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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who's Reading Walkabout With Wheel Blog? Lots of People...

Blogging is more than writing and posting pictures.  Google's Blogger tool allows its users to look at statistics. I can look at pageviews daily, weekly, monthly and across the entire "life" of the blog.  I can look at pageviews for individual posts and see where the blog is being read in the Audience Section of the Statistics Page.

I have taken screen captures of the Audience Section since September 2012 and am surprised by the growing list of countries that has appeared in this section.

I made a list of the countries recently and this is what I found out:

Cuba and several Caribbean Islands have yet to find this blog.  Honduras, in Central America, hasn't found it either.  Great swaths of South America have discovered Walkabout With Wheels.

Most of Europe and Asia and parts of the Middle East have read a post, or two, or more... Individuals in eight countries in Africa have browsed my blog.

And, it's quite a list...  The most exotic, unexpected places with readers include: Andorra, Curacao, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Iran, Mongolia, the Channel Island of Jersey, New Caledonia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Belarus, Congo, Montenegro, Moldova, Sri Lanka.

Fortunately, I have the access to world maps on the internet and can read about these many countries at The World Atlas and The World Fact Book.

Thank you, readers, for taking the time to read a post on Walkabout With Wheels.  When I started writing this, there were 173,275 pageviews, and counting...

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