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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Walking Around the Grounds of the Classical Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico

There's lots to look at
on the grounds of the
 in Embudo.

A Tricycle Sculpture
stands next to the

Bob's Big Boy stands next
to a small diner.

Looking at the diner from
a different angle, I see
outdoor dining tables,
spoked rims, the front grill
& bumper of a car & a
Teardrop Trailer.

After Eric & I met Johnnie, the
 museum owner & curator,
we take a tour in the Useful
Junk Old-n-New Antiques area.

I think I'll start collecting
pictures of GE signs.

The Blues Brothers perform...
 The fence is lined with gas station signs.

A bubble canopy from
an airplane.

I wonder if it's from a
fighter plane.

Rusty gas station pumps &
rumble seat car with a
Texaco Star on its door

A tank on wheels, a buggy
seat, the front end of a
1959 Edsel, more gas
pumps & parts

I used to cut my parents'
lawn with a Montgomery
Ward push reel mower.

A "Tin Man" rides
a tricycle.

Remember when cigarette
ads were everywhere?

Eric's Auntie Marge smoked Viceroy cigarettes

Eric has plans for the 
license plates he

A Visit to the Classical Gas Museum in Embudo, New Mexico

Old gas station equipment
& memorabilia are on display
at the Classical Gas Museum.

Johnnie Meier has been collecting gas station gas pumps, signs, oil cans, maps, soda signs, neon and thermometers for over 30 years.  He curates this unique museum, and sells a few things too.

has a prominent

Who remembers when
motor oil came in

A toy gas station would kept
my brothers, Al & Stan,
busy for hours when
they were kids.

The Flight gas pump is
in pristine condition.

Gas station signs, a
candy machine &
 an adding machine

The red Pegasus is 
the Mobil gas logo.

Neon signs are on

My dad was a loyal Mobil customer.

It's as if there's so much
here that it's displayed
in layers.

Crown Gasoline was a
Standard Oil product.


Who remembers when
gas stations had free

There were lots of gas
station giveaways:

Desk calendars, pens,
stickers, the edge of
an ice scraper

Lots more signs,
an outdoor thermometer...

Classical Gas Museum is an eclectic look into the history of gas stations.  If you're ever in northern New Mexico, stop in and take a walk back in time....

Driving Northeast to Taos, New Mexico

Unleaded gas in Espanola
has fallen to $1.91 per

Today's drive takes us north

Trees dressed in their fall
foliage line the Rio Grande.

We stop at the Classical

Fencing has been added to 
the mountainside to keep
rocks from falling on
the road.

site is a popular rafting &
kayaking spot.

Manuel Cisneros is
remembered with 
this roadside cross.

I enjoy the

We pass Taos Drum

Today's drive ends
in Taos.

Let's go explore the town.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Sampling Liquors & Wines at Don Quixote Distillery and Winery in White Rock, New Mexico

Eric and I were on our way back to Espanola when we saw a sign for Don Quixote Distillery and Winery.  We should sample small batch liquors, and wines.

Eric & Don

Don Quixote's cat
 investigates our car.

Don Quixote Wines
& Liquors

Why am I reading
I should get my
drink on.

The bar

I sample wines....

Eric delicately sniffs
a red port wine.

The Spirit of Santa Fe Vodka isn't for me.  I like the Blue Corn Bourbon made with 60% organic Blue Corn.  It has a mellow, mildly sweet flavor. The Spirit of Santa Fe Gin is interesting.  Infused with New Mexico Juniper, Pinon, Sage, Chamisa and Rose Hips, it has a piney aroma and is tasty.

Eric has a runaway favorite...
Rio Blanco  rare aperitif port.

I look forward to sharing this fortified wine with Eric, after dinner.

The View from Lookout Park in White Rock, New Mexico

Our next stop is in
White Rock southeast
of Los Alamos.

Strange Trio was installed
at the entrance to
Overlook Park about
two weeks ago.

This small sign welcomes
visitors to Overlook Park.

The overlook

The views are amazing!

Looking out at the canyons

The Rio Grande looks like
ribbon rippling across 
the valley floor.

A shot of Eric taking

Clumps of grass cling
to crevices.

Shadows play across
the valley floor.

A waterfall nestled
among the rocks.

Eric among the

We alone during our off season visit to Overlook Park.  During the summer, this must be a very popular spot for locals and tourists.