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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Biking Along Mission Bay in San Diego, California

Eric & I start our bike ride

This is beach living...

Eric & me with some

There are lots of boats
at Mission Bay

Beach parking for
sail boats

One of several Play Grounds
that Eric & I pass on our ride.

established in 1892
by women rowers.

We share the wide sidewalk
with pedestrians.

The colorful Mission
Beach sign

Rocks line a portion of
Mission Bay.

Eric & I leave waterside
in search of lunch.

Gabbiano Pizza has good
ratings on

Refueled & rested, Eric & I
return to Mission Beach.

A man in a Cherry Picker
trims Palm Trees.

A reminder of the danger of
coastal living, the Tsunami
Evacuation Routes sign.

The Mission Beach Life
Guard Station reminds
me that fun in the sun
can come with danger
& injuries.

My next thought was of Baywatch TV Series.  Its California shooting locations include Pacific Palisades and Venice Beach.

I wonder if that's La Jolla
in the distance.

The pier looks inviting.

As we get closer, Eric and I see that it's lined with small houses.

A bird flies into my shot of
surfers in the distance.

Eric & I ride to Pacific Beach
Alehouse for brews.
We head out for Crown Point Park and our Jeep.

Catamarans sit on the beach.

Beach Volleyball

The map of our 11 mile
bike ride

This is a beautiful place to ride bikes.  San Diego makes access to Mission Bay, and the beach, easy for its residents and visitors.

A Peek Inside Julian Mercantile in Julian, California

Curiosity prompted me to
open the door to Julian

The store is "dressed" for
holiday shopping.

Wall Art, Lighting Fixtures,
Dishes, Lotions, Soaps,
Candles & Hanging Ornaments

Wall art, Metal Decorations,
Handbags, Blouses & a
metal Elephant peeks
out from beneath the
blue Pashmina

I enjoy the displays.  They are a creative mix of what Julian Mercantile offers.

Wall Art, Metal Decor,
Pottery, Dishes,
Hats & Sweaters

Historic Julian offers its visitors shopping, food for nearly any mood and celebrations of the region's natural bounties throughout the year.

Apple Pie @ Julian Pie Company in Julian, California

Eric & I chose Julian Pie Company
because it looks so welcoming.

The cold case on the left is
stocked with Pies to Go.

Eric stands at the counter as I
look at all the baking racks that
are used for baking.

There are too many pie
choices here.

I know that I'm sticking to Apple Pie, now which one?

After a brief discussion, we ordered
our pie slices & went to the
corner booth.

The sweetest lunch ever.
Each slice was warmed 
for us.

Eric's choice at the top left is Original Apple Pie and at the bottom left is the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  My choice at the top right is Dutch Apple Pie and at the bottom right is Apple Berry Mountain Crumb Pie.  Our beverage choice is Coffee.

Eric & his slice of Original
Apple Pie.

We share our selections.  They are all excellent, in different ways.

EveryDay with Rachael Ray
(Nov./Dec. 2005) features
Rachael Ray & Julian Pie

Rachael Ray was the manager of resort pubs in Upstate  New York in the 1990s.  Eric and I watched her show, $40 a Day regularly for a while.  Our daughter, Diane, was inspired by the show about Lake George to honeymoon there with her husband, Damon. 

I know that the suspense is killing you.... Here's the ranking of our four pie slices:  Original Apple Pie followed by Dutch Apple Pie, Apple Mountain Berry Crum Pie and lastly, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

Original Apple Pie had the commanding lead.  The only reason Strawberry Rhubarb Pie came in last is out of pure "Apple Pie prejudice."  Make your own pie selections and don't let our rankings sway your taste testing decisions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Cold Day in Julian, California

Julian is thataway...

There is no formal
town sign.

Eric and I stroll along Main Street....  This 1870s mining town retains its historic roots as it hosts tourists.  Throughout the year bakeries, cafes and restaurants serve Apple Pie, Apple Cider, Apple Muffins.....

Julian's Apple Days Festival, held each autumn, celebrates the region's Apple Orchards, and all things Apple. 

Our Jeep is parked next to

A man is reading the 
bumper stickers on 
the back of our car.

Julian's Country Christmas and Holiday Events usher in everyone's favorite time of year.

Miner's Diner 
Soda Fountain
Candy Mine

In March The Daffodil Show draws visitors from near and far.

Corner sigs help guide
visitors around town.

Julian Collectibles & Gifts

Thomas Daley Building
constructed in 1872

The region's colorful blooms take center stage at the annual Wildfloer Show in May.

Eric & I stop at Julian Pie
Company for slices
of Apple Pie.

The Wilcox Building houses

Store signs hang from the porch 
rafters in front of businesses....

Julian Town Hall

Kat's Yarns
Electric Ape

I get a shot of Eric walking toward Soups & Such Cafe.  We're in the mood for hot soup on a cold day.  Sadly, the Cafe is closed.  

Jeez.... Gas prices are high
at Ramco Petroleum.

Julian is not near any major highways.  I suspect the cost of sending a fuel delivery truck here is reflected in the cost of gas and diesel prices.