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Friday, August 17, 2018

Next... Southwest to Raymond, New Hampshire

Eric & I leave for Raymond,
New Hampshire under
grey skies.

Here comes the rain again...

We  are all caught in the
rain on Maine State Routes
9 West & 17 East.

I am confused...

We turn onto Interstate 295 South.

Eric & I are retracing drive from
just two days ago.

I am not complaining.  We can now add Maine to our States Visited Map.  Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and Hawaii are the last five states for us to visit to complete our visits to all 50 states.

Slowing for a construction

We leave the highway

... two lanes roads.

This is the fanciest sign I've
ever seen for a Walmart &
a Lowe's in Scarborough.

State Route 4 share the
same roadway.

Flashing lights mean
Pay Attention to This Sign!!!!

Trucks take a right up ahead.

A logging truck headed
east, or maybe south.

Turn at the Pink Cadillac 
for Frosty's Dairy Bar.

My twin brother, Alfred, and I are celebrating our 62nd birthday later this month.

Eric & I both point to
this house & say,
"Wow!  Jinx!"

We are on the lookout for

I notice that the sign is
on a wooden post.

Welcome to New Hampshire
The Granite State

We are now on New Hampshire

Knight's has the cutest little
tow truck as it's sign.

Barrington Area Lions sponsor
this section of roadway cleanup.

& its driver, are having a
bad day.

Diesel is $3.04 per gallon
at this Irving Gas

We share the dedicated Diesel
Lanes with a flatbed Tractor
Trailer Truck. 

us to....

in Raymond.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lunch @ Cushnoc Brewing Company in Augusta, Maine

Cushnoc Brewing Company
is housed in a distinctive
building on Water Street.

Eric & I read the Specials Board.

The  Purple Pizza Eater....
Roasted Eggplant, Caramelized
Red Onion, Ricotta, Aged
 Provolone, Basil, Hot Honey
 & Red Pepper Flakes is an
interesting combination of

Cushnoc souvenir Tee Shirts,
Glasses & Hats


Window Seating

The bar with Draft Beer

Eric & I are drinking Purple

Gin Barrel Belgian Tripel
with Lavendar

The Cushnoc Logo is from
Fort Western, located across
the Kennebec River from
the Brewing Company.

The Pizza Oven & Kitchen

A stairway leads to seating
on an upper level

The wood blocks are decorative
& help with acoustics in the
main dining room.

A shot of rebuilt Fort Western,
from the back window
Eric and I ordered the Purple Pizza Eater for lunch.

It looks delicious, & it is!

The combination of flavors is artistic.  Our thanks to the chef.

Walking Around Downtown Augusta, Maine

Historic Downtown Augusta reveals the city's population....  18,594 live here.

I admire the early 20th
century architecture on
Water Street.

Eric took this picture of
 me at the Augusta
 Masonic Center.

We admire the stained
glass elements on this

The glassed-enclosed balcony
is an unusual feature on an
Art Deco building.

Next door is Sonny's

The ornamentation above the
windows on the second &
third floors of this building
is strikingly different.

The arrangement of common
bricks create ornate decoration
on this building.

Eric points out the Moorish
windows on this corner

A picture postcard decorates
the wall of a building.

Alternate colored brickwork
provides character to the

Ornate window stonework
make this building a
stand out.

Courthouse is now....

Modern sculptures adorn
the park across the

Otis is made of elevator

Octoberfest is made with
parts from an Anheuser 
Busch Brewery.

The Inner Life of Discs is
the puzzling composition
of this simple shape. 

 Downtown Augusta is like many small cities Eric and I have visited throughout the country since 2012.  Aging architecture is being re-purposed for restaurants, shops, businesses and offices as the city changes from one century to the next.