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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park & Passport to Leisure Park in Robert, Louisiana

is one of the many reduced
fee campgrounds Eric & I
can stay at with our RPI

The off season nightly rate is $35.00 during the week and $5.00 on weekends.  During the summer all campsites cost $65.00 per night.  Paying $10.00 per night is a great deal!

Yogi Bear welcomes us...

Be on the look out for him!  With over 450 campsites and cabins here at Jellystone Park, Yogi's busy sneaking around and stealing unattended Pic-a-Nic Baskets.  Ranger Smith, Ranger Smith where are you?

Eric at the Ranger Station
Office & Camp Store

Mini Golf

The Large Swimming Pool

There are several other 
swimming pools in this
large campground.

Yogi Bear's Water Zone
has been drained for
the winter.

The Recreation Center

Eric and I split up....  I'm walking slowly as I take pictures and he's walking for exercise.

The tractor his hitched up
for Yogi's Hey Ride.

The Basketball Court

Playground & Sand Pile

Horseshoe Pits

The Volleyball Court

The Camps in the distance are privately owned.

Campers can rent Canoes
to explore the lake, fish...

The Yogi Dome

Passport to Leisure
Adult Club House

Taking care of business
at the Camp Laundry. 

Washers & Dryers cost 
$1.25 per load.

So where are Yogi and the Gang?

I look for them among the
campsites beneath
Pine Trees.

They aren't frolicking in the 
swimming pool surrounded
by cabins.

I just saw a blur of brown
moving between the cabins
that ring a quiet pond....

Where is Ranger Smith????

Yogi Bear is fast...

He & Eric wave to me
near the large swimming

Next stop....  Abita Springs

Our Relocation Drive: West to Robert, Louisiana

Sometimes, to make a schedule work, you need to retrace your steps....  Eric and I planned to be in the Mobile area for Mardi Gras parades and Valentine's Day.  We have reservations for Gulf Shore State Park on March 1st.  Where will we go to fill in the 12 day gap? 

We are hitched up & ready to leave Meaher State Park.
Fog shrouds Interstate 10 in the distance.

Fog rims Mobile Bay as
we approach the City.

Entering the western entrance of
that takes us beneath the

Where the eastern end of
the tunnel meets the sky.

Eric & I retrace our drive west
 to... Robert, Louisiana.

Forrest Trump's Army
buddy,   , was from
Bayou La Batrie.

This section of highway
 could be named
 "Almost Anywhere, USA."

Back in Mississippi......

The Mississsippi Welcome
Center has a Dump Station
at it's Rest Area.

Eric & I stop at the next
Rest Stop to see if other
Mississippi Rest Stops
on Interstate 10 have
Dump Stations.

Yes it does!

This added amenity is
a big help to RVers.

This fellow traveler has a
"Mad Max" feel about
him, or her.

Eric & I reminisce about 1960s

The Biloxi 
water tower

Flashing lights warn of
a vehicle break down.

Back in Louisiana...

We take Exit 47 to Louisiana

Horses graze
road side.

We are spending six days at

Eric & I are set up in a pull
through, full hookup campsite.

The DirecTV Satellite Dish is set for our TV viewing.  Our WiFi Antenna Booster has been raised to get the best reception possible.  This campground has free WiFi, and the strength of the signal is quite good. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Celebrating Valentine's Day @ Dauphin's Restaurant in Mobile, Alabama

Eric's Valentine's Day surprise for me is reservations for dinner at Dauphin's Restaurant in downtown Mobile.

Dauphin's is on the 34th
floor of the RSA Bank
Trustmark Building.

This beautiful display
greets visitors as they
exit the elevator.

Tables for two are placed for guests viewing enjoyment.
I go straight to the windows to start taking pictures...  

Eric gets a shot 
of me.

Eric chose an early dinner so we could watch the sunset and Mobile skyline light up.....

Eric & I arrived a few
minutes early...

We can have a seat
in the lounge....

.... or get a drink at
the bar.

Eric & I enjoy Top Floor Margaritas
made with Herradura Reposado,
Fresh Lime Juice, Splash of
 Sugar & Salt Rim.


The Piano is beautifully

Samantha is our Server.  She will be guiding us through Dauphin's carefully selected menus.

Our table...

Dauphin's has a great Wine List....  I chose Chardonnay to go with my dinner.  Eric's Merlot 
is velvety smooth. 

Eric's OUCH! gives
him a rugged look.

I steal a peek out the

guards Mobile Bay.

Warm rolls with house
made Savory & Sweet
Eric and I share Appetizers...

Nuts & Raspberries

Fried Alligator with
Remoulade Sauce

Mobile lights up for
Valentine's Day

Eric knows how to show this girl a lovely time.

Our Entrees arrive...

topped with Lump Crab
served with Brussels Sprouts 
& Mashed Potatoes.

 Marinated, Crusted with Pistachio
 Nuts & Sesame Seeds, Seared &
 served with Brussels Sprouts
 & Mashed Potatoes.

Including the years Eric and I dated, this is our 42nd Valentine's Day together.

Eric's Creme Brulee served on
an Alabama Lace Cookie

A smoking dish is
brought to the

Eric spoons out a Chocolate
 Truffle, then another.

A lovely, beautifully
 presented surprise.

We received a card....

It was from Samantha wishing
Eric & me a Happy Valentine's
Day & thanking us for choosing
Dauphin's for our special dinner.

It may take a few years, but the next time Eric and I are in Mobile, we will return to Dauphin's to make more memories over another impeccably prepared meal.

Thank you, Samantha and Dauphin's for making our 42nd Valentine's Day so special and memorable.