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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Eric & I Visit The Center of the World in Felicity, California

Just a few miles from where
Eric & I are camping is

Felicity is the name given to over 2,600 acres of land owned by Jacques-Andre Istel.  Istel and his wife, Felicia, are the residents of Felicity.

Istel's Center of the World
has been recognized by the
Imperial County Board of

Istel wrote Coe the Good Dragon
to explain locating the Center
 of the World eight miles west
of Yuma, Arizona.

Tour the grounds for $3.00 per person or spend $5.00 to see the grounds and be admitted to the Center of the World.

This circular staircase
is Section 12 from the

The tower's original staircase, between the second and third floors were removed and replaced to meet modern safety codes.  Twenty of the twenty-four sections of the staircase were sold at auction 1989.  

This Sundial is "The Arm of God,"
modeled on Michaelangelo's

Eric stands in front of
the Pyramid.

Inside is the metal plaque
denoting the Center 

Visitors to the Pyramid face north, place a foot on the plaque & make a wish.

Eric makes a wish.

I make a wish too...

Our Certificates stating that
Eric & I visited the Pyramid
& stood at the Official
Center of the World.

1 comment:

Merikay MacKenna said...

we have noticed it many times as we drive by coming from San Diego. One of these days we should also stop to make a wish.