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Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Family Dinner at Bombers Burrito Bar in Schenectady

 Damon and Diane invited Jerry, Eric and me to Bombers Burrito Bar for dinner.

At 6:00 pm, the bar is
starting to get busy.

The corner table is the perfect
spot for a family dinner.

Daddy, Sean & Mommy
look over the menus.

Diane & her Grandma

Sean nibbles on a

Sean makes his way
around the table.

Grandma & Sean share
a minute before he
moves on...

We enjoyed our dinners and took turns walking Sean around the restaurant when he got wiggly.  All too soon, it was time for our last hugs and kisses.  Diane, Damon and Sean will leave early Saturday morning for their drive home to New Hampshire.

Watching A Home Under Construction in Jerry's Neighborhood

In early October, I found a
house under construction
on Caroline Street.

The work crew talks
about the next step in
framing the house.

The walls are being

Tyvek covers the bare

The trusses have arrived.

The roof has been built &

Windows have been installed.

Electricity has been run
to the house.

The front door has
been hung. 

The garage floor is
being poured.

More work trucks arrive....

The heatingcooling company
works as the first snow storm
of the season blankets the
house on November 17.

The house is being sided.

The front windows have

Paving equipment...

Next step... The driveway
will be paved.

The garage door has been
has arrived & has
been installed.

Subcontractors post their
signs in front of the house.

I look forward to seeing the house completed, with landscaping and decorations changing with the seasons.

Celebrating Sean's Second Birthday

Mommy holds Sean's
Birthday Doughnut
while Great Grandma &
Great Uncle Stan watch.

Great Uncle Stan and Great Aunt Nancy gave me my warm Carhartt coveralls.

Great Grandma introduces
Sean to Froggy. 

Oh boy!

A train engine with
lots of moving parts.

It makes popping sounds
when I push it!

The farmer says....


I love birthdays!  I get to blow out a candle, eat a doughnut, open presents, give and get lots of hugs! Thank you everyone for celebrating with me!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Making Memories on Thanksgiving Day

Diane, Damon and Sean joined us for a snowy drive to Doreen and Tony\s house for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Damon, Diane, Tony,
Deacon, Maddie &
Sean visit.

Eric & Jerry hovered
near the appetizers.

Anthony joins Sean &
Daddy at the kid's table.

Doreen smiles... 

...  as she carves the very
juicy turkey.

She  slices the turkey

... and plates the ham. 

Our bountiful Thanksgiving

It's a beautiful spread!

Sean is very happy
with his dinner.

Jerry & Sharon are
seated at the adult table.

Sitting quietly after

Eric & Adam talk tech...

Thank you Doreen and Tony for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best Buddies, Gomtuu and Talyn, Hang Out

Hi Talyn...

Thanks for coming over.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

I watch the neighborhood

....for pigs.

Have you seen pigs 
running the streets?

Not yet.

I want you to meet Bobby.

He just came out of
the closet.

My people keep pig
right next to the eggs.

Eric's Medianoche is
very good.

Eating pig is great!

Ginny now has an extra long
can clean every corner 
of the motorhome.

And, she keeps the Margaritia
mixer here too....

It's kind of confusing.

The empty TV cabinet is my
favorite place to hide.

Are you up for a game
of football?

Oh yeah...

Hut one, hut two.

Score:  Gomtu - 14     Talyn - 9

I really like your house.  Where do your people keep their tools and stuff like that? 

There are compartments
under the motorhome
living area.

Eric made a list of all
the things he keeps in
bins & then he labeled 
all the bins to make it
easy to find stuff.

It looks like your people have everything they need to take good care of you.

Yup, Eric and Ginny keep me safe and warm while I watch out for them.

Thank you for having me over.

Lunch was great!

I demand a chance to
beat you at football.

Keep blogging.  I like to follow your adventures on the road.

Thanks!  I will.  Ginny will have to learn to share her computer with me.