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Monday, January 22, 2018

@ Sunshine RV Resort in Harlingen, Texas

There are several encore RV Resorts in the Rio Grande Valley, including Tropic Winds.  RVers that are staying any one of these Resorts are welcome to join in activities at any of encore Resort.

Eric & I drove to
Sunshine RV Resort.

Raffle Tickets are
sold to the gathering
crowd of diners.

The DJ spins a good
mix of Country
Western &
Rock music.

Dancers Waltz to
a slow song.

Dinner is served....

Eric waits patiently as I
take a photo of him &
our Fish Fry Dinners,
wine & Red Velvet Cake.

The Fish was delicious!  Eric and I stopped at the kitchen and thanked the cooks.  They beamed with pride.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Iwo Jima Museum in Harlingen, Texas

A Field Artillery Piece sits
next to the Iwo Jima

Eric examines the topographic
display of Iwo Jima, an island
that is 5 miles long &
2.5 miles wide.

The Allies wanted Iwo Jima and its two airfields to stop Japanese fighter plane attacks on US bombers during raids on Japan.  Under American control, the air fields could be used for emergency bases for damaged planes and as a base for US fighter escorts.  

The Japanese had no intention of giving up Iwo Jima.  They based 22,000 troops there and dug a 16 miles of tunnels linking caves and dugouts to defend the island.  Their plan was to fight to the end, and to kill every single invader.

This schematic shows
US invasion planning.

After days of bombardment, the Marines started coming ashore on February 19, 1945 in amphibious crafts.  Vehicles and men bogged down in the loose volcanic soil.  That's when the Japanese opened fire from their hiding places.  Fighting was fierce along the beaches.  The plans for the invasion was slowing as Marines fought hard for each foot of ground Iwo Jima.  On February 23 Marines raised the US flag at Mount Suribachi, the tallest point on the island, at its southern tip.

More and more American troops were sent into battle as the casualties mounted.  Approximately 70,000 Marines and 18,000 Japanese soldiers fought on the tiny island.  After 36 days of fighting Iwo Jima was declared to be secure.

Medals, photos, uniforms,
souvenirs & memorabilia
help tell bring the battle
to life.

A 32 minute film details the 
Battle at Iwo Jima.

More than 2,200 bombers landed at Iwo Jima and  24,000 American airmen's lives were saved because of the emergency air strips.

Bowman, Jr.'s uniform.

He became the Marine Military
Academy's superintendent after
retirement from military service
in 1972.

Don't let the museum's small size fool you, there's a lot to learn about the Battle of Iwo Jima and the men who fought there.   

Touring the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas

Eric & I pass the Iwo Jima
Monument on our way to a
tour of the Marine Military

This is a replica of the Memorial in Washington, D.C.

A Tank & two pieces of
the parking lot.

Eric and I are part of a group of twenty visitors from Tropic Winds RV Resort that will be touring the school.

A Marine Military Academy
Bus comes to take us to the

Frank Martinez is our
Tour Guide.

He and other retired military staff the Academy.  ... And we're off...

The entrance of the Marine
Military Academy

Opened in 1965, the Academy uses a portion of the former Army Air Corps Air Field to educate young men in the eighth through twelfth grades.   Annual tuition is $41,050.00, which includes room and board, meals, uniforms...

The President's Quarters

I wonder if this was the Base Commander's Quarters.

We watched a short film on the Academy's Summer Camp and its emphasis on physical training and team work skills.  With military instructors and a strict daily schedule there is little time left for hanging out, TV, video games.

Students live in Barracks that
were built in the late 1930s.

Lower Classmen have
a roommate.

I carefully inspected
the room.

It is the model of
military orderliness.

Cadets enjoy an update that US Army Air Fliers didn't have... air conditioning.

Harold James Memorial
We pass the Math-Science Building, the Social Sciences and Foreign Language Center, the Administration Building....

... & stop at the Florence E. King
Athletic Center

One of several
 Trophy Cases

This is the home of the
Fighting Leathernecks

There's a choice of sports to participate in here...  Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cross Country, Cycling, Football, Golf, Jiu Jitsu, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field and Weight Lifting.

The Weight Room...

.... has words of wisdom
for young men.

Push yourself because no
one else is going to do it
for you.

Part of the Academy's
Confidence Course in
"the back forty."

The Climbing Wall

Our last stop is the
Neuhaus Mess Hall

More trophies...

I like this plaque.

Our group returns to the bus and we thank Gunnery Sargent Martinez for the tour.  Our next stop is the small Iwo Jima Museum and Gift Shop, near the memorial.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Good Morning from Tropic Winds RV Resort in Harlingen, Texas

Good morning from
Resort in Harlingen.

It's a balmy 30 degrees at 10:00 am.  

The drivers side mirror
on our motorhome is
iced over.

Eric warned me to be
careful on our icy

Shards of ice litter the

These are probably some
of the bits of ice that 
hit our motorhome
& startled me 

The drivers side of our
motorhome is
slick with ice.

Eric breaks off a small icicle.

My man & his
icy ciggy.

Eric warmed up our
iced over Jeep 
for me.

The passenger side mirror
is doing a lousy job of
reflecting in this cold

Eric tests the breaks after he leaves our driveway.  He's not in the mood for slip sliding away.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The 13th Annual Winter Texan Appreciation Day Fiesta in Harlingen

Canadians and people from many US states who spend the winter in the Rio Grande Valley are not Snowbirds, who come south for warmer weather.  They are Winter Texans who choose to live in this state during the winter.  Harlingen, and other communities in The Valley host events to welcome back returning Winter Texans and new arrivals to show their appreciation to thousands of people who make this section of Texas home from November through April.  The 100,000 or so winter residents add $760 million dollars to the area's economy.

Eric & the Winter Texan
Appreciation Day 
Fiesta sign

Harlingen's Performing Arts Theater is teeming with Winter Texans who are visiting fifty or so booths to collect information and swag...  From tote bags to the coveted Welcome Back Winter Texan Tee Shirt to Chick-Fil-A's Cow with an Eat Mor Chikin' Banner, everyone will be leaving with some freebies.

 fills goody bags with fliers about
library programs & services.

I recommend visiting the Library, which has something for everyone.

This is as close as I could
get to the H-E-B booth.

on hand to provide information
& answer questions.

Step up, spin the wheel &
win a prize at the
Chick-Fil-A booth.

Music by Pelican West

The Harlingen Citizens Police
Academy provides training &
volunteer opportunities to
assist the City's Police 

Freebies, music, dance and... food...

Dave's BBQ has a line.

Homemade Pupusas, an
Ecuadorian dish &

There's a lot more food choices, which is good.  This is a big crowd.

The Car Show has a lot of cars and trucks for visitors to admire....  Forty, or more....

1951 Ford F-1
V-8 Pickup Truck

Entrants are vying for
trophies & bragging

Eric & I hope that this 
1957 Chevy Bel Air
leaves with a trophy.

I get a shot of the engine
compartment of this

The engine and the paint job are beautiful!

Here's the total package.


The interior...

I am happy to see the bench seat.  All the Roadsters I've seen have bucket seats.

I like this Baby Blue

1965 Ford Falcon Futura
Two Door Sedan

1934 Ford Coupe

1956 Chevy Sports

sleek design excited
 the public.

As you can see, I like older cars and trucks, classics....