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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lunch at Charlton Tavern in Charleton, New York

Friends, John & Carol, took
Eric & me to the Charlton 
Tavern for lunch.

William C. Maloney has run
the Tavern since 1969.

Built in the late 1700s, the Tavern has been a central meeting place in Charlton for over 200 years. Tragically, it burned to the ground in January, 2009.  The Maloney family promised to rebuild the Tavern and again make Charlton's place to meet and greet.

One of the rebuilt rough hewn
stone fireplaces

The Tavern has several smaller dining areas.

The Rose Room

Photos helped the Maloney family
resurrect the Charlton Tavern.

This fireplace is constructed
with brick.

The Bar

It's time to order some food....

Waffle Cut Sweet Potato
Fries are yummy!

Eric's Salad Plate has Chicken
Salad, Macaroni Salad & Fresh
Fruit with Bread.

I chose the Creamy Potato Soup
with a half a Roast Beef Sandwich,
served with Cole Slaw & a Pickle.

Lunch was great!  Our conversation was wonderful!  Thank you, John and Carol for introducing us to the Charlton Tavern.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Firestone 151 on Lafayette Street in Schenectady, New York

Eric & I stopped at Firestone 151
on Lafayette Street for a drink.

This is the site of the former Firestone Tire Store, at 151 Lafayette Street.  The name of the business respects the building's history while pivoting to a very different business: restaurant and bar.

The host's station

The beer is kept in a glassed-in
cold storage area.

The kitchen 

The bar is set up to serve
indoor & outdoor

Happy Hour here is from 1:51 pm to 4:51 pm, earlier than other bars in Schenectady.

The tracks of the garage doors
that enclose the building.

Eric & I look out at
City Hall while we
drink our beers.

Eric chose a  Brown's Brewing

Eric and I were a bit peckish...

We each got a bowl of
New England Clam

It was quite good.

Eric and I agreed that we've found another "repeatable" bar experience.  We like the earlier than average Happy Hour.  Firestone 151 can be a stop after a downtown appointment, or just because...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Watching the Church on Broadway in Schenectady Disappear.....

The former United Methodist Church on the corner of Broadway and Bradt Street in Schenectady has been for sale for at least one year.

Suddenly, about three weeks ago,
the stained glass windows
were removed

I found an August 10, 2015 Daily Gazette article stating that a new Stewart's Shop will be built on this property.

Passersby on Bradt Street can
look through the church.

The adjoining church hall
has been opened up.

The rear of the church
is down.

The debris reminds me of the French town of Ramelle in one of the scenes in the movie Saving Private Ryan.  The town had been bombed by the Germans during World War II, producing heaps of bricks and rubble everywhere.

Fire hoses ring the perimeter
of the demolition area.

Water streams onto buildings
being dismantled to deter
sparks & small fires that
may occur.

The interior of the church
is now exposed.

A side angle of the
remaining sections
of the building.

Piles & piles of rubble
surround the disappearing

The church is just a pile
of rubble, with a staircase.

It looks like bricks are being
separated from other types
of rubble.

Millions of bricks are being
moved into the former
basement of the church.

A large section of the lot has
been cleared off...

Obviously, debris is being
carted away. 

The depression is has been filled
in & covered with dirt.
The lot will be prepared for the new Stewart's.

Life is change.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Watching Construction of the New CVS on Guilderland Ave. & Curry Rd. in Rotterdam

I walk to the corner of Guilderland Avenue and Curry Road twice a week to watch the construction of the new CVS Pharmacy in Rotterdam.  When Eric and I arrived in April, houses on were gutted and ready to be razed.  

 The ground was prepared for construction of a new CVS.

According to a 2015 Daily Gazette article, the currently operating CVS pharmacies at Five Corners and at 2009 Guilderland Avenue will be closed after this store is opened.

The walls of the building
start to rise...

A ramp was built to allow
trucks into the building.

A worker prepares
the concrete mixer
for the day's pour.

Scaffolding goes up as
 the walls get taller.

The scaffolding gets

Pallets of bricks &
gravel wait to be used.

The brick pattern of the
building emerges.

Frueh hauls construction
debris from the site.

Girders show where the
building's roof will be.

The main entrance &
the Curry & front
walls of the store.

I wonder why one section
has been dug out.

The depression is filled
with metal tubes.

All the tubes have

I think that this area is being prepared for drainage.

Black filter fabric & gravel
cover the "drainage pipes."

The front of the store is
looking good with trim,
the CVS sign & doors.

Red awnings over the windows look sharp. Now that the building has windows and doors, I expect that the interior is being built.

I wonder how these tubes,
near the back of the store,
will be used for.

The Drive Up Prescription
window is ready for

All that's needed now is a parking lot and landscaping.

I've been told that this new CVS will open in November.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sampling 1857 Potato Vodka at Barber's Farm in Middleburgh, New York

Eric and I took a drive to Middleburgh on a sunny Sunday to sample 1857 Spirits potato vodka at Barber's Farm Stand.  The family has been farming in this fertile region of the state since 1857.

1857 Spirits has a tasting
room at the Barber's
Farm Stand.

The idea of using potatoes that aren't considered "pretty enough" to be sold at the Farm Stand for vodka isn't a new one.  About four years ago family members took a vodka-making class.  Twenty-four year old Elias, a 6th generation Barber, returned to the farm with his plant biology degree from Cornell University and began learning the process of distilling vodka.

Pumpkins & flowers
 flank the family

1857 Spirits tasting
room is next to the
farm stand.

After an apprenticeship and much research, Elias started distilling 1857 potato vodka.  The "ugly" potatoes come from nearby fields.  The water is supplied from a spring on the farm.

In October 2015 the tasting room opened and vodka sales began.  Just eleven months later, 1857 Spirits are available in liquor stores in the Hudson Valley and Manhattan.  

Eric & I are greeted by one
 of the Barber cousins.

Photos of the farm
& the distillery are
displayed above
1857 Tee Shirts
& Hats

Elias, the family's Vodka
 Distiller, is in the photo
 on the right.

We bought a bottle of
1857 Potato Vodka,
signed by Elias. 

It has a light caramel smell, is smooth, with a light smokey flavor.

The Barber family is very proud of their accomplishment.

1857 Spirits' story is on
the back of the bottle.