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Monday, February 18, 2019

A Return Visit to London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Part 2

Eric and I visited London Bridge and Lake Havasu City on January 8, 2014.  We found walkways near London Bridge empty.  Many of the shops at London Bridge were stocking
their shelves in anticipation of the arrival of winter tourists.

The ornate gateway to 
& restaurants

This Dragon marks the boundary
of London Bridge in Lake
Havasu City.

Tourists stop for selfies
at this fountain.

The Visitor Center

Eat, Drink, Relax

London Bridge

He spent an additional $7,000,000 to have the bridge disassembled and each block was numbered before shipment to Arizona.  The Bridge reassembled over Bridgewater Channel in Lake Havasu City and rededicated in 1971.

Eric stops to
make a call....

Next stop...

Village Gifts & Souvenirs

A marina sits beneath
the wide promenade.

I'm happy to see visitors at this tourist attraction.

Two men fish in the channel. 

Empty Boat Slips wait 
for boaters to return. 

London Bridge from a distance

A Return Visit to London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Part 1

Eric & I walked up a flight
of stairs to the deck of

I added a small lock to the
 collection at the Bridge.

This tiny lock represents 
our love.



Sunday, February 17, 2019

Off-Roading with Dave & Kathy Near Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Dave found a nearby
off-road trail.

It's rated as Easy &
34 miles long!

Dave takes a selfie
 of us at the first
 waypoint on
 BLM Land.

We start the day's drive
with Dave & Kathy
leading the way.

This wide, sandy wash is a bumpy ride....

If the Jeep's a- rockin' don't
come a-knockin'...

A stalk of purple flowers
stand out among the tans,
greys & greens of the

Nearby yellow flowers remind
me of over-sized Butter Cups.

Trail signs, like this one,
confirm that we are on
the correct trail. 

Out of the wash & onto
a rutted trail.

Dave & Kathy cuddle
during one of our stops. 


An Ocotillo, desert &

A large growth of

Dave & Kathy share a kiss
in front of the red berries.

The "road" ahead crosses the rugged desert plain.

Saguaro stand "head & shoulders"
above the brush. 

A banking turn

A decorated dumpster shares space with a water pump & corral.

Dave & Kathy park next to
the Cattle Shoot that was
used to load cows onto
trucks for transport to

Eric and I take the lead for the next section of our drive.

A gentle rise leads to
rocky outcrops.

Clouds appear to radiate
from the mountaintop.

Rocks ahead...

Eric surveys the trail &
decides on his course.

We cross the desert on
this rutted track.

Millions of years of erosion
creates rugged outcrops
to admire.

We race with Dave & Kathy
along the wide wash. 

We follow Dave & Kathy
back to pavement. 

Dave picked a great off-road trail. 

Today's drive, with waypoints.

34 miles of varied terrain &
beautiful sights.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Walking Around Lake Havasu Rodeo Grounds

Eric & I are camping at Lake

Campers register here.

I imagine George Jetson
towing this camper with
his flying car.

The smallest 5th Wheel I've
ever seen.

Some RVers set up a
small communal area.

Mountains watch over
this line of RVs.

Sea Scouts are selling Ice,
Wood, Hot Cocoa & Popcorn.

Sunday they will be serving
Pancakes for breakfast.

Every Kid Counts Children's
Charity is set up to feed

The little Locomotive 
Smoker is so cute!

Seating near Mudshark's

I stand on one set of bleachers
to take this picture of the
Rodeo Ring.

lone Casita 

This Wanderlodge's theme
is Color Us Gone.

I admire this Prevost built

A Cruise America Rental RV 
is here for the weekend.

A Propane Truck is making

Fairly Reliable Joe's RV is
here for a service call.

I stop to admire beautifully
crafted wooden Kayaks.

A HaveABlast RV 
Rental Trailer

The Rodeo Grounds'
Water Tank

This shot shows RVs
parked on different levels.

ATVs rumble through the
Rodeo Grounds.

Eric & I join other Escapee
Boomers for Happy Hours
at this motorhome.