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Friday, August 31, 2018

Driving Southwest to Central Bridge, New York

 Eric and I are relocating to Central Bridge, a hamlet in the Town of Schoharie.  Today's drive is about 80 miles, depending on the route taken.

A riding paddock with
"horse jumps" waits
for riders.

We drive south on

Leaving the highway at
Exit 12...

We follow signs at the top
 of the exit ramp to New

This exit of the Northway enters a roundabout.

A physically separated lane
allows traffic to move
smoothly onto New York
Route 67.

Eric, a retired New York State Department of Transportation Civil Engineer, tells me that a roadway with multiple roundabouts is called a "String of Pearls."

We turn onto New York Route 50 and stop for diesel....

.... at Runway Express.

$3.14 per gallon is a
very good price for
diesel in this region
of New York.

We prefer dedicated diesel
fuel lanes.

A gas station with separate lanes for diesel has a generous amount of space for larger vehicles to maneuver in and out of the business.  Including our Jeep, we are 55 feet long and appreciate the lay out of this large gas station.

includes logos for the Rotary Cub

 We can drive our 12 foot 4 inch motorhome beneath a 12 foot 6 inch railway overpass in Rotterdam, or....

...take the Thruway from
Exit 26 to Exit 25 A.

We follow others through
the E-Z Pass Lane to...

... Interstate 88 West, part of the

I take the obligatory
Schoharie Valley 
shot on this oft
traveled highway.

Exit 23 will take us to
Central Bridge.

New York State Route 30 A
takes us over the
Cobleskill Creek....

And arrive at Hide-a-Way

We are settled in on a very
long campsite in an open
area of the campground.

This small campground, with 60 campsites, has water and 30 and 50 amp electric service.  Our DirecTV satellite dish picked up the TV satellites.  There's no need to stream the nightly news at Hide-a-Way Campsites.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary @ Canali's Restaurant in Rotterdam, NY

Many of our anniversary
dinners have been at
Canali's Restaurant
in Rotterdam.

We continue the tradition for our fortieth anniversary.

Our server takes this picture
of us toasting with Chianti.

Our soups, Lentil &
Chicken Pastina,
with a small
Antipasto Salad

Eric & I enjoy our relaxed
dinner of Veal Sorrentino
& Ziti topped with Sauce.

We skipped dessert and coffee.  As usual, boxes were packed with leftovers for us to enjoy tomorrow. 

Happy Anniversary, Eric!

Costumed Trekkies @ Trekonderoga 2018


Crew members join the
Captain for a picture.

 Series crew member

I found an Andorian

A member of Star Trek The Original
 Series crew with Captain Jonathan

Two Klingons from Star Trek:
The Next Generation with
Star Trek The Original Series
Crew & an Andorian

Trekonderoga 2018 Presentations @ Ticonderoga High School

Dr. Ronald Held returned to

This year's presentation is on
The Science of Star Trek.

Storytelling and science sometimes mesh well across Star Trek TV series and movies.  There are also times when the scientific theories and concepts described in a Star Trek episode or movie work well in the story line, but are not factual.

Denise & Michael Okuda take
the audience through their
work melding The Trouble 
with Tibbles (1967) with
Trials & Tribble-ations (1996).

J.P. Criden walks the group
place in the Star Trek Canon.

Starship Magic included
Star Trek commentary.

Roy Bjellquist curated the
Science Fiction TV series
of the 1960s, starting with

These live action shows and cartoons, including The Jetsons and Jonny Quest were must see TV for this child of the 1960s.

Gates McFadden, aka
Dr. Beverly Crusher 
from Star Trek: The
Next Generation,
gave a frank, funny
& informative talk
on her career &

Sadly, Adam, Eric and I didn't see Karl Urban aka Dr. Leonard McCoy.  His plane arrived late and we were unable to attend his re-scheduled appearance. @ Trekonderoga 2018

I'm curious about this
new addition to

The Fan Boys loaded their
gear into the RV just
two weeks ago.

They titled their cross country tour Wayward Geeks.  This intrepid trio is in search of all things Geek and Geek experiences.  So far, they are loving it, and getting used to the RV lifestyle.

One of the Fan Boy's Selfie
 placards with a Jason
 Voorhees from

FanBoysRadio is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Their TV Channel has episodes of Bad Days.  Check out their new Fanboys Radio YouTube Page.

How do they fund
their business?

 has a yearly subscription service for just $12.00 per year.  They accept Selfie Donations and donations of any amount from appreciative new followers.

I wish you all the best in your business venture and safe travels, Fan Boys.

Trekonderoga 2018 Vendors @ Ticonderoga High School in Ticonderoga, NY

is parked at Ticonderoga

The large gym accomodates
the many vendors at
Trekonderoga 2018.

is new to Trekonderoga.

Star Trek Discovery's story line includes gay crewmenLGBTQ characters reach out and engage all fans while making the Star Trek "universe" more reflective of our world.

Jewelry, Com Badges, Star Trek
Ornaments, replica Starship

Star Trek Plush....

Star Trek Collector Plates
& figures....

his books & artwork.

& Visitors Center shares the
town's past & directs
visitors to local attractions.

door is ajar.

Where in time & space will The
 Doctor & his Companion find
themselves next?

Trekonderoga 2018 is an inclusive event.  Doctor Who fans are always welcomed by Trekkies.

Aboard the Galileo Shuttlecraft @ Trekonderoga 2018

A replica Shuttlecraft sits
in front of the Star Trek
Original Series Set Tour.


Adam pilots the craft while
Eric scans the stars....

I join the Shuttlecraft
crew for an away

A close up....
Passengers should not bring
drinks to the shuttlecraft