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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Driving East to North Dakota

Eric drives east on I-90 toward North Dakota.

We pass by farms.

Summertime.... & construction
zones dot the landscape.

Gravel is being graded
over filter fabric.

Rectangular hay bales...

It's been a long time since I've
seen hay bales with angles.

We come upon one of many
Lewis & Clark Trail signs.

The Corps of Discovery took different routes through Montana when they were looking for the Northwest Passage and on their returning trip.

A fake herd of horses
graze on the hillside.

We stopped for fuel at a Pilot.

Lucky Lil's Casino is open
for business.

I took over driving and Eric took photos.

I love the play of shadows
across the mountains.

I slowed down & took my
time on this curve.

Eric's enjoying time in
the passenger seat.

Proof of my time behind
the wheel.

 I wish I had thought to take this photo.

We're headed toward the Bs...

Greycliff Rest Stop

There is information on this
section of Montana,
water fountains & rest rooms.


I like the Dog Run.

It has a fire hydrant. 

We are settled in for
the night.

Our neighbor gives
us space.

Eric Gets a Beer Flight at Lewis & Clark Brewery in Helena, Montana

The Lewis & Clark Brewing Co.
has a parking lot for visitors.

Corps of Discovery, welcome the public.

We walk past brewing

The tables are made
with beer barrels.

Lewis & Clark Brewing Co.
has a Gallery.

There's a lot of space here
for beer connoisseurs. 

The ceilings & walls are 
heavily constructed.

The ceilings are made with heavy beams and the walls are stone.  I wonder what this building was used for before the Brewing Company .

Accolades for Lewis &
Clark beers.

Eric studies the blackboard
& makes choices for his
customized beer flight. 

Eric's beer flight included:

The descriptions are helpful when sampling beers.

The draft beer tower reminds
me of gas pipes
we've seen in farmers' fields.

While Eric sips beer I ask about the history of this building.  This 125 year old building started as a smokehouse.  Over time, it expanded and was used as an icehouse, (a jail -  corrected by Curt Synness)  a warehouse and a paint factory before Lewis and Clark Brewing Company started operations here.  

Independent Record Sports Reporter Curt Synness added a comment on the history of the Lewis and Clark Brewery.  He's done extensive research on the building and it was not used at a jail.  Thanks for correcting me on this misconception.

Eric sent me the photo he
took in the Men's Room.

The brewery theme is

Shopping and Lunch at Applebee's in Helena, Montana

We stop at Applebee's
for a Gift Card & lunch.

I like a late lunch.

We have the place
 to ourselves.

Eric browses the menu
at the bar.

He looks over the
beers on tap. 

Eric orders a Blue Moon
& a house Chardonnay
for me.

We get a Gift Card to send to our daughter, Diane, and son-in-law, Damon.  Their seventh wedding anniversary is in early August.  Our shopping is done.  It's time
for lunch...

Eric ordered the Cowboy Burger
topped with Onion Rings, Cheddar
Cheese & Applewood Smoked Bacon.

My Artisan Grilled Chicken
Ciabatta includes Swiss Cheese,
Applewood Smoked Bacon &
Artichoke Spread.

Our lunches were great!  We loved the taste combinations.

The Gift Card was tucked into Diane and Damon's anniversary card.  We'll find a mail box on our drive to the Lewis and Clark Brewing Company.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Touring the Montana State Capitol in Helena

The Montana State Capitol
has impressive grounds.

Helena and Anaconda vied to become Montana's Capitol.  In a hotly contested election, Helena won. Architects  Charles E. Bell and John H. Kent's design was chosen for the building. Construction on the Capitol started in 1899.  On July 4, 1902, it was open for business.  

My eye is  drawn  to the painted
details & stenciling.

The tile work replicates
a rug.

Wilbur Fisk Sanders, a co-founder
 one of Montana's first US Senators.

Eric stands next to the statue
of Jeannette Rankin,the first
woman to serve in the
US House of Representatives.

The Rotunda

The grand staircase

Driving the Golden Spike, painted
by Amedee Joullin was given to
the people of Montana by the
Northern Pacific Railroad.

Mike Mansfield served Montana in
the US House of Representatives,
US Senate & as Ambassador to Japan.

He insisted that any memorial
to him include his wife, Maureen.



This bas relief depicts the
their pirogues (wooden canoes)  
in the Missouri Breaks area.

The House of Representatives

This Charles M. Russell painting details Lewis and Clark meeting Flathead Indians at Ross' Hole on September 4, 1805.

The Assembly Members
desks & the public galleries.

The legislative chambers are in the same wing of the Montana State Capitol.  Other capitols I've visited place the Senate and House of Representatives in opposite wings of the building.
The Montana State Capitol is very beautiful  The skylights and large windows provide natural lighting that shows off the building's architecture and art.