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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Decorations in Jerry's Neighborhood

I love these decorations.

The bush on the left is
a goblin....

Many houses are decorated
with a harvest theme.

I am reminded of TNT
admire the decorations
at this house.

Such a sweet couple...

The first carved pumpkins
I've seen on a walk.

Frankenstein is
a fright....

This is the sweetest

Eric took this picture
on Upper Broadway.

Halloween can be a
crime, if the candy
is stale....

Jerry is ready to greet
Trick or Treaters with
lots of fresh candy.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jazz Brunch @ The Renaissance Restaurant in Schenectady, New York

I am so grateful for family!  After a "Round Robin" on Facebook, Eric and I met our cousins, Dan, Tracy and Barb for a Jazz Brunch at the Renaissance Restaurant...

... located in the basement of
the former Saint Mary's 

Saint Mary's also
has a Banquet

Built in 1903, Saint Mary's was the Polish church in this section of Schenectady.  Church attendance declined as the city's population declined throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.  Saint Mary's celebrated it's final mass on June 28, 2009Sandra Vardine bought Saint Mary's in 2014 and created the wonderful space we are eating Brunch in today.

Sugar & Baked Goods
is catering this event.

Barb, Tracy & I catch
up on family doings
while Eric & Dan
talk tech.

The growing audience
listens to Jazz as we
enjoy our Brunch

The offerings include Pulled Pork, Ribs, Macaroni and  Cheese, Ziti, Southern Shrimp Scampi and Grits; Quiches, Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Sweet Potato Pie, Fluffy Confections, Apple Butter....

The full bar mixes whatever
diners want.

I saw a lot of Mimosas
during Brunch.

Sandra told me that the Event Hall is open and encourages me to go upstairs.

The altar, at the rear
of the Event Hall
is beautiful.

A portrait of Our Lady of Czestochowa is the focal point of the Saint Mary's rites.  

 is clouded in mystery.

The image was used to rally the people to fight against the nomadic Saracens in Constantinople, and later to save Czestochowa from invading Tartars in 15th century Poland.

The pillars are painted
to look like marble.

There are many stained
glass windows in the

The beer taps sit
beneath a colorful

The Pipe Organ sits in the
loft at the front of
the Hall.

I am happy to see Saint Mary's Church being used as a restaurant and Event Hall for all types of gatherings...  Wedding receptions, corporate events, non profit meetings and events, etc.  
I envision concerts here. The acoustics should be wonderful in this space.

Contact Information for
Renaissance Restaurant
& Event Hall:

Sugar Baked Goods
& Catering's

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dining at Bombay Bar & Kitchen in Colonie, New York

Eric and the Groupons.... This is how he and I explore the wide range of restaurants in the Capital District.

is located at Central

This is one of the busiest intersections in this sprawling town.  The traffic light at this intersection makes access to the restaurant easy.

There's a lot of mixing
going on at the bar.

Some of the many wines
served at Bombay Bar &

Eric & I arrived
shortly after
5:00 pm.

We have the restaurant
to ourselves.

accompany the
crispy Papadums.

Eric's Chicken
Vindaloo, our
Basmati Rice
& my Chicken

Our meals are delicious!  Eric loves his spicy Chicken Vindaloo, paired with a Shiraz. 
My Chicken Korma has delicate flavors that go very well with my glass of Chardonnay.

We want to return for their lunch buffet, which includes many of the restaurant's entrees.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Looking for Changes in Jerry's Rotterdam Neighborhood

I found this vacant house
in the fall of 2014.

It wasn't until last year that I found out that there is a name for this empty house, and the others, I walked past in my mother-in-law's neighborhood....  Zombie 

Over the last three years,
it deteriorated....

Now it's being renovated.

The man working on the house told me that the interior is also being remodeled and updated.

The garage will be
torn down.

I watched this house decline
over the last three years...

A whole new roof was
put on in June.

It is now for sale.

At the back of the house
I see some unfinished

There is a small pile
of debris to be

A week & a half ago 
demolition mode.

I think a crew has been working full time since I took the picture.

Today, the siding is off...
It's getting a porch
 roof & an addition.

A very large addition....

The back of the original
house has an extention
on the second floor too.

My guess is that the addition will double the size of the original house.  The fenced patio looks welcoming...

The front of this house
looks good.
It looks like people
are living here.

There was a fire here
about a year & a
half ago.

A small backhoe sits in the back yard near piles of debris.  

I appreciate the effort that goes into restoring abandoned and damaged houses into habitable homes.

Change, and renewal....

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Finishing Our Research With An Early Lunch at Wagon Train BBQ in Rotterdam, New York

Eric & I discovered

We remembered liking our choices... Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  Our recent research at Pig Pit BBQ and The Memphis King BBQ requires another lunch out.

I like the Harvest

Eric peruses the
Beer List on the

The signature Wagon Train
is the focal point of
the restaurant.

This Gray Wolf is one of the
many stuffed animals here.

We admire the Six-
Shooter Salt &
Pepper Shakers.

Eric got a Coors Light to accompany his lunch.

Eric chooses the Brisket
Sandwich with Hush

I'm having Pulled Pork
with the Roll on the side.

Our meats come lightly tossed in their Traditional BBQ sauce.  Wagon Train BBQ puts 7.4 ounces of Brisket on their sandwiches.  The Hush Puppies were tasty.

And the verdict is.....  I prefer Wagon Train BBQ's Pulled Pork to Pig Pit BBQ, which was too finely pulled and was very saucy.

Comparisons with The Memphis King BBQ are hard because The Memphis King's Pulled Pork was ever so gently pulled, which is delightful.  I found the five sauces overwhelming, because I am pretty lazy about food choices.  Their House BBQ sauce worked best for me.  Wagon Train BBQ makes sauce choices easy by serving their meats with a whisper of their Traditional BBQ sauce.

Eric LOVED his Brisket Sandwich, with its generous amount of slow cooked meat.  He likes saucier dining experience and of the two sauces served here, Traditional and Sweet, he preferred the Traditional BBQ Sauce.  At The Memphis King BBQ, Eric also preferred their House BBQ sauce.

Currently, prices are better at The Memphis King BBQ, but prices are subject to change...

So.... If you're anywhere near Schenectady County, go to Wagon Train BBQ and The Memphis King BBQ to feast on awesome slow cooked, smoked meats.  You will not be disappointed.