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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

APR RV FlexArmor Application: Part 2, Show & Tell

Michael takes Eric & me
to a work bay work bay
that has a motorhome
covered in plastic.

Its roof has been sanded & is
being prepped for FlexArmor

The top of the ladder is
covered with Aluminum

Orange tape is attached
to each ladder handle.

Wide yellow tape shows the rear edge of the FlexArmor application.

 A vent & the air conditioner
were removed.

The holes left behind are
carefully covered.

This motorhome's roof doesn't look like ours.  It has a roof air conditioner.  We have a basement air conditioner.  Its vents are not in the same place as ours.  This RV doesn't have a skylight above the shower like ours.  I ask Michael if each FlexArmor roof job is custom.  

He emphatically agrees.  Michael and the techs work on different length RVs with differently configured roof attachments.  Additionally, replacement of sections of wood beneath the roof may be needed if there have been previous roof leaks.

Another vent is covered.

The top of the King WiFi
Antenna base is carefully
covered too.

The front edge of the roof
has been taped off to show
the front edge of the
FlexArmor application.

The bases of the Air Horns
are covered in Aluminum

The left edge of the orange
tape has a thin piece of
wire embedded in it.  

The tape is carefully pulled
on after the FlexArmor
has dried to uncover the
over-sprayed roof 

This small detail helps APR RV techs clean up the roof attachments before replacing Air Horns, Roof Vent Covers, Air Conditioners, etc...

This is the control board for
the FlexArmor application,
which is applied at under
pressure, at a specific

The contents of the drums
are emptied, in turn, as 
FlexArmor is applied.

Eric and I thank Michael for the tour.  We want to see and understand the FlexArmor roof treatment.  The new maintenance free roof ensures that our 15-year-old motorhome will be free of roof leaks, mold, and unsightly interior ceiling stains.  Besides peace of mind, Eric and I will avoid the costly repairs that would follow a roof leak.

APR RV is storing our perishable and frozen foods for us while the motorhome is in the shop.  We put our luggage in our Jeep and drive west to Windemere Hotel and Convention Center.

APR RV FlexArmor Application: Part 1, The Roof Tour

Michael and Eric walked the length of our motorhome's roof while Michael cataloged each item on it... Solar Panels, Fan-Tastic Fan Vent Covers, Interior and Exterior Radio Antennas, the Yagi Antenna, our DishTV Satellite Dish, and our Air Horns.

Next, Michael, on the left is
showing Eric where the
FlexArmor will end at the
back of our motorhome.

Michael is showing Eric where
the FlexArmor will end in
relation to our large awning.

There's a lot of discussion
about removing our Yagi
Antenna & replacing it 

Next up...  Show and Tell in a work bay.

APR RV in Mesa, Arizona

Eric & I have an appointment
at APR RV to have FlexArmor
applied to our motorhome's

The decision to add FlexArmor's 3/8' protective roof covering is preventive maintenance.  Our motorhome one tiny roof leak that occurs under very specific conditions.  The leak is so infrequent that there is e no unsightly ceiling stain.

Why wait for more leaks and costly roof and interior repairs?

We park near the sign & wait
to be taken into the shop.

Eric & I sign in & start
the paperwork for our

The waiting room is

The Coffee Bar &
Water Fountain

On the left is an old
paint mixer.

Cursive writing says,
"In loving memory
of my Old Man.

 to the right have
 important information.

Shop Rates
$110 per hour
$120 if you looked at it
$135 if you touched it
$150 if you watch!
$200 per hour if you
offer advice on how
to fix it.

Business Hours
Open most days about 9 or 10.
Occasionally as early as 7 &
sometimes as late as 12 or 1.
We close about 5:30 or 6 &
sometimes as late as midnight
or later.
On some days we're not here
at all, but lately we've been
here a lot, unless we're
 not here.

The 5th Wheel Display
stand has returned from
The Big Tent in

Next....  A tour of our motorhome's roof with Michael.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goodbye Boomerville & Quartzsite. Hello, Mesa, Arizona.

That cloud of dust up ahead
is Eric driving our

The puddly desert of two weeks ago is once again, parched.  I am following the motorhome with our Jeep.

It's easier for the motorhome to
navigate RV Pit Stop without
a car in tow.

We need to dump the grey and black tanks; fill our water tank and get Liquid Propane at  different service lanes.  We'll hitch up after he's "taken care of business."

Most of today's drive is
along Interstate 10 East.

125 miles to Phoenix & about
20 miles further east to Mesa.

Traffic is light at 12:30 pm.

of America is h-u-g-e.

Saguaro loom above the
desert brush.

Blowing Dust Area

This mostly sandy are is
 perfect for "dust outs."

TV & maybe cell towers
line the top of this hill.

Half a house is a Wide Load.

It travels with a lead &
& follow trucks. 

Suddenly, Billboards appear

Pilot Truck Stop & Crackerbarrel
Restaurant are located off
of Exit 117.

Land For Sale & a
housing development

Traffic is heavy enough to have
an HOV (High Occupancy
Vehicle) Lane.

Newly planted Saguaro Cacti
are propped up by carefully
placed pieces of wood.

The covers & the swaying looped
rope on the Utility Truck Buckets
remind me of Giant Jellyfish.

There's Phoenix...

Lights of the World
December 6 - February 3

This is Arizona Veterans
Memorial Coliseum.

Eric & I drive through a five
lane tunnel.

A plane taking off from
Phoenix Sky Harbor 
International Airport

This section of Interstate 10
East is also US Route 60.

Trees partially obscure some
sort of holding tank(s) on a hill.

There's a Tonka Truck
in front of us.

Apartments under construction...

I'm surprised there's no wall to
abate traffic noise

Freeway takes us to... 

... Broadway Road
Main Street-Apache Trail.

The mountain provides
directions to Phoenix.

It's west of Mesa.

Eric & I are having FlexArmor
applied to our motorhome's
roof at APR RV.

Preventive maintenance eliminates future costs of repairing a roof leak and concerns about mold in our motorhome between the roof and the ceiling.   Damage and discoloration of the ceiling is also avoided.  I'm excited!

Monday, January 28, 2019

The CARE Auction @ Boomerville Near Quartzsite, Arizona

Escapees Boomers hold auctions to send donations to Escapees' CARE Program at Rainbow's End RV Park in Livingston, Texas.  This unique Program allows residents to live in their RVs while they receive care and monitoring for long term healthcare issues.

Escapee members with short term health care needs can recover at Pearl's Place: A Respite Cottage, Transportation to and from physical therapy is provided by the CARE Program. 

Because of fundraising and the time given by volunteers to make meals, do residents' laundry, clean RVs, etc., the cost per month is $849.00 for one resident and $424.00 for the second resident

Let's look at the Auction Offerings:

The Silent Auction Table

Fellow Escapees bring snacks to share.  The Wine Bar is open and serving the thirsty audience.

Tables & Tables of donated
items to be auctioned off

The line up of Vannas...
Volunteers walk the aisles 
in the audience, showing 
off each item.

This Vanna is showing off
her outfit, which is an
auction item.

This is just a "snapshot" of the CARE Auction, which went on for Four Hours.  

Proceeds from CARE Auction, the Wine Bar at the Auction, Pancake Breakfasts, Cinnamon Roll Sales, and Haircuts are included in the Boomer's donation to CARE.

Drum Roll Please.....  $11,872 was raised for CARE at the 2019 Boomerville.  

The event's donation has been sent to the Center in Livingston, Texas to help 
fellow Escapees in need of medical care and assistance.