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Monday, April 29, 2019

Driving Northeast to Rotterdam, New York

Back to Interstate 86 East....

Binghamton is 52 miles away.

I wonder if the Road Construction
at the major interchange is done.

Clouds dip down over the crest
of the mountain ahead on this
rainy day.

There's just enough rain hitting the windshield to make photography challenging.

Exit 72 A, on the left, will take
Eric & me to Interstate 88.

Speed has been reduced to
45 miles per hour.

Driving in the rain is tiresome.

Eric will take a break while
I drive for a bit.

Rain & clouds dull the western
approach to the Schoharie Valley.

The fertile valley bursts
with spring's new growth.

We leave I 88 for State Route 7
at Exit 23. 

There's a Valero Gas Station on State Route 7 with accessible Diesel fuel selling for $2.99 per gallon.

An old Gulf Gas Station sign
in front of an older building
in Quaker Street.

A large truck is fueling at the accessible Diesel Pump at Valero.  If we pull in behind it, Eric and I will be blocking the Gas Station's driveway and we don't want to wait on the narrow road shoulder for fuel for the pump to become available.  Our drive east continues.

With our My Rewards Discount
Card, Diesel costs about 40
cents more per gallon at the
Pilot Travel Center in Rotterdam.

There are plenty of vacant
Diesel pumps available
here.  Convenience has its costs.
 Eric and I are on our home turf.  Let's visit Eric's mom, Jerry, before driving to Cummins an oil change.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Another Drive Day... Northeast to Horseheads, New York

Including stops for fuel and to change drivers, Eric and I have a seven-hour drive to Horseheads, New York today.

We start our drive north on
Ohio State Route 3/60.

A shot of a Bull near a barn.

I can't identify the sex of the
bovine obscured by the
telephone pole.

It's a pretty day for a drive....

.... in Amish Country.

East on Ohio State Route 95

US Route 250 will bring
us to Interstate 71.

We will be driving north
on this Interstate.

Trees are just starting to
leaf out here.

Eric & I bypass Cleveland

Bright orange instructions
clearly mark this interchange.

Water Tower

Cars in the basement.

Tractor Trailers in the attic.

Exit 223 to Ashtabula...

I've never been to this eastern

I like the sound of its name.

I drive while Eric takes

He gets this photo of the
Welcome to Pennsylvania
& his feet.

About 50 miles later....

There's the Welcome to
New York sign.

Bureau from the passenger side

Electricity is provided by

Interstate 86/New York State
Route 17 is the Southern 
Tier Expressway.

This is a first for me....

A warning to look for Bears
crossing the highway.

I'm more familiar with
warning signs for Deer.

The Salamanca Exit & Seneca

I caught this shot of a pickup
truck transporting what I think
is an old water tanker truck.

The vintage truck is beautiful.

Exit 52 takes Eric & me to

... Walmart, where we will
spend the night.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Northeast to Loudonville, Ohio

Another day of driving Interstates,
I 74 East toward Cincinnati.

Driving at 62 miles per hour along
 a 70 mile per hour highway leaves
plenty of room for everyone
to pass us.

Welcome to Ohio

This is the easternmost

Eric & me around

Our choice is Interstate 75 North
toward Dayton.

Water Tower. 

Mason uses this bridge to
help travelers find what
they need in this city.

Next Interstate.... I 71 North

This tree is interesting,

Eric & I pass many farms.

Cattle too....

Grove City announces itself
on this bridge.

The Dayton skyline with
southbound traffic

This way to Interstate 70.

We continue east on our
drive to Loudonville.

What a great torch!

It's the landmark for
an office building.

We pass MAPFRE Stadium.

A bridge decorated with

Polaris, is a commercial
center near Columbus.

Gemini Place another
commercial center in
this region of Ohio.

I looked down from our motorhome
& got this picture of an Amish
farmer plowing his field.

Exit 165 takes Eric & me

The Bellville Bandstand
is a Victorian beauty.

 part of the Johnny Appleseed

Welcome to Loudonville.

We are about 8 miles from
Wally World Riverside Resort.

 And today's drive just got complicated....  The Wally Road/Ohio State Route 3 intersection has no signs prompting us to take a right onto Ohio 8, drive south and look for Wally Road Scenic Byway on the left.

Many smaller roads cross
 State Routes.

The road on the north side of
Ohio 8 looks abandoned.

There are no signs for Wally
World here.

Our Garmin shows that County Route 23 will lead us to Wally World.  The route is windy, hilly.  Our Garmin doesn't provide information on the condition of the road; if there are bridges across the road and their height; if tree branches are hanging low enough to scrape our 12-foot motorhome.

I called Wally World and was assured that this route will bring us to the Campground.

Here we are....

The gentleman who checked us in assured us that there is nothing to be done about directional road signs because Wally World is owned by a corporation and they don't "listen to the guy behind the counter."

He also told Eric and me that RVers should follow the Directions on the Wally World website.  I checked out the website and Directions are found after clicking on the Contact Us Tab.

My experience tells me that if one person is having a hard time finding Wally World, there are others driving towing trailers and driving motorhomes on roads that will not bring them to their destination.  I also assume that others have had the conversation I just had with this staffer and sighed as they walked away.

Eric & I were assigned a pull
 through campsite with 50 amp
 electric service & a
water hookup.

The voltage is good here.

After Eric and I settled in at our campsite, I took a walk around this small, older Campground.  I happened upon the Sales Office and was asked about my experience at Wally World.  I told to the woman who asked that the lack of signs made it difficult to find Wally World.  She gave me a business card with the Travel Resorts of America Member Service Phone Number, announced that her lunch was getting cold, and walked away.

I called the phone number I was given and wasn't given the name of a person to send a letter to and I wondered if the letter would be reviewed without being addressed to a specific individual.  So, I spent my rainy day here at Wally World composing letters to the President of Travel Resorts of America, the Vice President for Marketing and the Vice President for Sales.

Eric & I went for a drive & confirmed
 that there is no sign directing
 travelers to turn onto Ohio 8 South
 to find the RV drivable section
 of Wally Road.

I hope that Travel Resorts of America adds signs to help RVers unfamiliar with this region of rural Ohio find one of the few roads designed to carry large, often over 10 feet tall, long vehicles.  The effort could help their bottom line and boost profits.