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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walking Near the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut

 Arch is dedicated to the more that
4,000 Hartford men who fought in
in the Civil War & the nearly 400
who died in that bloody war.

The Spirit of Victory Monument
is dedicated to those who served
during the Spanish American
War, 1898 - 1902.

left, reminds me of the 

A statue of Confucius stands
in front of The Bushnell,
acknowledging the impact
of his teachings in
American society.

A statue of General Lafayette
on horseback faces the

The important summertime
message is displayed at a
major intersection:

Share the road with

Commemorating Christopher
Columbus in Hartford

A woman walks past a modern
sculpture on the corner of

During my brief walk with Eric near the Connecticut State Capitol, I was fascinated by the memorials I saw to those who served in wars, humanist philosophy, exploration and the celebration of the human spirit.

An Early Lunch at Black-Eyed Sally's Souhern Kitchen & Bar in Hartford, Connecticut

Pig's Eye Pub is upstairs..

Black-Eyed Sally's 
Nothin' But the

I love the decor.

Elvis reigns supreme

One of the dining rooms 

Black-Eyed Sally's

Free Ribs: 2nd Tuesday
of Next Week

The bar

Jimi Hendrix & other
music greats' names are
written on the bar.

Eric, Hallie, our hostess
& me

Eric's lunch is Pulled Pork,
& Cornbread

I chose Fried Chicken,
for my lunch.
 Eric and I loved our lunches.  These are the tastiest Collard Greens I've ever eaten.  Southern foods are the best!

Hallie gave me a list of her favorite spots in Hartford.  Thanks for the recommendations!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Touring the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut

Our first sighting of the
Connecticut State

It looks like a European
castle with a tall, gold

The Capitol overlooks

Putnam served with Rogers Rangers in the French and Indian War.  As a general in the Continental Army, Putnam distinguished himself during the Battle of Bunker Hill on 
June 17, 1775.  

A few of Connecticut's

The feet of the statue of
Governor William A. 
Buckingham are lighter in
color because visitors rub
them for good luck.

Buckingham is Connecticut's
Civil War Governor.

State Capitol...

A great service for
the people.

Connecticut's replica of
the Liberty Bell.

The original plaster model
used to cast the bronze
Genius that stood atop
the Capitol Dome for
sixty years.

The Genius was removed from the top of the Capitol after it was damaged in the hurricane 

This is the second bronze
casting of the Genius of
Connecticut, waiting to be
placed atop the Capitol Dome.

The Rotunda seen through the
wreath the Genius holds in
her right hand.

One of the many photos
I took of this beautiful

Our tour guide, Karen, stands
at the foot of the statue of

was captured & hung
by the British.

He said, " I regret that I have
but one life to lose for my

Eric and I joined a fourth grade class that is touring the Capitol.

The interior courtyard
& the Hale statue

The skylight above
the courtyard

The newest statue in the
State Capitol is old.

The Forlorn Soldier, a brown
sandstone statue of a Civil War
soldier stood on a street corner
in Hartford for over 100 years
before coming to the State Capitol.

her student

Prudence opened a school to
girls in Canterbury.

She was repeated harrassed
& an attack by a mob
forced the school's closure.

Prudence and her husband, Calvin Philleo, moved to Illinois, where Prudence opened a school in their home.  She was active in women' rights, making speeches for suffrage and tolerance.  After Calvin's death, Prudence moved to Elk Falls, Kansas.  In 1886 the Connecticut legislature awarded her a pension.  Residents of Canterbury signed a petition stating that they were ashamed of the way they treated Prudence.

This tree trunk, with a cannonball 
lodged in it, is from the Battle of 
Chickamauga that took place in
Tennessee & Georgia on
September 19 - 20, 1863.

It is displayed in the State 
Capitol to remind Connecticut 
residents of the horrors
of war.

aboard the Hartford in the
August, 1864 when he said,
 "Damn the torpedoes,
 full steam ahead!"

The stairway to the House of
Representatives Visitors Gallery.

Representatives stand in
groups, chatting, before
the House is graveled
into session.

 A panoramic photo of the House of Representatives

The Chamber's chandeliers
& stenciled walls

The Speaker's Desk

Representative Rovero
talks to the students about
the House of Representatives.

with the students in the
Senate Chamber 

The President of the Senate,
Lieutenant Governor Wyman
presides over the chamber.

The chair in the middle is called
"The Wishing Chair."

Senator Flexer speaks with the
children about the Senate.

Karen gave a very interesting, fact filled tour of this beautiful Capitol.  With the legislature in session, it is a very busy place to visit.  Happening across massage therapists working on people was a pleasant surprise.

The Connecticut State Capitol is full of reminders of the state's history and the remarkable people who lived here and fought for their beliefs.

Breakfast at Annie's Kitchen in Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Eric & I went to Annie's
Country Kitchen for

Eric holds the door
for me.

The decor is homey.

This booth is set up
for a large group.

I swear, this diner looks like it was decorated by my cousin, Barbara D.

I admire the coffee mugs
at Annie's while Eric
browses the menu.

Eric's breakfast has an
extra Egg & extra Bacon
with Home Fries &
Marble Rye Toast.

Does anyone remember the "Marble Rye" episode on Seinfeld?

I ordered thick Texas 

I was introduced to this
style of French Toast at 

Eric shares his bacon with me.  All our food has been prepared perfectly.  

Our waitress, Barbara, told us that Annie's Country Kitchen is open for dinners Wednesday through Thursday evenings for dinner.  On Sundays, Annie's is packed.  There's often a line of people outside waiting for a table,  

This is THE place to eat in Sturbridge.