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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New LED Lighting Options @ RV LED Bulbs Booth in The Big Tent in Quartzsite

Eric & I first met Kelly Walterscheid

We went to Kelly's seminar on RV LED lighting and were very impressed with his knowledge and innovation in the RV LED lighting industry.  He has some new products to share at the Sports, Vacation and RV Show in Quartzsite.

These tiny LED bulbs can 
be used to replace the small
LED bulbs that are a
series of yellow dots.

This LED light is attached to
its adjustable lariat with
magnets to make it adjust
to any position.

This light bulb is on a small
adjustable arm so it can be
pointed up at the ceiling...

...or straight ahead, towards
the center of the room.
Kelly's products are more costly than RV LED bulbs at other booths.  RVs are a tough environment for LED lighting.  Amperage and voltage can vary, for numerous reasons.
RV LED Bulbs are manufactured to handle what RVers deal with regularly, from low voltage or amperage to the higher end of the range.  These products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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