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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Zombies Return to Life... in Rotterdam, New York

My mother-in-law, Jerry, lives in an older neighborhood in Rotterdam.  In 2014 I started taking walks around the area during my visits and I found Zombies....  Homes that have been unoccupied for years.
Three years later I am seeing signs of rebirth.  Some of these houses are being rehabbed. Some are now for sale.... And some now have new families.

I've been watching this
home deteriorate since

In April, I noticed
new plywood
covering doors
& windows.

I was sad to see the house was becoming more decrepit and wondered if it would be torn down.  My assumptions were wrong.  

The front porch was
opened up.

New windows have
been installed.

Tri-County Tile
& Flooring is
doing interior

The back of the house
is getting a new
porch & sliding
glass door.

The new roof looks great!

I thought this house was
being lived in....

There's a chair on the
front porch & the lawns
are well kept.

A window in the rear of the house has been covered with plywood.  I must investigate...

There's a notice on the door
 stating that the house is
 Unsafe For Human Occupancy.

Three months later,
a dumpster, full of
debris, is waiting
to be removed.

Another abandoned, deteriorated home is on its way back from the dead.

I've walked past
this empty house
for three years.

Someone has been mowing the lawns while a newspaper moldered on the front porch.

There's a sign on
the lawn & a
dumpster in the

Buyers is working
on this house.

A worker told me
that the interior is
in good shape.

The frosted, louvered windows on the side porch have been removed.   I don't know if the ceiling fan is new.

Signature Home
Buyers put the house
on the market....

I see lawn furniture
& patio furniture.

This house has a
new family.

It's good to see empty houses being reclaimed and becoming homes for new owners.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lunch at La Mexicana Restaurant & Grocery in Schenectady, New York

Yes...  Our lives revolve around food.  And, it's Mexican Independence Day, the perfect reason to eat Mexican.

 on State Street looks like a
 good choice.

Eric and I checked their menu and it looks good, plus we can bring Hispanic foods home to prepare meals later.

Eric & I take a table away
from the busy lunch

The bar is busy too. 

Coronas & shots of El Jimador 
Tequilla go well with Tortilla
Chips & Salsa.

Feliz Dia De La Indepencia!

Eric ordered Chicken Tacos
& he will share the Chicken
Tamales, served with Lettuce
& Sour Cream with me.

I ordered Steak Tacos.

We were surprised, and delighted to see that the Tacos were made with generous amounts of Cilantro. Its citrus flavor is an unexpected treat.  The Tamales have very generous portions of chicken. Delicioso!

I explore the grocery store,
decorated with Pinatas for
children's parties.

There are many Hispanic
foods to choose from.

Customers buy dried
Chili Peppers, in bulk.

The Wall of Herbs
& Spices

Achiote En Grano (Annatto), Anis Mexicano (Anise) and  Linaza (Flax Seed)  are just a few of the herbs and spices carried here.

America, is a good 
source of protein.

Pacaya is the flower of 
the Date Palm.

Tamara sells preserved
Pejaybe, known as
Peach Palm Fruit.

A Minnie Mouse Pinata
hangs near the
snack food aisle.

Rosquetes Corn Cookies

People who eat a Gluten Free Diet may want to come here and browse the aisles.


Eric bought a dozen Chicken Tamales to take home and freeze.  We agree that Tamale Thursdays will be very delicious.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Celebrating Eric's 60th Birthday in Style... at Yono's Restaurant in Albany, New York

I wanted to do something very special for Eric to celebrate his 60th birthday, so I made reservations at Yono's Restaurant in Albany.  Known for fine dining and its extensive selection of wines, Yono's is the perfect place to celebrate Eric's milestone birthday.

Eric looks very handsome.

Eric took this selfie in
front of Yono's.

Our table is at the far
end of this dining room,
to the right of the 

Eric patiently waits for me
to take this picture before
we clink Champagne

Eric and I love Asian Cuisine.  Our five course Traditional Indonesian Rijsttafel meal with wine pairings starts with...

Chicken Sate drizzled with
Seeds with Lumpia &
Pickled Carrots & 

We are presented with Lobster
Mousseline, sitting all alone in a
 bowl Tamarind Lobster Curry
 Soup was poured into the bowl.

"Gado Gado" is a mix of
Hard Boiled Egg, Tomato,
Shrimp Crisp & Peanut

Paired with Gruner Veltliner Birgit Eichinger; Red Hasel, Kamptal 2016.

Our Main Course, starting at 12:00:
Babi Kecap, (Pork Tenderloin)
 Acar (Pickled Vegetables), Daging 
Rendang (Braised Short Ribs),
Bakmi Goreng (Stir Fry Noodles),
 Krupuk (Shrimp Chips), with Nasi
(Rice), in the middle.

Paired with Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone 2015.

Eric's Bananas Foster include
Birthday Wishes, with 
a candle.

Eric and I savor the wines and discuss how the compliment each course.  We thank our servers for a beautifully presented meal and...

... are presented with
Candied Pistachios.

Eric and I leave Yono's, holding hands, and savoring the memories we made here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dinner @ The Backwater Bar & Grille in Caanan, New York

Doug and Laurelyn made arrangements for Escapee Chapter 41 Members to dine together at The Backwater Bar and Grille on Queechy Lake in Canaan.

Carol, John & Eric in
front of The Backwater
Bar & Grille.

I like the rustic exterior and expect to find a relaxed interior.

The Bar

An adjacent seating

Our group is being seated
in the back room.

We are seated

It's time for some pre dinner photos of the group...

Mike, Sue &

Mal & Elsie

Bill N.

Doug & Laurelyn
enjoy the view.

Eric ordered a Garden Salad with
his Backwater Quesadilla, made
with Chicken Breast, Cheese,
Bacon, Tomato & Onion, served
with Salsa & Sour Cream.

I ordered a Hamburger with
Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon &
Provolone Cheese, served
with Potato Chips & Pickles.

Eric and I enjoyed our meals and conversations around our table.  Thank you Doug and Laurelyn for selecting The Backwater Bar and Grille for dinner.