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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Southern Trails RV Resort Office & Club House

Office & Club House

Sit a spell & browse
brochures of area

Fresh coffee is available
all day long.

The Club House is decorated
for Valentine's Day.

Enjoy a game of checkers.

BINGO is played here
a couple of times
a week.

The full kitchen is used
for preparing & serving
 lunches & dinners.

Walking Around Southern Trails RV Resort in Unadilla, Georgia

Office & Club House

The Wifi here is good for four days.  If it times out, return to the office and they will give you a new password.  It's a bit slow,but the rate is steady.

The Georgia, United States &
Canadian flags flutter in
the wind. 

The Rest Rooms

The Laundry Room

There's plenty of room to
 "take care of business"

Dump your tanks before
you park your rig.

The Swimming Pool

The Playground

Miniature Golf

Horse Shoes

The Basketball Court

Trails End Chapel holds
a Non-Denominational 
service on Sundays.

That's a big pond.

Eric tosses in a line.

It's late January and the fish are staying close to the bottom and, they aren't interested in lures.  

This is our home base for
three weeks as we visit

Shopping at HARVEYS Supermarket in Alma, Georgia

We are out of milk and bread and have just two eggs in the refrigerator.  Eric pulled the motorhome into the HARVEYS Supermarket parking lot in Alma.  He will shop while I  find out if the store has a customer discount card.  If they do, I'll apply for one and then take some pictures.

HARVEYS Supermarket...

A new grocery store
to explore...

A quick search of my blog reveals I've visited forty-two grocery stores since January 2013.  I was so taken with the Piggly Wiggly Store that I've explored grocery stores and supermarkets to see what's similar and what's different.  Some stores are small with just one location, like Davenport's Galaxy.  Some are large supermarket chains with many locations like Publix.

HARVEYS offers the Hometown Rewards Program.  I was given a card and sent to a computer terminal to input information for my new card.  This took about three minutes, and after handing Eric the card, I was off to take some photos.

The Wall of Values

A great place to start
a shopping trip

The Bakery & Deli

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

The shelves are
well stocked.

Quality Fresh Meats

The Pet Care Aisle

Frozen Foods &
Crock Pots

Dairy Products

Don't forget the milk
& eggs.

HARVEYS has a nice selection 
of Beers & Wines.

Everyone who shops here
gets a thank you.

I put the smaller version of
this card on the key chain 
we keep in our Jeep.

HARVEYS Supermarket is a great example of a grocery store with basic services.  It doesn't have a pharmacy or a bank branch.  There's no coffee urn with fresh coffee or a cold case at Check Outs with milk, eggs, juice, butter and margarine.  Come in, get what you groceries, pet foods, household cleaners.  Other stores provide shoppers with everything else they need and want.  

A search of HARVEYS Supermarkets provided me with information on the BI-LO Holding LLC family of grocery stores:  HARVEYS Supermarkets, Winn Dixie Grocery Stores and BI-LO Grocery Stores' combined number stores and employees makes BI-LO Holding LLC the fifth largest conventional supermarket chain in the United States.  

Driving Northwest to Unadilla, Georgia

Why did the Great Egret
cross the road?

Eric drives west on Georgia

We are staying off
highways today.

Atkinson Pawn
& Guns

A railroad crossing

We follow the evacuation
route as we drive west on

A Road Grader

Country Boys
Mini Mall

We pass a Fire Tower

This building is "Jetson-y."

We stopped at Harveys
 Supermarket for egg &
milk & bread.

Eric's Chinese Restaurant

We didn't stop here for lunch.

The Alma Water Tower

Eric turns onto US Route 23/
Georgia State Route 19.

Eric gets comfortable while
I drive.

The ditches are lined with
concrete to prevent erosion.

A Cattle Farm

The McRae Water Tower

Georgia Prisoners pick
up roadside trash. 

It's a easy, comfortable

survey the land for a

Bee Hives sit in a
roadside field.

We continue our drive
in farm country.

Pivot Irrigation System
sits in a farm field, ready
to pump & deliver water.

We arrive at Southern

We are staying here for three weeks.  After we settle in, Eric and I will compare lists of places we want to visit.