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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Our Six Hour Drive from the Piney Woods to Hill Country in Texas

Texas is a huge state, 268,601 square miles.  It's an eleven and a half hour drive or a four hour flight to cross this state.  It has been split into seven geographically unique regions.  We are leaving the East Texas' Piney Woods and will drive across the Prairies and Lakes Region to Hill Country in six hours including a stop to fuel up the motorhome.

The sun is behind us
at 7:45 am.

Crossing Lake Conroe

The empty road leading

F(arm) to M(arket Road) 

Eric says, "Welcome to FM 1097, your Smooth Rock Station.  It's 8:06 am on the crystal clear day before Thanksgiving."

He deepens his voice to
pronounce "Lone Star."

I get the Spaceballs

I get a glance of a
giant Dalek from
Dr. Who.

East Texas has a lot of

A small country

The City of Brenham's
water tower

Our drive continues
through rolling hills. 

The speed limit varies a lot on today's drive. From 35 per hour in cities and towns to...

... 75 miles per hour.

A pink Volkswagen

Entering La Grange

That's quite the turn...

There's no low clearance
 warning on

19 feet 3 inches...  this is 
the tallest labeled bridge
I've ever seen.

Czech Us Out

I love the wordplay.

Czech immigrants came to this region of Texas in 1870s.  Their heritage and culture are celebrated each year a the Annual Czhilispiel Festival

The main street in Waelder
is flanked by towers.

This barn is a giant

I appreciate the sign stating
the underpass's clearance.

It doesn't look like our
motorhome will fit
beneath the railroad bridge.

This truck is towing an

Here's a Youtube Video of one working a field.  

The Luling water tower is
painted to look like a

The paint job works well
with the reservoir's shape.

The water tower celebrates the city's annual Watermelon Thump Festival.

Eric stopped at a Subway
for lunch.

Luling's Information Center
sits empty.

This water tower, painted in
greens & tan is up the road.

I take the wheel for the next
60 miles, or so.

Eric found lots to take pictures of while I drove....

A shot of a short railroad

Concrete drainage pipes wait
to be installed somewhere...

I love this shot of the
Seguin water tower.

Stagecoach Apartments

I like the wagon wheel 
surrounded by Agave

Eric took pics of the classic car
& trucks at LEP Motorsport
 Truck Accessories, so I can
admire the refurbished vehicles.

I allow this FedEx Truck
to share the road with 

A farm with a windmill, with
a housing development in
the background

Drivers are serenaded by
this gentleman & his

A collection of old &
very old gas pumps.

I am reminded of the Classical Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico.

Cranes, I LOVE cranes.

This project is near the
Guadalupe River.

There's glitter & rainbows
here in Unicorn Country...

Just kidding!

Dry Comal Creek Winery
& Vineyards advertises
their Tasting Tours.

Eric and I swap seats and he continues our drive into Hill Country.

I am convinced that Newks
Resort's logo has not been

I am wrong... That's the

A Dune Buggy

Boerne's decorative water
tower & blue

We are going up in elevation.

The terrain is quite hilly.

Drivers share the roads with
horses here.

The creature in the road
is a Deer.

This is not one of my
best nature shots.

will be our home for
 two weeks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shopping @ Zipps Liquor & SPEC'S Wine,Spirits and Finer Foods in Conroe, Texas

Beaujolais Nouveau Day, November 16, 2017 has come and gone.  Eric and I have a few days to search for this year's "young wine" while we stay at Thousand Trails RV Camping Resort in Willis.

Nearby Conroe has several liquor stores....

No Beaujolais Nouveau at

Don't be sad...  I found Flor de Cana Anejo Oro Four Year Rum.  Eric and I have fond memories of Flor de Cana from our extended stay in Nicaragua in December 2012 and January 2013.  Eric found TAAKA Vodka, bottled in Frankfort, Kentucky...  In the land of Whiskey and Bourbon, is there a smooth Vodka distilled from Grain?  I will report back...

The Manager at Zipps Liquor gave us directions to SPEC'S Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods and wished us well on our quest to find Beaujolais Nouveau 2017.  

I asked an employee about
Beaujolais Nouveau 2017
& he walked me over to
their display.

Should we buy a
bottle, or two?

Let's buy a case...
Most years it's

Eric and I shopped hard and are sure that we have stocked up for the winter...

Beaujolais Nouveau, Taylor Port, Deep South Egg Nog,
de Cana Anejo Oro, Taylor Dry Sherry
The tiny bottles are: 
Snickerdoodle Liqueur & flavored 
Three Olives Vodkas.

SPEC's has a 10 percent case discount, which was used on the box of Beaujolais Nouveau and a cash discount for all purchases.  The discounts were a nice bonus.  Eric and I can now celebrate the holidays in style...

Watching Murder on the Orient Express at The Grand Theater in Conroe, Texas

                                  It's show time at The Grand Theater in Conroe, Texas.

                         The all star cast of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express
masterfully executed this mystery's complex tale.  

During our long holiday weekend, go see Murder on the Orient Express and marvel at the Queen of Mystery's tapestry of lies and deceptions.  Hercule Poirot uses all of his skills to
find the truth....