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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Golf in the Desert at the Quartzsite Gulf Course

Kathy found information on desert
organized a golf outing at the
Quartzsite Golf Course.

Eric has everything he
needs in the bag slung
over his Nine Iron.

Dave, Nan, Dick, Dee Dee,
Gaila, Tony & Kathy pull
out their gear.

Where's George?

Kathy encourages us to pick tough names.  Tony is Desert Rat.  Dee Dee is Diamond Back.  Dick is Dirty Dick.  Gaila is Godzilla.  George is Ferocious Fin.  Nancy is Van Gogh.  Eric is Yukon Eric.  I am Last Place.  Kathy is Killer and Dave is Tuff Red.

First the rules...  We don't count whiffs.  The group is comfortable with do overs, if  a golfer isn't connecting well with the ball.  Each situation will be judged separately.  Hitting onto the green is as good as sinking the ball in the hole.

Let the fun begin!  The flags on the front nine are white and the flags on the back nine are red.  As a group of ten, we are not expecting to get anywhere near the back nine during our time at the Quartzsite Golf Course.

Kathy, AKA Killer,  addresses
the ball.  "Hello, ball...."

Nancy, AKA Van Gogh, watches
 Dave Tuff Red, tee off.

Van Gogh takes a practice swing
while George, AKA Ferocious
Fin, looks on.

Ferocious Fin sends his
ball sailing towards
the green.

Tony, AKA Desert Rat, gives
Dee Dee, AKA Diamond Back,
a private lesson.

Desert Rat stands back &
watches Diamond Back
loft her ball.

Desert Rat is a power

Watch that ball fly!

Gaila, AKA Godzilla, puts
her all into her tee off while
Dick, AKA Dirty Dick
looks on.

Godzilla watches Dirty Dick's
perfect form at the tee.

Closing in on the green...
Godzilla, Eric, AKA Yukon
Eric & Dirty Dick wait their
turn as Killer hits her ball.

Van Gogh putts onto the
green while Yukon Eric,
Dirty Dick & Desert Rat
look on.

Dirty Dick & Desert Rat
watch Yukon Eric putt
onto the green.

The Guys pose for a tee shot:

Desert Rat, Tuff Red, Furious Fin,
Dirty Dick & Yukon Eric show off
various golf poses.

The Lady Golfers pose with style...

Diamond Back, Killer, Van Gogh,
Godzilla & Last Place show the
Guys what posing is all about...

The Ladies yell, Fore."

The Guys get out of the 
way & play resumes.

Our group of ten managed three holes in an hour and a half.  It's time for a snack and drinks at Taco Mio in Quartzsite.

Tuff Red & Killer tally the
scores & announce the
winners in several

Desert Rat won Best Score with nine strokes.  Diamond Back won in the Straightest Strokes Category.  Killer won Best Organizer.  Tuff Red won Best at Chopping Up Tees. Dead Last won Best Golf Attire.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  

It's now time to sit around and lie to each other about our golf shots, strategies and upcoming tournaments.  

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