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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lunch at in La Parilla Los Algodones, Mexio

Eric & I walked around Los Algodones looking for a fun spot to eat lunch.

The metal umbrellas
at La Parilla caught
our attention.

I like the artwork for
the Restaurant's sign.

Blue tarps cover a
wooden framework.

I like the artwork on the
walls & the brightly
 colored furniture.

The bar

Take home salsa.
sauces & chips.

We enjoy music with
our lunch.

My medium Margarita

We share Chips, Salsa

Eric's Quesadilla
with Pork...

The hand chopped
Salsa has Green

Eric has found a new favorite.

I was less adventurous,
ordering a Chicken

Lunch was delicious!  Eric and I continue our walk, towards the border.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shopping at Algodones Optical in Los Algodones, Mexico

Eric and I returned to Los Algodones, Mexico.  Eric has a dental appointment at Smiley Dental Center.  I'm getting an eye exam and new lenses for a pair of glasses.

Algodones Optical is
next door to Smiley
Dental Center.

Algodones Optical
has a...

...wide selection of
glasses frames.

I brought an older set of glasses with me for replacement bifocal lenses.  I talked with Saul and he told me that I needed polycarbonate lenses for $99.00.  Knowing that I wasn't paying for new frames and glasses, I went for it.

As you can see in the first picture, I could have gotten replacement bifocal lenses for a lot less.  My bad...  Live and learn.

I stepped into the exam room for an up to date eye exam.  My left eye has changed enough to require a stronger prescription.

Check out my test glasses...

I can see clearly now.

Prescription information is
written on my old lenses.

A new look with an
old pair of glasses,
for $99.00.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shopping at the Arizona Market Place in Yuma, Arizona

The Arizona Market Place
is a huge Flea Market &
Swap Meet Area.

The Entrance

There are long roofed areas for vendors to set up and sell their wares.

Adult Bibs

This Used Book Store
is very well organized.


Homemade Cutting

Pet Strollers

Shoppers fuel up at
Rick's Kitchen.

Gypsy Wind Clothing Company

All That Glitters

Socks by the bundle

Exclusively Yours

Sewers must love coming
here to shop.

So, this is where old
Slot Machines go...

You can pick one up
for just $1,000.00.

The Garlic Man sells
all things garlic

Southwest Exchange Inc.
has just about everything.

Bryan Keith entertains

Italian Charms

Watches 4 Less

RVs from a local
dealership are open
for browsing.

The Specialty Sewing Service
has dashboard & wheel
covers for RVs.

So.... What did we buy today?

Flags that represent our
heritage & home state:

Those silver things are
stakes for our outdoor rug.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Christmas Pot Luck Dinner at Pilot Knob RV Resort in Winterhaven, California

Fellow RVers volunteered
to cook the main course &
set up the dining area for
Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

The Turkey is ready to
be served.

The Hot Side Dishes

Salads, Fresh Vegetables,
Deviled Eggs, Pickles
& Olives

The Dessert Table

Fellow RVers gather
for the meal.

Mr. Bah Humbug &
Mrs. Eat, Drink &
 Be Merry

An Elf &
Mrs. Merry Christmas

We all had a great time enjoying each others' special dishes and talking about our travels.

After dinner, Eric & I
kiss under our Hot Chile

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sam's Mobile Washing Details Our Motorhome in Winterhaven, California

Number 1 on our To Do List at Pilot Knob RV Resort is a thorough wax for our motorhome.

Eric called Sam's Mobile
Washing & made an
appointment to get our
motorhome washed
& waxed.

Sam's did a great job on the motorhome in 2013.  I was surprised that the cost had not gone up. 

Eric talks with the

I check out the back of
the van.

Everything they need
is packed in this
small space.

powers the water jet
used today.

The roof is washed,
& rinsed off.

The sides of the motorhome
are washed & rinsed.

The back of the motorhome
was VERY dusty from our
 drive on a gravel road to

The wheels are

The front of the motorhome
gets special care.

Water is squeegeed off
the windows.

Wax is applied. 

And buffed out.

The hard to reach areas
receive special

Eric can barely look
at our shiny

Our team is not done...

For an extra fee, we get
the Jeep washed.

It sparkles!
Thank you for making our motorhome and car look like new..