overnight.  Staying in Swedish American Outpatient Services parking lot saved Eric from further driving after a six hour drive to Rockford.  I felt good after my Physical Therapy appointment with Ray, but I still needed to rest a bit.  Ray brought me his report of my appointment.  This is a great help for my next Physical Therapy appointment.

We left fairly early and Eric drove southeast to our next stop, White Oaks on the Lake in Monticello, Indiana.

Physical Therapy with Ray at Swedish American Outpatient Therapy Services in Rockford, Illinois

We left Winnebago's Grand National Rally at 9:00 am.  Eric drove six hours to Rockford, Illinois.  My first Physical Therapy appointment is at Swedish American Hospital Outpatient Therapy Services at 4:30 pm.

While registering for the appointment by phone with Grace, Eric asked permission to stay the night in the parking lot.  Grace contacted security got permission for us to park in the south end of the parking lot. This is greatly appreciated.  I don't know how I'll feel after the appointment and Eric drove six hours with just two short breaks.  He's done enough driving for one day.

We had over an hour to rest
before my appointment.

Let's get started....

Lee had my paperwork ready to go.  She's fascinated by our lifestyle and the arrangements we've made to ensure I am getting care in a timely manner.

Ray reviewed Physical Therapy
notes from Regions Hospital

Ray introduces me to
strengthening exercises.

My left hip & knee need
to be strengthened.

I am to do leg lifts while
lying on my stomach.

Lifting my heel allows me
to stretch out my hamstring.

This stretch hurts...

Ray is measuring current
 my ankle.

He showed me range of
motion exercises.

I've got a lot of work to
do to regain range of motion.

Sliding my foot toward me
on the floor works on my ankle
& stretches my ham string.

I made arrangements for Ray mail my Physical Therapy report so I could share it with the next therapist.  I don't know when my next appointment will be - I have to see an Orthopedic Surgeon and get an x-ray before more appointments for Physical Therapy can be made.

I thanked Ray for his time, said goodbye to Lee and Eric wheeled me out to the motorhome. About 45 minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  It was Ray!  He stayed late to complete my report, printed a copy and brought it to me.  Ray, you are awesome!!!

Bill's Family Foods in Forest City, Iowa

Eric and I are staying at Winnebago's Rally Grounds for almost two weeks.  There's lots of food vendors here and yet, a trip to the grocery store is in order.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and fun snacks topped Eric's grocery list.  (Yes, Eric does the grocery shopping.  I can't stand this weekly pilgrimage to purchase nearly the same things over and over again.)

Bill's Family Foods is
close by on Route 69 N.

Flowers greet shoppers.

The produce section
is very inviting.

Dairy items are
 adjacent to produce..

This Iowa grocery
store also stocks wine.

The aisles in Bill's Family Foods
go on & on...

I like the display
above the beer section.

This is the first Fresh Water
dispenser I've seen in a store.
Bring your own  gallon jug & 
pay just 39 cents to it fill up.

The bakery has
tempting treats.

There's seating adjacent to
Seasons Grill & Cafe.

It's time to check out
& return to the Rally Grounds.

I enjoyed my visit to Bill's Family Foods.  The store is welcoming with displays with well stocked shelves. I saw the same wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables  that I expect to see in major grocery chains.   There's a reason why Bill's Family Foods has loyal customers.