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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Walking Around Downtown Harlingen, Texas

 Eric and I like walking around downtown areas.  A town or city's vibe is easily picked up while walking around the center of its community.

We found a parking
spot adjacent Lt.
George Gutierrez Jr.
La Placita Park.

Eric stands next to
colorful Texas 

We find empty
store fronts.

I like this fence.

is a stand out.

The black dog is
protecting his/her

I like the purple

Harlingen's Railroad
history is on display...

Twins Restaurant

In my mother's family my twin brother, Alfred, and I shared the same name growing up...
The Twins.

A mural "peeks" out
from Rudy's 

More of the mural is

This is a City of murals...

Jackson Street is
"dressed" for the

I like the tiles on
the facade of

The Quilter's Hideout
is easy to find.

I love this colorful

The windows  on the first floor are painted... Making up the From Here to Harlingen mural.

A Nativity Scene
sits atop the awning
of a building.

Eric stands in front
of my favorite

The Monroe is a
stately building.

protects this

Harlingen celebrates
its community of
active learners.

This mural shows off

This mural is not
on the City's 
mural tour.

The murals on the tour have been commissioned pieces of art.  I am grateful that property owners have added colorful art to their buildings.

Harlingen loves

... & shapes.

The Orpheus Building
has a great name.

Mike Lucio's Auto
Service has an
eye catching awning.

The downtown trash
cans are tiled.

its culture & the founding of Texas.

Malls and big box stores built on the outskirts of Harlingen emptied out the City's center.  Downtown Harlingen, a Downtown Improvement District works to promote the area with events while it attracts businesses to this section of the City.  Buildings in this area waiting for tenants to bring new life and new businesses to Harlingen's downtown. 

Eric and I watched Schenectady's downtown make a vibrant return after decades of decline. 
I hope to see more development in downtown Harlingen during future visits.  

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Watching Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi @ Cinemark 16 & XD in Harlingen, Texas

Eric & I arrived at Cinemark 16 & XD about half an hour early for the
first showing of the day of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

I expect some good storytelling.  Eric expects lots of action.
We are not disappointed.

The Star Wars saga continues....

Celebrating Christmas @ Tropic Winds RV Resort

RVers gather at
Jim's on
Christmas Eve.

There are so many of us that some, including me, are sitting in the street.


Our evening of conversation
& Christmas Carols takes
place under a waxing

We are ready to
welcome Christmas.

On Christmas Day...

Over two hundred RVers
gather together in the Main 
Hall for Christmas Dinner.  

Tropic Winds RV Resort is providing Ham and Scalloped Potatoes.  

Diners provide side
dishes & desserts.

Tropic Winds staff set up tables in the middle of the room for the buffet.  The configuration is ingenious and efficient.

This is the "best dressed"

It is resplendent. 

Sides & desserts fill up the
table adjacent to our seats.

Fellow Escapees,
Bill & Marilyn

Eric & Bill are ready
 to partake in our
 Christmas feast.

After thanking Tropic Winds' cooks for our entree and the many cooks who provided delicious side dishes and desserts, the room got pretty quiet as we enjoyed the feast.

Eric and I ate too much and after wishing our table mates Merry Christmas, we waddled back to our motorhome.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Visit with Cousins Debbie & Dylan

At least 600 family members from the U.S., Canada and Australia met for a Reunion in Cazaville, Quebec, Canada in 2000 to help fill in our  massive Quenneville Family Tree.  Eric, our children, Adam and Diane, and I first met Debbie and Dylan there.  It's about time we caught up on each other's lives.

Debbie & I are
second cousins.

Her mom, Marilyn, is my first cousin.

Debbie hasn't changed.

Dylan grew up, a lot.

He's home from college
for the holidays.

Debbie, Eric & me

We had a wonderful
visit, & shared
many funny stories.

Spending time with family is my favorite part of travel.  I am grateful to have so many cousins to visit, all over the country. 

We Light Up the Night @ Tropic Wind RV Resort in Harlingen, Texas

A star dominates
the windshield of
our motorhome.

A plush Saguaro Cactus and Tropical Snowman are on the right.  The blue rope light gives our motorhome an ethereal look.

Our laser projector adds the
 colors of Christmas to the
side of the motorhome.

Tiny specks of green light
are seen on the Palm Tree
fronds above our motorhome.

Merry Christmas!

Wow! Check Out This Trike @ Don-Wes Flea Market in Donna, Texas

Wow!  This is a stand out
three wheel motorcycle.

Cobra Trikes manufactured this
unique ride in August 1990.

I wish there was more information about this type of custom made motorcycle on the internet.

I was amazed to see this
unique vehicle parked
in a puddle.

Maybe the owner doesn't
want anyone hovering
over his or her ride.

Handlebars & a saddlebag
are essential features.

The back of the Cobra Trike
reminds me of a
  1930s coupe.

Others stop to ogle this eye-catching ride.  It's irresistible.