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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Olerud's Market Center in Haines, Alaska

Olerud's Market Center has groceries & more...

Fresh fruits & vegetables

Snacks & Dairy

Fresh Meats &
Cold Cuts

Frozen Foods

Olerud's is a full service
grocery store.

But wait... there's more...

Greeting Cards

Women's Clothing

Men's Clothing

Towels & Bedding

Haines is quite remote.  It's located on a peninsula in the Southeastern section of Alaska with just two roads to access the town.  Or, residents can take the ferry to Juneau.  Having a small department store in town is a wonderful convenience.

The Haines Brewery at the Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds in Haines, Alaska

It's time to sample some
local beers at Haines 

Eric takes careful notes of
the beers he samples.

I get a sip from each
5 ounce glass.

Eric ponders the souvenirs
while sipping some beer.

A heat exchanger is cooling the
water to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beer has always
been important.

Eric had a great time discussing the beers with the brew master.  Now Eric knows what local beer to order at restaurants in town.

The Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds in Haines, Alaska

Eric at the gate to the

I like the old fashioned
wooden buildings.

Eric's going to try some
local beers here.  

I found a dog lazing away in
front of one of the buildings.

The Haines Beer Fest
was held here Memorial
Day Weekend.

A tent sits in front of
the exhibition barn.

The raised beds in the
Haines Community Garden
are ready for plantings.

All visitors to the fairgrounds
are thanked for their support. 

The Visitor Information Center in Haines, Alaska

The Visitor Information

Everyone's first stop
in a new town.

Visitors can get pamphlets
when the building is closed.

There's lots information

Use the local land line
if your cell phone
isn't working.

Armed with pamphlets and brochures to read, we continue our first drive around Haines.

In and Around Haines, Alaska

Entering Haines
from the south

Center is always the
first stop in a new town.

Olerud's Market Center has
groceries & more.

Chiklat Restaurant
& Bakery

We dropped off a few
things were no longer used

Lighthouse Restaurant
& Bar

Eric liked this street scene.

A sign commemorating the
founders of Port Chilkoot.

World War II bought
Fort William H. Seward &
created a community
on its grounds.

A Raven roosts on a
street light.

Mosey's Cantina

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dinner at the Gold Creek Salmon Bake in Juneau, Alaska

Eric thumbs through our
& finds a coupon for
a Salmon Bake. 

We will buy one Salmon Bake dinner and get the second one free.

We will take a bus to the

Our bus driver, Al, gives an
insider's tour of Juneau.

Families get their picture
taken in an "Alaskan setting."

The Salmon is cooked
over a wood fire.

The cook puts a brown sugar
sauce on the Salmon.

Gold Creek Salmon Bake is
set up to serve one hundred
or more per seating.

Cold drinks are in the
little houses on stilts.

Hot Coffee & Tea
is available.

Cesar Salad, Baked Beans,
Au Gratin Potatoes, Rice,
Sweet Gherkins, Olives
& Corn Bread

We have dinner music.

My dinner

After trying the Salmon with the sweet sauce, we decided we preferred out Salmon without extras.

We eat Blueberry Cake
for dessert.

After dinner we browse
in the Gift Shop.

And walk to the nearby

A family walked to the
fire rings to roast