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Thursday, October 19, 2017

An Early Lunch at The Memphis King BBQ in Schenectady, New York

Eric and I learned our lesson at Pig Pit BBQ.  Go early in the day for the freshest and most plentiful barbecue foods.

The Memphis King is located

Brandon and Robert Canton have been serving Memphis Style BBQ here since 2013.

Photos of the famous
Americans line the

Mohammed Ali,
Bruce Lee,
Harriet Tubman,
Amelia Earhart
& many others...

Eric & I love Bacon Bad.

The artwork reminds us
of our travels around
Albuquerque, taking
photos ofr Breaking Bad
film locations.

Bring home a jar of
Memphis King's
barbecue sauce.

Eric points to the
Pig Salt & Pepper
Shaker Holder.

It's the same one we just saw at Pig Pit BBQ in Cohoes

This is The King:
The Pulled Pork,
Brisket & Ribs
are served dry.

Our sides are
Potato Salad,
Macaroni &
Cheese & a
Corn Muffin.

YUM!  The Pork is "pulled to order.  The Brisket is so flavorful.  I'm not a Rib fan, so Eric got both.  We tried the BBQ sauces.  Regular and Hot were our favorites.  The Potato Salad and Macaroni and Cheese are excellent.

I prefer The Memphis King BBQ to Pig Pit BBQ.  We need a return visit to The Wagon Train in Rotterdam to complete our research....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Watching Cabaret at the James L. Meader Theater at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York

Built in 1932, the
James L. Meader
Theater is an intimate
performance space,
with 135 seats.

Eric and I love local theater....  He purchased our tickets using Groupon...  Savings for us is always a good thing.

Step into The Wayback
Machine, set to
 1930s Berlin,

The house lights come up and, the Cabaret performance begins.  It's all about adult entertainment....

a solo...

Alas, the outside world intrudes on life at the Cabaret.

The performance was great!  Everyone in the cast and crew had fun and the audience loved them all.

An Early Dinner at Pig Pit BBQ in Cohoes, New York

Eric and I started eating barbecue in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2013.  We love the large chunk Pulled Pork with vinegar based barbecue sauce.

We are Pig Pit
BBQ to try
their offerings.

I like the Pig

Pig Pit BBQ is listed
as the ninth of Ten
Best BBQ Joints
in New York.

I like the Pig Salt & Pepper
Shaker Holder.

Pig Pit BBQ is listed
as the best BBQ in
the Capital Region
in 2014.

They are running out of meats.  Chicken and Brisket are gone.  We are here for the Pulled Pork, so it's all good...

Eric & our Pulled Pork

Eric got his on a Hoagie
Roll, which he likes very
 much, with French Fries
& Cole Slaw.

I got my Pulled Pork
a roll on the side.

The Pulled Pork
is a bit mushy
with small 

It is served with barbecue sauce.  I prefer to make my own selection.

Eric and I turn to our phones and start looking for other BBQ places to try in our area.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shopping for Craft Beers at Uptown Beverage in Rotterdam, New York

Eric drove to Uptown
Beverage on Altamont

Buy your New York State
if you're feeling lucky...

Arizona Teas &
Fruit Drinks

Eric continues his search
for craft beers to share
with friends.

gets around....

It looks like 
everything is
on sale.

Saint Bernardus Beers
are dee-lish!

The selection beers in the
Beer Cave is impressive.

Ommegang Beers are always
a welcome sight.

Uptown Beverage
cold cases go on

The Stella Artois display
includes stemmed glasses
for sale.

The glasses are graceful.  Sometimes I wish we had a house so I could buy nice looking glass glasses.  Alas, life in a motorhome makes this type of purchase impractical.

a shelf.

Wine Coolers &
Hard Lemonade

The beer selections
here go on & on... 

I like Uptown Beverage.  There are lots and lots of beer selections here.  I'm not sure how the store is organized, but it's fun to walk around browsing while Eric does the serious shopping.

Shopping for Craft Beers at Oliver's Beverage in Albany, New York

This winter we will be camping with beer loving friends,  (You know who you are.) and Eric is shopping for some very special beers to share....

Our first stop is
Oliver's Beverage 
Center on Colvin 
Avenue in Albany.

Oliver's is Eric's go-to store for craft beers in the Capital Region.

Eric has a list & he's checking
it twice....

My job is to wander around the store and stay out of his way.

Oliver's sells mini kegs.

So cute...

Close to home...

The Corona Corner is
adjacent to the Blue
Moon display.

Get your Wine Coolers

I found a giant
Samuel Adams

beers are displayed

Beers are grouped by

... & by states.

The Brew Crew at
Oliver's has a large
cold case.

Beverages are ready
for any occasion.

Cider lovers... There's a
nice selection here. 

Oliver's has mixers too.

I met Eric at checkout.  He's very pleased with his choices.

He puts our purchases
in the back of the Jeep.

Our next craft beer shopping stop is Uptown Beverage on Altamont Avenue in Rotterdam.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Our Grandson Sean Comes to Rotterdam for a Visit

Sean brought some homework with him.  His Preschool Teacher provided a worksheet for Sean's adults to record and record the titles of five books that Sean has shares with them.


He & Grandpa are reading

The tongue twisting book leaves Grandpa's mouth numb.  He adds this book to Sean's homework sheet.

I catch Sean admiring
himself in the bathroom
mirror while he plays
in the soapy water.

Sean gets his own table
for lunch outside our

Sean spends some quiet
time with Great Grandma.

He and Grandpa have a tradition...  They yuck it up in the bathroom mirror.  (Geez, Sean spends a lot of time admiring at himself in the mirror.)

They have lots of
fun together.

Eric takes over the camera..

Sean & I read Peanut Brains &

This is Sean's favorite

I added this title to Sean's worksheet.  His homework is done, for now.