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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Real Steel Car & Bike Show in East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Eric & I arrive at Real Steel
Car & Bike Show at 9:30 am.

Eric and I discussed the safety of going to a Car Show at this time.  We decided to arrive early and view cars along the edges of the event.

The 4th Annual Show is
at Distelfink Drive-In.

Maskless visitors watch cars and motorcycles arrive.  We put on our masks.

The owner of this 1948 2 door
Ford Sedan provided information
about the entry.

Without information on the vehicles provided by owners, I turn to the internet to identify car models and production years.

I recommend you watch Clint Eastwood's 2008 film,  Gran Torino.  The main character, Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood), owns a 1972 Gran Torino Sport.

with rear Suicide Doors

The owner of this 1955 Pontiac
Star Chief has the year, make &
model stitched on its rear
bench seat.

I am fascinated by the "eyebrow"
above the headlight.

Does it light up?

The owner has a Custom
License Plate to identify
its year.

I used the License Plate to
identify this 1929 Ford A

The owners of this 1964
a customized label on
their car's windshield.

Nomad is a standout.

is sporty!

... has a modified engine with

According to the owner's write up,
Undercarriage & Rear End are 

I am unfamiliar with the

I slowly walk around it to
take in its details.

This Italian American hybrid is carefully crafted and, I assume, is a joy to drive.

This modified 1931 2 door
Ford Coupe is getting lots
of attention.

People like to inspect the details of this modified car.

Eric slowly walks around this
two door1969 Dodge

He's comparing it to the 1972 Coronet he owned in 1978.  Eric's Coronet had 4 doors, different grill, and smoother body lines.  

The crowd is building and we decide that it's time to leave.  Eric and I enjoyed our half-hour tour in one small section at Real Steel Car and Bike Show.  It offered a large variety of cars and a truck for us to admire. 

****UPDATE: Real Steel Car Show hosted 365 Cars and Trucks, 115 more than their previous Show and the organizers had to turn some vehicle owners away.  This caused a flurry of disgruntled posts that were moderated on their Facebook Page.  

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Gettysburg Farm RV Resort in Dover, Pennsylvania

I walk around Gettysburg Farm RV Resort to get the lay of the land.

The Trading Post

Ducks at The Trading Post

The Laundry


At this time, only two people at a time are allowed to use the coin-operated machines.

The Playground

Mini  Golf

Basketball Courts 

The Swimming Pool

The Pavilion...

... is not available for group gatherings at this time.

Horseshoe Pits & Shuffleboard Courts

Fun Hopscotch Courts

A Tractor & Antique Hay Tedder

Old pieces of Farm Equipment are displayed around the Resort.

On to the animals...


Goats & A Sheep

Chuck, the Llama

Star walks over to greet me.

The animals are very friendly here and they expect to be fed, all day long...

One of the Cows

Check out the swank Patio.

Cottages for Rent

Patriotic Lawn Ornaments

Campsites near Conewago Creek

Our Drive Southwest to Dover, Pennsylvania


Leaving Timothy Lake South Campground

Come Back Soon!

We again start our day's
drive on  US Route 209

The road ahead is empty
at 10:30 am.

I take a turn driving... 

... while Eric puts his feet up.

Traffic moves smoothly past
this new bridge construction.

We follow the sign to Interstate
& York.

I love taking pictures of this
arched bridge over the

& me towards Gettysburg.

84 Lumber has more locations
than I  ever imagined.

We pass farms & ...

... Corn Fields.

Pennsylvania Route 94 goes to

Eric points out the upcoming

We drive through

... & wait for a fellow RVer to
enter our next campground.

We are staying at Gettysburg
Farm RV Resort for a few

Eric & our motorhome after
we've settled in.

It doesn't look like it now,
but rain is coming.

We have a 50 amp electric service, with good voltage, along with water and sewer hookups.

The heavy rain has arrived.

A giant puddle covers
the road.

The power went out about 9:30 pm
& I took this photo from our RV.

Our solar-powered batteries keep
the lights on in our motorhome
while we wait for the
 power to return.

The outage lasted about two hours.  Tomorrow we'll explore our new neighborhood.