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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Raw Amethyst Becomes Jewelry @ Untarnished Jewelry & Design @ Tyson Wells in Quartzsite

Dave and Kathy mined Amethyst in the Thunder Bay District of Ontario, Canada last summer.  They gave me a few pieces of the gemstone.  They are beautiful... purple and irregularly shaped.  I want to have earrings or a pendant made.

Never having shopped for original jewelry before, I am a bit nervous.  

Untarnished Jewelry & Design
might be the place to have an
Amethyst piece made.

I browse the jewelry cases and chat with Steven Blank, the jeweler.

Beaded Necklaces
Silver Bracelets

These chains, necklaces &
earrings are hand crafted
by Steven.

I like the care taken to
display the jewelry.

The necklaces, bracelets &
earrings are designed
by the jeweler.

Steven used hand tools
to create these chains.

Steven is an artist and he's happy to spend time with me talking about his craft.  I show him the three stones I brought with me and he selects one to work with.   We talk about different methods of making a pendant.  I choose to have the Amethyst mounted with a two lobed type of loop for the chain to slide through.

I left the stone with Steven and a few hours later I got a phone call.  The pendant was done.  Steven helped me select a chain to go with the pendant. 

There's my new Amethyst

I love it.

A close up of the pendant.

The box chain is a perfect
accompaniment to the stone.

 Thank you, Steven for crafting my new favorite necklace.

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