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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Northeast.... To Quartzsite, Arizona

RVs on the move....

Today's drive starts out on

We watch a fighter plane
descend towards the
Marine Corps Air

We are fueling up the
motorhome & filling
our propane tank at a

After our "pit stop," we
head north on US 95.

We see workers in
the fields.

The work crew arrives 
by bus,

Each bus has a trailer
with porta-potties

Artillery flank the entrance

Watch out for

in the distance.

to search for illegal immigrant
crossings & drug traffic.

Last October, a tethered Aerostat at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland broke loose.  It traveled north into Pennsylvania.  The trailing cable knocked down power lines as it traveled north, causing power outages before deflating and landing in Central Pennsylvania.

Water washes over the
road during rain

We pass Saguaros as
we drive north.

And watch out for

A UTV drives by,
just off the road.

We arrive in Quartzsite.... 

...and turn onto
Plomosa Road.

The Bureau of Land Management allows camping, at no fee, in designated areas along this road.  Eric and I, along with other campers will be boondocking; camping without electric, water or sewer services.

We turn at the SOLOs &
 signs & drive on a dirt
road to our campsite.

We are parked near the 
treeline of a large
open, gravely area.

Eric is parked facing west and our solar panels are tilted, facing south, for maximum solar absorption from the low, winter sun.

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