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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Shopping @ Rouses Market in Covington, Louisiana

My fascination with grocery stores started with a visit to Piggly Wiggly in Manchester, Alabama in January, 2013.  I like to walk around them, take pictures and see what there is to see.  Since then, I've blogged on stores from New York to California, Florida to British Columbia and Alaska.  I love finding a new supermarket to explore.

Rouses has delivery.

That's a great service.

The Produce Section

It's easy to open up
produce bags with
this type of

Founded in 1960, Rouses Markets operates 47 stores in Louisiana and 8 stores in Mississippi and Alabama.

Blooms has beautiful
arrangements & offers
 the make your own
 bouquet option.

The Bulk Foods

Rouses has a good
selection of wines
& spirits.

The Beer Aisle...

.... is next to the walk in
Cold Case.

Tee Shirts are on display
next to Frozen Foods.

The staff is busy filling in merchandise as I walk the aisles.

The results look great.

Rouses sells bulk
candy too.

The Salad Bar has
lots of selections.

The Delicatessen
& Fresh Baked

regional specialty.

Meats & Poultry
behind pallets of
Charmin & Sodas

The Dairy Case

I chatted with Maria while she stocked the Dairy Case.  She was proud to tell me that Rouses is a local chain and that this is store has the second highest sales.  

 Eric & I meet at Checkouts.

Eric & Abita Brews...

I like Rouses Market.  The staff is friendly and proud of their work.  Merchandise displays are well stocked and the prices are reasonable.  

Papa John's Pizza in Covington, Louisiana

There it is, Papa John's Pizza.

Eric and I find many restaurants on QSR's Top 50 List of Fast Food Restaurants by Sales by just looking around while driving.  Papa John's is the 33rd restaurant visited on the list.

Decisions, decisions....

Papa John's is a Take Out
& Delivery Pizza business.

Staff has lots of boxes
folded for today's

Eric and I ordered "The Meats," made with Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef, Bacon and Canadian Bacon.  We told Monica and Thomas about our quest to eat at all the fast food restaurant's
on QSR's 50 List.

We had a great time chatting... Monica tells Eric and me about Papa John's change to take out and delivery.  Thomas recommends Land-O-Pines Campground for our next visit to the area. 

Here we are with
our Pizza.

Eric and I take it to our Jeep
& dig in.  

We reminisce about a favorite
date 41 years ago...

We sat in Eric's car & watched
snow fall at Central Park in
Schenectady as we split a 
12 cut Pizza. 


Papa John's Pizza is all we expected it to be...  Prepared well & tasty.

17 Fast Food Restaurants to go...

The Tammany Trace Rail Trail in Abita Springs, Louisiana

Eric & I returned to
Abita Springs to
ride our bikes.

Riding our bikes around Tropic Winds is the most we've ridden in months.  I think Eric is dreading today.  I get whiny when I have to hop a curb, ride in the road with traffic or if my bike ride gets achy.

Eric parks our Jeep in Abita
lot & we get ready to ride....

Our shortcut to the Tammany
Trace Rail Trail involves
some off roading.

Eric waits for me on
the bridge.

This house is lovely,
& interesting.

Two doors allow access
to the upper porch.

Mardi Gras Gorilla
parties on....

Eric stops to look at
one of the trail signs...

There are no motorized
vehicles allowed on the
trail.  What's up?

Dave Golden is one of the
who greet visitors, patrol
& answers questions.

He recommends that we ride to the Caboose and hang out for a bit before starting our return ride.

Railroad beds make great
bike trails.

There are benches & trash
cans along the Trace.

There's access to a horse
trail here too.

The Caboose has an awning
& picnic tables.

This is really nice.

Behind the Caboose is the
for 2 - 5 year olds.

All the equipment here has been selected for youngest users.  Eric and I watch toddlers confidently going form activity to activity.  Parents and caregivers look on and encourage their exploration.

The Trace Bench outside
the restrooms.

Across the bike path is the
Tammany & a large pavilion.

Eric found this "Pine Hook"
during our return ride.
We discuss the unusual tree and decide that human intervention caused its malformation.

Swamps along the trail

I'm glad it's not mosquito

A home lies in ruins.

Eric & I follow the
trail to the Abita
parking lot.

Eric checks his AllTrails App.  We rode 11.5 miles today. 
The white line on the bottom charts the trails elevation.

Let's celebrate with
some Abita beers at
the Tap Room.

Abita Brew Pub Restaurant's Neighborhood in Downtown Abita Springs

Locals we chatted with at
recommend we linger a bit...

The Tammany Trace
Rail Trail is next
to the parking lot.

There's a park across
the street.

This two story gazebo
was built in 1888.

The Arts and Farmers Market is held here on Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Princess Abita commemorates
the Chocktaw Tribe's belief in
the local spring water

 The plaque below is dedicated
to James Buchanan Blitch, Sr.'s
efforts to add Abita Springs to the

Eric and I climbed the stairs to the second floor.

I imagine couples dancing
to live music on the upper

This colorful "totem pole"
gives directions to nearby
businesses & attractions.

The Abita Antiques Building
houses Rosie's Bar &Tavern.

The Abita Farmers
Market Stand

I love this little house!

I'm glad that Abita Springs has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.  Before the Great Depression, most Americans lived on farms and in small communities.  Preserving the history of small communities helps flesh out America's complex and diverse history.