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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Celebrating Our 39th Anniversary at Canali's in Rotterdam, New York

Eric & I return
to Canalli's. our
favorite Italian
restaurant for
our 39th

Eric brought a surprise
for me in a black silk

This Kennedy Half Dollar
has been specially cut
for the two of us.

My half has my initial &
the American Sign 
Language I Love You
cut into it.

Eric's half has his initial &
an I Love You cut
into it..

How romantic  <3  Thank you, Eric.  We are at our best together.

Trekonderoga 2017: Touring the Star Trek Set Part IV

Eric, Adam & I return to
the Star Trek Set for
our tour.

This set is licensed with CBS Consumer Products and hosts public tours.

Owner James Cawley,
staff & volunteers have
spent years creating
& expanding this
multi-room set.

Charles Root is our tour guide.

He played Scotty in Star Trek:
New Voyages: Phase II,
produced by James Cawley.

Charles tells us about very detailed construction of the Transporter.  It is a replica of the one in the Original Star Trek TV series.

CBS recognizes Star Trek fan's devotion to recreating Star Trek sets and creating fan film projects. James Cawley received permission from CBS to visit the Studios at Paramount to take high definition photos of Sets 31 and 32 of the original Star Trek TV series.

The Transporter Console is
set up where it is located
on the original set.

Charles tells us that the
in the replica Sickbay
are LED TVs.

A shot of the numerous 23rd
century games & a tri-screen
viewer on the table in the

Furniture in this room was moved around for numerous functions including senior staff recreation, a court martial and a wedding.

Spray Bottles were new in
the 1960s.

They were filled with colored
water to be used for medical
 & scientific purposes.

Oh no!  I see Tribbles.  Will this ship be overrun too?

Captain Kirk's Office

Some 1960s items have
been found & purchased
for the set.

Others have been recreated
by crafts people.

The Captain's bedroom,
with Food Synthesizer
on the left.

This Warning Plaque, in the
 hallway, is a perfect replica
 from the original set.

Unfortunately, no one had photographed the black label on the Warning Plaque.  

The lyrics for Blue Suede Shoes
were put on the label as an
homage to James Cawley, who
is an Elvis Impersonator.

Carl Sheldon, who plays Scotty at
 an older age, poses with attendees
  as we enter Engineering.

now has lighting, making
it a more accurate replica.

Trekonderoga 2017
attendees admire
the Bridge of the

A dome is being made to replace the current drop ceiling.  This building is a former grocery store with lots of "head room" to accommodate the upcoming change.

sits in front of the Captain's

Chekov sat on the right, 
at Navigation.

Sulu sat on the left, at the

A close up of the Captain's Chair.

A common 1960s office chair 
is flanked by numerous
 An upcoming Film Camp will occur here with guest directors, including Jonathan Frakes.   Check the website for details.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Trekonderoga 2017 in Ticonderoga, New York Part II

the home of
the Sentinels.

Stuart Foley, aka Captain Foley
of Trekyards, takes a selfie
with Adam.

Nona & Tyree are characters
from the Star Trek episode 

Get a massage from a Talosian.

This humanoid appeared
in Star Trek's The Cage.

nearby Whitehall, is selling 
Star Trek toys & memorabilia

Klingon Assault Group
KAG is looking for a
few good Aliens.

Commander Ka'-pak sutai T'Krul and staff have all the information you'll need to join.  Check out the Klingon Assault Group KAG at

5 Seasons Crafts... 

... has a wide array of
Star Trek & sci fi
items on sale.

Marc Patton from Fairfield,
Connecticut brought Heroes
In Action to Trekonderoga
for the weekend.

He sells all things Star Trek.

Have your photo taken
in the Captain's Chair on
the bridge of the USS

I'm happy to see this set available for photos.  The Set Tour's bridge can't accommodate everyone who would like a photo in the Captain's Chair.  

I stepped into the Autograph
Room to get a picture.

Trekoderoga 2017 brought in seven actors who made Star Trek TV series and its movies come to life and inspire viewers and fans.  Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov), starred in the Original Star Tred series and seven Star Trek films.  Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhuru) became a pop culture icon on the Original Star Trek TV series and starred in six Star Trek movies

Guest stars on the Original Star Trek TV series on hand to chat with fans and sign autographs include:  Lee Meriweather (Lorisa) in That Which Survives;  Michael Dante (Maab) in Friday's ChildBarBara Luna (Lieutenant Marlena Moreau and her counterpart in Mirror, Mirror; and Mary Linda Rapelye (Irina Galliulin) in The Way to Eden

Guest star Charlie Brill (Arne Darvin) on the The Original Star Trek's Trouble with Tribbles and on Deep Space 9's Trials and Tribble-ations is here to sign autographs for fans and talk about his character.

Adam returned to the Autograph Room several times for autographs from...  

... Walter Koenig...

.... Nichelle  Nichols...

... & Lee Meriwether.

Trekonderoga 2017 in Ticonderoga, New York Part III

The Trekonderoga 2017 Saturday Schedule has numerous programs for Trekkers to attend.

Eric went to Klingon Culture with
Commander Ka'-pak sutai T'Krul.

He loved this program... Qalpa'!  Klingon Culture was wildly popular with not enough seats for attendees.  When Commander Ka'-pak sutai T'Krul presents again, he should be given a larger room.

Since sitting in on the Trekyards Presentation last year, I've become interested in Computer Generated Images and how visual effects are created.

Tobias Richter, CGI Artist in
Germany, Skypes his program
on Visual Effects for
 Independent SciFi Projects.

This action scene from
5th Passenger is the
culmination of many
hours of work.

Models of spacecraft are
created with lots of
detail to give the illusion
of large vessels.

CGI Artists carefully plan a
scene to develop perspective
of a shuttlecraft approaching
a large planet with a moon.

protects it during a battle scene

A scene  shows the massive 
scale of dry dock with several 
spacecraft being worked
on at once.

CGI Artists carefully use color
& lie placement to create a
large bay inside a space ship.

Atropa features the
Morinda Spacecraft.

Actors are filmed in front
of a green screen.

CGI Artists fill in the details
to create the scene around
the crew.

CGI Artists create explosions.

This is a combination of an
actual explosion & a CGI

It's massive!

It's 1:00 pm.  Time to leave Ticonderoga High School, find a parking spot near the Set Tour and wait in line for our tour.  On the way out, Eric, Adam and I meet more costumed Star Trek fans.

Original Series & The
pose or me.

(Nicest Klingon I
ever met!)

Trekonderoga 2017 in Ticonderoga, New York Part I

Eric, Adam & I
arrive at the

Fellow attendees
are signing in.

Fans love to dress up
for Star Trek events.

has been reconfigured
as the NCC 1701/7

The Batboat is parked
in front of the Set

The Batmobile
is displayed
beneath a

Adam checked us in at the Registration Table.  This is his 39th Anniversary gift to Eric and me. Thank you, Adam!

We are scheduled to tour the Set at 1:40 pm.  Next stop: Ticonderoga High School to visit the vendors and attend programs.