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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Surprising Eric on Our Wedding Anniversary

It's hard to surprise Eric.  We are together 24/7, and our credit cards are joint accounts.  What to do? Use cash and be be sneaky...

Eric gets a delivery from
Edible Arrangements.

"All of my love" is in
this heart shaped box.

Eric unties the ribbon.

Love comes in the shape

Surprised & happy...

That's the way I
like him...

Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary, Eric!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Birthday Dinner at Yono's Restaurant in Albany, New York

Jerry took this picture of
Eric & me before we
left for dinner.

Eric chose Yono's Restaurant
for my sixtieth birthday

Yono's Restaurant is owned by Chef Yono Purnomo.  He and the staff provide the Capital Region with world class American cuisine with Indonesian influences.  Master Sommelier, Dominick Purnomo, built an exceptional wine inventory at Yono's and creates pairings that delight diners.  

Eric & I have personalized

Eric selected a flower
arrangement for our

We were given complimentary glasses of sparkling wine to celebrate my special day.  

Eric & I are seated at a
corner table in a quiet
room for our intimate

Eric & his glass of
Sparkling Wine.

Eric and I are enjoying The Chef's Grand Tasting Menu tonight.  We are enjoying eight courses, with selected beverages.  Here are just four courses....

Frisee & Hearts of 
Palm Salad 

This course is paired with Dr. Konstantin Frank's 2015 Gruner Veltliner.

This course is paired with  2007 Chateau Vignot Grand Cru from the Saint-Emilion in the Bordeaux Region of France

The Adirondack Co.
Old Fashioned 
Cheddar Plate with
Homemade Pretzel
Chips, Nuts &
Spicy Mustard.

This course is paired with SingleCut Beersmith's Half-Staff IPA Beer.

Me with my Lemon
paired with the 2008 

Eric and I agreed that this evening's meal is exquisitely prepared and presented.  This is fine dining at it's best and an amazing way to celebrate my Big 6 - 0.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Day at the Altamont Fair with Diane & Sean

Eric & I took our
 daughter, Diane, &
grandson, Sean, to

Sean & Grandpa play
in the "Corn Box" in
the 4-H Exhibit Hall.

They visit the Ducklings
at the Poultry Barn.

Diane, Grandpa & Sean
watch the Chicks on the

They visit the

Waiting for the
Racing Pigs....

We watch Pot Belly
 Pigs "run the track."

Sean enjoys his
ice cream cone.

Grandpa & Sean ride the Kiddie
Ferris Wheel together.

Mommy & Sean watch
the Goldfish swim.

Enjoying some quiet

I'm glad Diane and Sean could join Eric and me for a day at the fair.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

TrekYards Presents 50 Years of a Ship Named Enterprise at Trekonderoga

Trekyards is the weekly Star Trek Starship Webseries created by fans for fans.  Webcasts, available at Youtube, focus on well known, and not so well known ships of Star Trek's fifty year old franchise.

Co-creator, Samuel Cockings,
appears remotely from England.

He is a student at the University of Northampton, an avid Star Trek fan and freelance filmmaker. 

Co-creator, Stuart Foley
joins us at Trekonderoga.

Stuart is from Ontario, Canada, a lifelong Star Trek fan, creative model builder and Private Investigator. 

Today's presentation is 50 Years of a Ship Named Enterprise.  Samuel and Stuart dive into the construction, structures and crew compliments of the seven USS Enterprise starships in Star Trek's growing history.  

Matt Jefferies, former military pilot 
& freelance aviation illustrator, 
designed the first USS Enterprise
for the Star Trek (1966 - 1969) series.

These men know their starships
from bow to stern & from port

They brought lots of graphics.

The Bridge is located at the 
top center of Starships.

A look at Federation starships
 throughout the years....

The Constitution Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701 on the far left, have a limited number of crew during the United Federation of Planets' exploratory years in the 23rd century. This starship is the setting for the original Star Trek series (1966 - 1969).

Second from the left is the "refit" of the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701, which is seen in Star

Third from the left is the 24th century Galaxy Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D of the Star Trek Next Generation series (1987 - 1994). was launched in 2366.  This starship has the latest technologies and is large enough to house the crew's families during its missions.  

The smaller ship, in the middle, is the Ambassador Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett in 2344.   This ship responded to a distress call from the Klingon outpost on Narendra III and was attacked by four Romulan Warbirds. This Enterprise was lost with all hands presumed dead.  A timeline "link up" in Yesterday's Enterprise episode (air date February 17, 1990) puts the Enterprise NCC-1701-D and the Enterprise NCC-1701-C together, fighting the Klingons in a alternate timeline 20 year long war.

The fifth starship has a unique story...  Just after being launched a few Enterprise veterans, James T. Kirk, Montgomery Scott and Pavel Chekov and the ship's skeleton crew aboard the Excelsior Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B responds to a distress call and is caught in a strange mysterious ribbon in space... The Nexus in Star Trek Generations (1994)..

The sixth starship is the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E.  It makes its first appearance in Star Trek: First Contact (1996).  In a desperate fight to save humanity from the Borg, Captain Jean-Luc Picard faces down the Borg Queen and refuses assimilation. The Enterprise NCC-1701-E is commanded by Captain Picard again in Star Trek: Insurrection (1998), as he makes the hardest decision of his career: obey an order that will destroy the Ba'ku people, or disobey the order and protect six hundred indigenous people by keeping them on their unique planet.  

The NX Class starships saw service in the mid 22nd century and established United Earth as a legitimate interstellar power.  The Enterprise NX-01, launched in 2155, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer in the Star Trek: Enterprise series (2001 - 2005) is tasked making contact with new species in the Alpha and Beta quadrants while expanding United Earth's presence in deep space. 

Looking ahead...  The newest series, Star Trek Discovery, is set to debut in 2017.  CBS is sharing very few details....  Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Star Trek's CGI Wizard Presents at Trekonderoga

Live from Germany...

Digital Imagery shares his Star Trek
work with Star Trek fans.

Tobias & his associates digitally
create Starfleet ships, layer
by layer.

The ship's shape....

Tobias' work has been used for Star Trek calendars, Star Trek book covers and creating HD animation for the Opening Event for FedCon in Germany and scenes for fan based short films. Tobias and James Cawley have collaborated on action scenes for Retro Studios's Star Trek New Voyages episodes.

The outer hull of a Starship
with details...

This CGI creation includes
interior scenes of the

Every surface of the Starship
is created in painstaking

Depending on what the specific job entails, it can take weeks to create specific views of a Starship. 

Action scenes take longer to create.  Animated models are made before the team programs the computer graphics for scenes depicted in scripts.  

The scene opens...

It comes to life in front of us.

Watching movies and TV shows just got more complex for me.