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Friday, August 28, 2015

Many Thanks To Walkabout With Wheels Blog Readers.... 150,084 Pageviews

Many thanks...  150,084 page views....

You keep reading and I'll keep posting.  Let's shake on it....

Celebrating Our 37th Anniversary at Canali's Restaurant in Rotterdam, New York

Jerry's Anniversary gift to us was a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant.

Eric & I have been celebrating
special occasions at Canali's
Restaurant since 1985.

We were welcomed back by the staff.  "Our table" was set and waiting for us.

The Chianti goes wonderfully
with Eric's Braciole with Pasta
& my Pork Tenderloin with
During our leisurely dinner, Eric and I made plans for our next thirty-seven years together.

Thank you, Jerry, for our lovely Anniversary dinner.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cruising Lake George on the Adirondac

Eric & the Adirondac
in the background.

He bought a Groupon for a cruise.  We are using it on our 37th Anniversary.

The Adirondac is moored
next to a Parasail

The Union Jack flag flies at
the front of the Adirondac.

The Captain told me that it was
common practice Naval practice
to cut frayed stripes off the U.S.
flag & fly the field of stars at
the front of a ship.

A Shamrock decorates
the ship's smokestack.

The Stars & Stripes flies
at the back of the ship.

The Horicon is moored

Parasailing is very popular
on Lake George.

The back of the Old Warren

The Minnie-Ha-Ha sails
south to Lake George

The waterfront view of a mansion
just north of Lake George Village.

One of the lake side camps
with a boat house

One of the privately owned
islands in Lake George.

One of the marinas that line
the shore of southern
Lake George.

 This is the third Sagamore Resort.  The first two burned down 1893 and 1914.

Dome Island was donated
to New York State & is
forever wild.

A fellow passenger takes a
photo of an island.

A speed boats zooms
along the lake.

Check out the solar panels
near the shoreline.

 Part of the shoreline of this 32 mile long lake

Eric looks at the

Two sailboats skim over
the water.

Eric & I think this is a
floating weather station.

We approach the dock at
Lake George Village.

Thanks, Eric for taking me on this lovely cruise.

Our Day in the Village of Lake George, New York

Welcome to the Lake George

This Howard Johnson is one
of the few HOJOs in the U.S.

***Update:  The Howard Johnson in Bangor, Maine is closing on September 6, 2016, making this HOJO the ONLY one in the United States.

Stay at the TIKI Resort or 
come for dinner & a show.
Downtown Lake George

The House of Frankenstein 
Wax Museum

Eric bought his annual cigar
at Smoke More.

Eric in front of the Old Warren County
Courthouse, now the home of the
Lake George Historical Association
& Museum.

We love the plantings

I admire this chopped

That's a lot of

A giant red Hibiscus

Eric & I walk along
the waterfront.

The giant Bull advertises
for the local Rodeo.\\\\

I was surprised to see the horse & buggy traffic sign.  There are Amish in the area.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walking Around Jerry's Neighborhood in Rotterdam, New York

I got into the habit of walking early in the day in Missouri.... That state is hot in the summer.  

Walking around Jerry's neighborhood, I notice a lot of changes....

More houses,,,

....have solar panels.

The first political sign
of the season.

James Bradshaw is running
for Rotterdam Town

This sign advertises

This house has a beautiful
new concrete driveway.

Under construction in May...

Occupied in August.

Just up the street is a
cleared lot & a freshly
dug basement.

I admire this 1967 Chevrolet
neighbor's driveway.

The thin strip of land between
two driveways is a garden.

This car carrier is tucked in
at the edge of an unnamed
store's parking lot.

I walked by at 7:20 am, and I think the drive overnighted here.  He or she probably left before the store opened at 8:00 am.

The townhouses at the end of
Edgewood Avenue on a
sleepy Sunday morning.

The driveways are full of cars with overflow parked on the street.

                                                      Somethings haven't changed....

This house remains