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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Driving Into Toronto

Eric and I decided to go to a few places in Toronto that weren't near Union Station.  Because we are also bringing a wheelchair with us, a drive into the city looks easier.

Toronto in a city of three million people that doesn't appear to sleep.  There's always traffic on the 401, the Expressway...

Traveling eastbound...

Things have loosened
up a bit...

The traffic is
getting heavier.

This is turning into
a long drive.

This passenger was
a surprise!

Condos, condos,

We've had a great time in Toronto!   By train or by car, there's so much to do here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario

The Royal Ontario Museum is an amazing Toronto treasure.  Cypriot, Roman, African, Egyptian, Middle East, South Asian, European art and artifacts as well as Textiles and Costumes and a Contemporary Culture make up this museum's diverse exhibits.  Currently, the ROM is hosting an exhibit on Mesopotamia.  Other exhibits include Mammals, a Bat Cave, Birds, and Dinosaurs.  There are hands on activities for children in many sections of the museum.

The Ga, on the coast of
Ghana bury their loved ones

The survivors hope these
 ancestors will look kindly
 on them from the next life. 

This ceremonial suit of armor
is from the 18th century

Art Deco Furniture

Just five of the Roman
busts on display at the ROM.

This carriage from Northern
China was pulled by a horse,
donkey or mule.

It was the standard mode of
overland transportation in
China from the 17th
to early 20th century.

The Royal Ontario Museum is a must see during a visit to Toronto.  With children or other adults, this is an all day excursion into past cultures, the natural world and a look at today's world.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Ontario

It's a rainy Monday here in the greater Toronto area and Eric drove to the Ontario Science Centre is on Don Mills Road, as it is no where near downtown train connections.  Adam joined us last night for a week in Toronto. As we love museums, the Ontario Science Centre is on the top of our list places to visit this week.

Rainy days bring crowds to Toronto's indoor venues.  There was a line just to get into the museum's parking lots....  I found this to be daunting, but Eric forged ahead.  I told the young man at the gate that I have a broken ankle and was concerned about parking.  He directed us to the drop off area in front of the Science Centre building.  Eric parked the car and joined Adam and me.

A biplane greeted us!

I got in the short line for tickets because of my crutches.  (I had decided to forgo the wheel chair and use crutches in the Science Centre.  It can't be as large as the ROM.)  I found an employee and told her that I had Toronto City Passes (we are getting a discount for getting tickets to multiple Toronto attractions.) and wanted to get Science Centre tickets.

I was amazed my the
diameter of the this tree.

The Ontario Science Centre
has a bonus for gamers....

An exhibit devoted to the
history of gaming.

Here are Adam's choices of game consoles for the blog.

Magnavox Odyssey...
first gaming system

Nintendo Family Computer

The Ontario Science Centre lists
its floors backwards...the higher 
number floors are below ground.

The Ontario Science Centre is a hands on museum built specifically for children.  Eric, Adam and I had a nice time there, but it's clear that this museum is a day trip for children and those who love them.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

BUSKERFest on Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario

Eric gets me the local newspapers everyday.  Reading them reminds me how much Canada and the United States have in common.  Finding local events to attend while in the area is the bonus!

After visiting Ontario's Legislative Assembly Building, Eric and I went to Yonge Street for BUSKERFest, North America's largest street performer festival.  This four day celebration is sponsored by Scotiabank.

Admission to BUSKERFest
is a donation to EPILEPSY Toronto.

The slogan here is be amazed,
be entertained, be generous.

roam around BUSKERFest.

They are playful & spontaneous,
stopping by to watch
a band play.

Yonge Street is closed for
six blocks to accommodate
the crowds & the performers.

children to join her perform
for the audience.


We stopped for a

Fire Guy lights up
a crowd.

These are just a few pictures from BUSKERFest.  There are lots of vendors selling food and souvenirs.  Yonge Street has many skyscrapers, some with facades of older buildings incorporated into the streetscape.  I was delighted to see aspects of Yonge Street from years past incorporated into this busy, vibrant, modern street.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Legislative Assembly Building in Toronto, Ontario

Ontario's laws are created in the Legislative Assembly.  Unlike many states in America, Ontario does not have an upper house, or Senate.

This building was designed by Richard Waite and opened to the public in 1893.  

The history of Ontario's
government is on display
throughout the building.

The original mace that
was used to open the
Assembly is on the left.
The new mace is in
the case on the right.

The two diamonds mounted
in the new mace were 
mined in Ontario.

Eric, Patrick and I toured the building with Rachel.  She did a great job of sharing Ontario's government history, the history and architecture of the building.  While touring, Patrick shared his extensive knowledge of Ontario, it's symbols and motto.  Patrick is a Canadian diplomat who is between assignments.

The Assembly Chamber

The Speaker of the Assembly
sits at the chair in the back
of the room.

The desk in front of the Speaker
is the clerk's desk.

The furniture in the chamber
is original to the building.

The west wing of the
Legislative Assembly Building
was destroyed by a fire in 1909.

The redesigned wing 
was finished in marble.

Ontario's coat of arms
is in the stained glass
above the western wing.

Portraits of former
Premiers grace
the walls.

After the tour, I asked Patrick about Canada's independence from England.  Canada negotiated independence and continues its ties with England.  Queen Elizabeth reigns, she does not rule in Canada.

The eastern wing of the
building from the second floor.

We were happy to find
a small shop in the
Legislative Assembly Building.

Eric is mailing post cards
to family & friends
in the US.

This is our first visit to a Provincial Legislative building.  Eric and I like learning about how governments work and now we know more about how Ontario governs on a provincial level.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Glen Rouge Campground, East of Toronto, Ontario

Eric and I chose Glen Rouge Campground because it's close to Toronto.  There's a train station about five minutes away, making our trips into Toronto relaxing and easy.

Glen Rouge Campground
is near Canada's 401,
a major highway.

Registration &
the camp store

The playground

The rest rooms
& showers

These strange vertical
cups are collecting
bugs for research.

I think this camper can
be pulled by a motorcycle.

The campground is

We are now flying
a Canadian flag
& a US flag.

There's a lot to see and do in Toronto.  I'm glad we have a comfortable campground to stay at while we plan our visit.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FOODLAND in Forest, Ontario

Eric needed to pick up a few things at FOODLAND.  I brought my camera in with me to document my continuing fascination with grocery stores.

FOODLAND is an Ontario
grocery store chain.

The entryway features
Manager Specials.

Flowers are always
a smart grocery choice.

The Produce Area is stocked
with summer fruits & vegetables.

Specialty cheeses are
available to sample
& buy.

There's lots of tasty
pastries at the Bakery.

Custom cuts are available
at the Meat Section.

Picnic basics are
waiting to go...

Coffee bean grinders remind
shoppers that they can have
the freshest coffee in
their homes.

Get your summer reading
here....  magazines, books

I spent some time checking
out the Dollar Zone...
I love bargains!

The Frozen Foods Section

Basic hardware items
at the end of an aisle
remind shoppers of
small home projects.

I like the summer time
displays throughout
the store.

FOODLAND has it all together.  I like the way the store welcomes shoppers, reminds shoppers of seasonal basics, encourages shoppers to treat themselves and makes finding basic hardware easy.