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Monday, January 4, 2016

Drinks at Prison Hill Brewing Company in Yuma, Arizona

Prison Hill Brewing Company
is in downtown Yuma.

Brewing tanks

This brewing company
is an homage to the Yuma 
Territorial Prison, located
on the bluffs above the
Colorado River.

Seating along
the wall

The lighting is recycled
bottles with LED

 A painting of Chevy Chase
 propped on kegs.

The bar is well

The shelving is attached
to the walls & supported
by metal pipes.

The pipes Eric of the Derailed Pour House beer list in Durango, Colorado.


by Odell Brewing & my

Eric tried a few samples of Prison Hill beers.  He liked DIPA Penetration.  This Double IPA has 9.4% alcohol, cutting the bitterness of the Hops.  


Craig MacKenna said...

We're at the casino north of Los Algodones. Would you like
to have dinner someplace in the area in the next few days?
Merikay has a cough that worries her about her dental appt.
tomorrow in LA (Los Algodones :-).

Ginny said...

Thanks for the invitation! Eric has been under the weather & we're taking it easy until we leave for Quartzsite on Monday.