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Monday, February 27, 2017

Eric & I Drive Northwest to Palatka, Florida

.....turning left onto

Driving on an overcast day is easy on the driver's eyes.

Just 175 miles to Daytona Beach

Palm Trees line the

This section of highway
has a 70 mile per
hour speed limit.

RANGER truck provides
free road service to
motorists in need.

Up the road, we see the
truck pulled over to aid
a stranded motorist.

Eric & I stop at a Flying J
for diesel fuel & propane

Eric and I swap seats and I start driving.

My two hours of highway
driving are easy during
non-commute hours.

Eric takes photos for the next 140 miles.

Palm Bay's sign is a
stand out.

Eric & I are concerned
about this fire.

He finds a website that lists fires in Florida.  This is an active, controlled burn.  We are glad some one knows about it and is keeping watch over the flames.

 Eric did a great job composing this photo.

 dominates the skyline.

Here's our exit...
Ormond Beach/Ocala

We have an easy
drive west.

This section of road is shared
with horseback riders.

is hosting the Dirt Car 

This farm tractor moves
slowly down the road,
from one field to another.

Eric doesn't like this sign.

It's a warning sign for
Black Bears that looks
like a Groundhog.

State Road 40 West is
an Evacuation Route.

Florida is pretty flat and people can drive for many miles to safety to escape hurricanes.

We turn onto State Road
19 North, another
Scenic Highway. 

This section of Florida 
has low, rolling hills.

This is the Black Bear
sign that Eric prefers.

It looks like a Bear.

Road work....

The trunks of these trees
have been charred during
a previous burn, probably
a controlled burn.

Eric & I return to Marjorie Harris

Eric & I are staying at 
site 56 for two weeks.

We have water and electric services here.  Parked close to the campground road, we have DirecTV satellite access.  Our previous stay was at site 68, which is tree covered, without television access. Cell coverage is OK, not great.  Our internet access is steady, more reliable than our cell coverage.

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Catamaran Ride on the Inter-Coastal Waterway in the Palm Beaches

The Inter-Coastal Waterway separates West Palm Beach from Palm Beach.  West Palm Beach was originally the "workers' town."  Palm Beach, with Atlantic Ocean access has always been where the wealthy live.

Eric booked a sunset cruise
on a catamaran.

Here it is, coming into the dock, The Hakuna Matata.

We start out at 5:00 pm on
an overcast day.

The draw bridge is up to allow
the sail boat approaching us
to sail through with its
tall masts.

The world famous Breakers
Resort, where the elite
meet & greet.

Mansions line the

I think the "second floor"
of this mansion is a
series of skylights.

Eric loves this yacht,
The Crilli.

Eric & I agree that we like
the second floor veranda.

This Spanish Revival
mansion is lovely.

The flower lovers' mansion

On this BYOB Cruise, crew
pour drinks from guests'
glass bottles at the bar.

They also sell non-alcoholic drinks and snacks at the bar.

A crew member took
this photo from the top
of the ship's awning.

  There's millions, maybe billions of dollars in private
boats moored along this waterway.

This is for Titanic fans.

"I'm the King of the World!"

Sunset is muted on this
cloudy day. 

The West Palm Beach skyline lights up....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Late Lunch at Kabuki in West Palm Beach, Florida

Time for a late lunch
at Kabuki

Lauryn, a fellow food tourist, gave this restaurant high praise.  She recommends Eric and I select Sushi and a Thai entree.

The Bar is the focal point
of the restaurant.

Eric and I chose to sit outside and people watch.

Eric & our drinks:

My Pom Margarita, made
with Pomegranate Juice,
& Eric's Chang Beer
from Thailand

Eric and I chose to have a Thai Entree with a Sushi Roll for lunch.

Eric's Pad Thai with Fried
Tofu & Spicy Tuna Roll

I chose the Pad Thai with
Chicken & Tuna &
Avocado Roll.

Thank you, Lauryn, for recommending Kabuki.  Eric and I loved our lunch choices and Kabuki's relaxed dining atmosphere.  The people watching was fun.  I can see why you live in West Palm Beach.  

Sloan's Ice Cream Shop in West Palm Beach, Florida

I commented on this pink
building, next to Pizza
Girls, it during the West
Palm Beach Food Tour.

Fellow food tourist, Lauryn, told Eric and me that Sloan's has the most unusual bathroom doors. They fog up when locked by the user.

Sloan's sells many unique
homemade ice creams,
candies, fun gifts &
a lot more...

Ice cream flavors are
listed on mirrors.

A train runs back & forth
beneath the ice cream

Sadly, the foggy bathroom
doors are not functioning

A note on the other door states that Sloan's is waiting for new foggy doors.

With so many yummy  flavors to choose from, it was hard, but we did select an ice cream
to share.

Eric with our Almond Joy
Ice Cream, as he shows
off Sloan's decorative
ice cream table.

Our ice cream was deee-lish!