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Monday, December 31, 2012

Victor Cooks Pescada (Fish) For Us

Victor's wife, Flo,
prepares the fish.

Victor started a wood fire
in the grill.

The back portion of the
fish is done cooking.

The front end of the fish
fries in oil.

Victor watches over
our meal.

Victor warms
the tortilla shells.

Lunch is served!

The fish was tender and very delicious.  The tortilla shells were a nice, crispy accompaniment.

Our Visit to Masachapa

 The seaside town of Masachapa is know for its beautiful beach and abundant fish brought in fresh each day by local fishermen.  Eric, Victor (Julian's employee) and I are going there to select some fish and run a few

There's a fleet of fishing boats
bringing in the day's catch.

Booths are set up on
the beach for everyone's

Eric & Victor look over
the catch at this
 vendor's table.

You can have your fish
gutted and scaled while
you wait.


Victor brought us to this store to
buy a five gallon bottle of water
& to add minutes to the Track
Phone we are borrowing
from Julian. 


This place reminds me of one
of my favorite childhood movies.

This triangular shaped building is at
an intersection in town.

Aptly named.

Playa Quizala (Quizala Beach)

Quizala is a private area.
You give the name of the
property owner at the gate
for admittance.

(I took this pic as Eric & I
left this morning.)

The gate is raised.
Off to the beach.

I chose to post just a few pictures of this beach.  All the pics are great!

Our short walk to
Quizala Beach



We watched men fishing
with a net. 

That looks like fun!

Eric brings his wine
into the ocean.

I brought the camera into
the water for this shot.

Toasting the end of our day
at Quizala Beach.

The Casa at Playa Quizala (Quizala Beach)

Julian & several partners
own this house three blocks
from the beach at Quizala.

To the left of the house are
water faucets for rinsing salt
& sand off after a visit to the

 These are the flowers
that bloom in front of
the house.

Emma & Julian saw another
Sabon Tree at the Medellin
Botanical Garden in

the national tree of

This small tree produces
many pomegranates.

This small kitchen
is space efficient.

It includes a gas stove,
refrigerator, shelving &
storage under the counters.

These rocking chairs sit
opposite of a large table.

Both bedrooms have double
bunk beds.  The top bunk
can be used as a storage area.

The opposite wall has shelves.

Like the rest of the house,
the bathroom is space

All of this makes for comfortable living at a quiet, private beach.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Emma's Farm

 Emma's farm is up the mountain from San Jose de los Remates.  She tells us to
expect a three hour trip to the farm and back.  We bring backpacks
for the fruit we will pick for Emma.


Eric, Pedro (Julian's employee)
and I start walking towards
Emma's farm at 6:45 am.

It's best to go to the farm and

back before the afternoon
heat sets in.

We see farmers bringing milk
down the trail from 
the dairy farm.

Up and up the trail goes.

This area is grassy with
trees that have small leaves.

San Jose de los Remates
lies below.

Grazing cows

The views are stunning!

We pass coffee farms.

This man is harvesting
coffee beans.

As we travel farther up the
mountain, the vegetation
becomes more lush.

This tree has a
stalk of bananas.

Pedro takes us to
the base of the waterfall
on Emma's farm.

This is beautiful!

This is Emma's coffee.

Pulling the skin off the
bean reveals two halves.

The raw bean is very hard
and tasteless.

We are here to pick fruit.  Emma gave us a backpack to fill.

Eric climbs a tree and
 picks tangerines.


One of many types
of lemons.


Pedro brought Chayote.
It is one of the many vegetables
introduced by Europeans.

When cooked, it is like a
summer squash.

We filled Emma's backpack and put fruit in ours as well.
It's time to go back to Casa Bendana Flores.

It's all downhill from here.
I have it easy going back
because Eric and Pedro
have the backpacks.

This woman and girl
head up as we slowly
make our way down.

It was a long walk up,
and it's a long walk
back home.

Eric catches a shot of
this tree with moss.
It's beautiful!

There are always
flowers to enjoy.

We return to Casa Bendana Flores at 9:45 am...... Here's the haul.