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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Pot Luck Dinner at River Plantation Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee

Our last meal together at the SKP Acre Rally is a Potluck Dinner.  I wonder what 70+ couples will prepare to share for a group meal....

Just about everything....
Meat Dishes, Casseroles,
Vegetables, Salads &....

.... an amazing assortment of desserts...  Cakes, cookies, pies, brownies...

We gather together & share
stories of our trips
 throughout the area.

Sue, Peg, Grumpy, Bill &
Eric share the day's news.

Pat & I joined the table &
Eric took a photo.

Dinner... There were too many choices and no one had a big enough appetite to try
every dish.

Steve announced the winners
of the remaining Door Prizes,
with help from Marilyn

The second Kindle Fire
is in need of a home.

The lucky winner gets some
basic instructions for
registering her new

Rally attendees lingered over their desserts and started to say good-byes.  Some of us are leaving early tomorrow morning.  Others are staying an extra day or two before continuing to their next stop... a campground, friend's home or back home.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Hatfield & McCoy "Dinner Feud" in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

SKP Acre Rally attendees
meet for the Hatfield &
McCoy Dinner Show er...
Feud in Pigeon Forge.

Chickens & Rabbits roam
the front yard.

Ma McCoy has been

Cousin Cletus greets

Grumpy & Peg "set a spell"
 out by the drying laundry.

Ginny Hatfield & Eric McCoy
before the feudin' starts agin...


Someone didn't close the
Out House Door.

It's a two seater; maybe he
wants company.

We are seated in the Hatfield
section of this 748 seat
dinner amphitheater.

McCoys say... You Might
Be A Hatfield If...

People Hear Your Truck
Long Before They See It

Dinner is served Family Style
in pots that are passed
around the table.

Ma is quite the cook!  The Fried Chick'n, Barbecue Pulled Pork, Southern Style Creamy Soup, Smashed Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Homemade Bread and No Tellin' What's In It Coleslaw are dee-licous!  The Chocolate Pudding has bits of cake in it...  Yum!

We enjoy dinner as tonight's
feudin' starts.

There's lots of dancing...

... & lots of fighting.

Did you know that Pa Hatfield and Ma McCoy were in love all those years ago?

They were supposed to meet under the Elm Tree, but someone was sitting under
the Sycamore Tree instead.

With no girl to pitch woo with, Pa Hatfield went and stole the McCoy's pig.

There's been nothing but fussin' and feudin' ever since.....

Everything's a musical
instrument deep in 
the woods.

Smoke shows there's an
unfortunate Out House

The Winner of the Talent Show takes home $1,000.00.

Hatfields play their best
Country Music.

The McCoys play Rap Music
 with a Country rhythm.

This is a first down in the holler...

The Hatfields & the McCoys
win the talent show,

To celebrate, the families make
 sweet music together.

And.... 51 years later, there's a wedding...

... & a joyous wedding

The Hatfields and McCoys will be feudin' no more, until....  the next time.

Eggs in a Bag... At the SKP Acre Rally in Sevierville, Tennessee

Have you ever eaten "Eggs in a Bag?"  This customized Omelette is a SKP Acre favorite.

Volunteers crack open raw
eggs & put them in coffee

Bring a bag with your name
on it & continue down the
 table to add your chosen

Add your choice of onions,
peppers, bacon, ham,
cheese & create your 
custom made Omelette.

Each "eggy bag" is collected and taken to the kitchen to be cooked in pots of boiling water.  Whi

While the custom made omelettes
are cooking in pots of boiling
water in the kitchen, rally
attendees toast bagels...

Make their morning coffee,
tea and get a glass of juice.

When the custom made Omelettes are done, names are called out and rally members collect them. Breakfast is served!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"My 41" at River Plantation RV Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee

Check out the great job
on this car!

I think it is "garaged" in this
 trailer, pulled by a tag axle

This trailer is definitely
it's "home."

Norwood, the owner, from Kentucky, brought his pride and joy to compete at The Spring Grand Rod Run just down the road in Pigeon Forge.

It's a 1941 Willys

Check out the chromed

The artwork under the
hood is beautiful!

I hope the owner is a prize winner at this month's car show.

The Grand Spring Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Car owners from all over bring
 their cars, trucks & motorcycles

Owners exhibit their "rides"
in front of businesses on
the Parkway.

Traffic moves slowly past
the hundreds of vehicles
on display.

Passersby admire have
lots to admire.

My guess is that people can walk for miles closely inspecting hundreds of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

I love this Truck!

A Motorcycle & a

Great paint job!

I like inspecting engines on
older vehicle...

It's nice to see a metal radiator.

The little orange car is
soooo cute! 

I love the paint job on
this Antique Ford.

This Roadster is a work
in progress.

Pigeon Forge hosts car shows from March through September.  There are different themed shows with lots of opportunities to display their prized "rides."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Tru Blu" Bluegrass Band Gets Escapees Up on the Dance Floor at the SKP Acre Rally

"Tru Blue" Bluegrass Band:
Charlie, Allen, Debbie &
Bernie played County &
Bluegrass standards...

Rocky Top was "over the top."

Bernie & Thelma tore up the
dance floor.

Debbie sang her
original songs.

Steve & Kathy showed us how
to dance, dance, dance...

Peggy & Grumpy shared
a romantic moment....

Marilyn & Bill are

Eric & me on a crowded
dance floor....

Thanks Sue, for getting
a picture of Eric &
me together.

SKP Acre organizers spend a lot of time putting the annual rally together and bringing us the best in regional entertainment.  Many thanks to the special people who make SKP Acre educational, fun-filled rallies.