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Friday, July 31, 2015

A Walk Around Downtown Owensville, Missouri

 Today is a scorcher... It's 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eric & I drove into
Owensville to take
a walk around town.

has a green quilt square
on its facade.

Eric likes the 1900 Owensville
Parade mural.

F.G. Henneke's Hall is

The pillars on the front
porch are the Bargain
Barn are decorated
with a shear fabric.


Yesteryear Antiques
& Collectibles

The quilt in the window
is beautiful.

The F.G. Henneke

A carved frontiersman
watches over Owensville.
Owensville is a quaint town.  Eric and I would have spent more time walking around its downtown, if it wasn't so hot...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Store at Lost Valley Lake Resort in Owensville, Missouri

The Store at Hidden
Valley Lake Resort

The Resort map

Brochures for local
attractions, Hats &
Tote Bags

Clothing, Candy, Jams,
Jellies, Beach Towels,
Can Cozies, Mugs...

A working Cigarette
Machine that takes
dollar bills

I don't see many of these machines in our travels.  There's a working Cigarette Machine at the Palace Saloon in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

My Very Long Walk at Lost Valley Lake Resort in Owensville, Missouri

Lost Valley Lake Resort 
in Owensville, Missouri
is a private resort.

The Security Booth

Registration & 
the Store

The temperatures this week are in the 90s and high 80s.  Eric and I decided to get up at 6:00 am and walk around the resort.

This area is called
The Villas.

Fellow campers

Riata Lake

The Volleyball

Lake Expo has meeting
 rooms, arcade, theater,
adult lounge, spa &
fitness center 

The Swimming Pool

A Giant Checker Board
& Shuffle Board Courts

The Tennis & Basketball

opens at 9:00 am.

The Giant Jumping

The Lodge has outdoor
seating that overlooks
Lost Valley Lak

The stage is adjacent to
The Lodge.

The Boat House on
Lost Valley Lake

Disc Golf, anyone?

Riata Ranch... a gated vacation
community with houses
& RV sites.

My walk around Lost Valley Lake shows that the resort is a lot bigger than I originally thought.

The Lost Valley Lake
Beach & Playground

The Boat Launch

Early morning


The road continues to
the Stables

The Riding Paddock &

Lost Valley Lake Resort is huge and hilly.  I walked about four miles this morning. Campers drive their cars to the swimming pool and other resort facilities.

Eric & I have a pull through
campsite with water, electric
& sewer connections.

Our DirecTV dish works well.  The Wifi here is good.  Phone reception is not very good in this hilly area.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Party's Over.... RVers & Vendors Leave the Winnebago Grand National Rally

So that's how they move
hundreds of chairs....

They are put on pallets &
moved to storage.

Canvas roofs have been
removed from the

computers have been
 packed up & moved.

Drivers will bring the
RVs back to Lichtinn
RV's sales lot.

Vendors pack up and move on to the next RV rally.  There are many large RV rallies each summer and many more opportunities to make sales.

Hundreds of RVs have
already left the Winnebago
Rally Grounds.

All packed up & heading 
for the Main Gate.

Hanging bikes from the
ladder at the back of

On the road again....

Some RVers are going home.  Others are continuing their summer trips. Safe travels!