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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie, New York

After putting our purchases from Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery in our car...

... we explored the
Golden Harvest
Farm Stand.

This is really a large store, not the farm stand with a dozen or so different types of fruits and vegetables.

Just one photo shoes
apples, Indian Corn,
vegetables, jams,
jellies & a cold case.

Golden Harvest Farms started selling to the public in the 1950s, in the apple-rich Hudson Valley.

Another shot with 
the Apple Core 
shoes nectarines,
melons, corn,

Over time, the Grout family diversified their crops and their business grew...

The awning shelters
Pepper Plants &
flower baskets.

This must be the
Apple Entrance.

The wall of Jams
& Jellies

Eric told the young
woman working at
the cash register
that this is heaven...

Eric would take home one of each of the baked goods, but he won't.

He selected a bouquet
 of sunflowers for
 his mom.

Condiments, Eggs,
Apple Cider

Sunshine shows off
the Honey's 
golden glow.

Don't forget
the Cherries!

Golden Harvest Farms has fresh and sweet, fresh and hot, fresh and sour....  and a lot more. Take a drive to the Hudson Valley, stop in Valatie and bring home some of the region's bounty.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery in Valatie, New York

Harvest Spirits 
Distillery is
located at Golden
Harvest Farms.

The Grout Family expanded their business plan with the production of spirits.  Distilled spirits made from apples, and barley for Whiskey are made and bottled here.

I like the archway that
leads visitors....

... to Harvest Spirits
Farm Distillery.

Signs from the farmstand
decorate the entry of
the distillery.

Distilling equipment
sits on the side of
this large room.

Derek & Peter
are bottling

Peter tells us
this is a semi-

Spirits are pumped
into three bottles
at a time.

The bottles are moved to the left, by hand, to the cork dispenser. that is loaded by hand.

The spirits on the
right are crated &
wrapped for

I love the antique cash register
 & the curving staircase beyond.

The Tasting

Eight spirits are
available to
sip & savor...

Peter provides an overview of the types of spirits we will sample.  Eric and I decide to skip Core Vodka, because we bought a bottle at the Troy's Farmers Market in May and love its smooth flavor.  

Let the tasting begin....

We tasted Cornelius Applejack, Rare Pear Brandy, Black Raspberry Vodka, Cherry Applejack, Peach Applejack.  Core Gin has Lemon Grass and Coriander, which mellows the Juniper Berry flavor. John Henry Whiskey is made with barley.  Decisions, decisions....

We bought Peach Applejack
Black Raspberry Vodka
Core Vodka, Cherry Applejack
& a six pack sampler.

Eric and I love the art of small batch distilling.  We enjoy sipping tasty liquors and sharing them with friends.

Joining Friends for Lunch @ The Ripe Tomato in Malta, New York

in Malta, N.Y.

Eric with Elsie & Mal

They are fellow RVers.  We will swap travel stories at lunch.

The Ripe Tomato has a
separate Dining Room

Opened in 1934, these are probably the original entrances.  I'm curious to see the inside.

The low ceilinged
dining room has
many windows.

The booths are wooden.

The bar has a wooden
 I like the warm, slatted wood paneling.

There are plenty of choices on the lunch menu...

Eric & I ordered
the Schnitzel,
which was

We talked about our upcoming winter travel plans.  Elsie and Mal are looking at Florida.  Eric and I are making plans for South Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

The Dessert Menu
is very tempting,
but Eric, Mal,
Elsie & I couldn't
manage one more

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Late Lunch at the Brickyard Tavern & Grill in Ballston Spa, New York

Eric bought a Groupon for the

The bar is in the center
of the dining area.

Join the Beer Mug Club &
get a discount on your
beer throughout the year.

The Brickyard's
Daily Specials

Words of wit & wisdom
 decorate the walls.

Here's my favorite.

Eric in front of the
giant TV.

After sipping Eric's Brooklyn
Brewery Brown Ale,
I ordered one too.

Eric is amazed by the size
of his Fish & Chips.

My Reuben on Marble
Rye looks great!

Our lunches are delicious.  Eric took a bite of my Reuben and made a decision....  
We will return and he will order a Reuben.  Me too!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Supporting Charlottesville Virginia in Downtown Schenectady, New York

I joined several hundred
people in Veterans Park
in Schenectady to
support Charlottesville.

We gathered around the
gazebo to listen to
religious leaders speak
at this multi-faith event.

The messages were prayerful....



We all stand together for Charlottesville...

... & against hate that divides
 our communities &
our nation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Eric's Second Post Op Exam @ OrthoNY in Schenectady, New York

Eric returns to
for a second
 Post Op checkup.

His surgery was on June 29 at Ellis Hospital and at about six weeks Post Op, it's time to be seen and discuss how things age going.

An up close shot of
Eric's knee.

We think his scar
is healing nicely.

Let's see what the
Physician's Assistant

Christa Whiteman tells us that Eric's scar is healing nicely.  She checks the latest Physical Therapy report and tells Eric that his hard work is paying off.  He shows off by holding his leg out straight (0 degrees) and bends it 120 degrees, on his own.  Christa is very pleased with the progress.

Eric brought a few questions.  The most important one is what is the length of his right leg?  As you can see from the photo above, his right leg has been injured previously.  Eric was hit by a car on February 3, 1980 near Lake Placid. (see: Guardsman struck by car)  He on active duty with the New York National Guard  for behind the scenes assistance during the Winter Olympic Games.

The games went on as scheduled and Eric watched them on a tiny black and white TV in Ellis Hospital.  The results of the accident included Eric's right leg being shortened by more than half an inch.  His right shoe is altered to compensate for the difference in leg length.

The knee replacement surgery may have changed the length of Eric's right leg.  Does he need to have his shoes altered again?

To get a precise reading, Eric's
pelvis is X-rayed.

What does this show?

The answer is yes, the length of his right leg has changed.  Eric's right leg is still shorter than his left, but not by as much... one centimeter, instead of  the previous one and a half centimeters.  To maintain aligned hips and a straight spine, his shoes will need to be altered.

I asked Christa to explain other details seen Eric's pelvis X-ray.  His lower spine is in great condition. The discs between the spinal bones don't show signs of wear or compression.  Eric's right hip shows a little bit of arthritis.  Overall, Eric's lower back and hips are in good shape.

Eric and I exchanged grins.  We are very happy that Eric isn't having more complications from mismatched leg lengths.

Eric will continue to see the Physical Therapist once a week and continue to walk a little more each day.  We are both pleased with his recovery and anxious that it progress smoothly.

Eric leaves with a November 7th appointment.  This will be his last appointment before we head south for the winter.