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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Visit to Bernie Sanders Campaign Center in Silver City, New Mexico

This is the first 2016 Presidential
Headquarters that Eric & I have
seen during this looong
presidential campaign season.

This Campaign Center is
New Mexico.

Senator Sanders does not have a Super Pac, providing nearly unlimited funding to his campaign.  He is running second to Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the three way race for the Democratic nomination with Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.  Clinton and O'Malley have Super Pacs.

Thirteen of the fourteen remaining Republican presidential presidential candidates have Super Pacs. Republican front runner, Donald Trump, ordered Super Pacs set up for his campaign to disband. 

The Campaign Center has
brochures on Senator Sanders'
 A Silver City resident is paying the rent on this space.  It is not a Sanders campaign expense.

Money raised from
purchases here go
directly to the
Sanders Campaign.

Items for sale include: Tee Shirts,
Hats, Mugs, Campaign Buttons,
Bumper Stickers & Lawn Signs.

There are two different
lawn signs to choose

Eric shared his political campaign stories with Sanders Campaign workers.  This 15 year old did his homework before volunteering for President Richard M. Nixon's Presidential Campaign in 1972.  He visited the Nixon and George McGovern Campaign Headquarters, in Schenectady, New York, before making his decision. The girls working at the Re-elect Nixon Campaign Headquarters were cuter than the girls working at McGovern Campaign Headquarters.  Eric became a regular volunteer at Nixon Headquarters.

Eric developed his phone skills while calling voters and asking for support for the President.  When fumbling with names during phone calls to voters, Eric would end these calls with, "Vote for McGovern."

Everyone remembers being 15 years old.

Our first 2016 Presidential
Campaign souvenirs

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery in Silver City, New Mexico

Friends, Dave and Kathy, introduced us to craft beers when we were camping together in Virginia in 2012.  Now Eric and I search for breweries as we travel.

Let's see what Little Toad
Creek Brewery & 
Distillery offers...

Located in the Silver City Historic District, Little Toad Brewery and Distillery is located in the Isaac Cohen Building, built in 1881.

The first floor rooms
provide a series of
different sized rooms.

This upholstered furniture
& coffee table provide an
informal seating area
nest to a front window.

"The Toad" hosts musical

Intimate seating 
for two... 

Comfortable seating
& a compact bar

I wonder if this room is
used for private parties.

The main bar

Beers on Tap...

Egg Nog & Irish Coffee

Beer in Bottles & Cans

I like taking pictures of
beer tap handles.

Each one has a

A new way to look
at beauty...

Little Toad Creek
small batch 
distilled liquors
Eric samples six beers:  Whatever Wheat, Amphibian Amber, Santa Fe Brewing's Nut Brown Ale, Big Ditch Brown Ale, Pendejo Porter, Stinky Dave Stout Nitro.   Pendejo Porter is his favorite.  The Stinky Dave Stout Nitro is very smooth.  It needs to be enjoyed shortly after it is poured, before it "flattens out."

I sipped on a glass of  De La Cruz Cuvee, my first.  It was delicious... Fruity and smooth....

"The Toad" has an extensive lunch menu.  Several rooms filled with diners while Eric and 
I sat at the bar.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spending the Afternoon in Historic Downtown Silver City, New Mexico

The sign above the Silva
Creek Bridge welcomes
Eric & me to Historic

Town of Silver City
Municipal Court

Brightly painted store fronts
on Yankie Street

getting a makeover.

Eric and I are in the heart of the Silver City Historic District, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.  This district has buildings from the mid 1800s through the early 1900s.

This dog waits patiently
for its humans to

Eric & I admire this

In need of restoration, it reminds us of a time when cars were made of steel & nearly a block long.

It sits next to Cafe Un Mundo,
located in an old gas station.

This down spout has

This colorful artwork is
part of the 2006
MRAC Mural Project.

I wonder if the Yarn
Bomber got materials

 Eric likes the colorful buildings on North Bullard Street.

The Hub Plaza has a
1960s feel.

Somebody's watching you...

Vicki's Eatery is in the
former Elks Lodge.

Little Toad Brewery
& Distillery

Bernie 2016
Campaign Center
opened in September.

Tile decorates the risers
of this stairway on
West Broadway.

I think this was the
Opera House.

is an Art Deco style building.

I like this brick home
with its substantial

Eric patiently poses for me
next to this wine bottle
wall on North Cooper Street.

A Yarn Bombed

me of a church in

Eric admires the second
floor patio on the Silver
City Daily Press Building.

Eric thinks that Saint Vincent
Parish Hall is an old factory.

Enough walking...

It's time for some BEER
at Little Toad Brewery
& Distillery.

Eric & I Visit the Bataan Memorial in Santa Clara, New Mexico

Eric turned right off
US Route 180 & drove
to Bataan Memorial
Recreational Park in
Santa Clara.

The Memorial's mural was
multi-year project painted
by Cobre High School
students from Fall 2008
to Spring 2010.

The Memorial honors Grant County soldiers from the New Mexico 200th National Guard Coast Artillery who fought in the Battle of Corregidor, were captured by the
Japanese Army & forced  to march 65 miles to prison camps.

Students from Cobre High School researched newspaper interviews of survivors after being rescued by Army Rangers on January 30, 1945 and returning home to New Mexico. Students also interviewed two elderly survivors of the Bataan Death March for this project .

Friday, November 27, 2015

Looking for Fresh Tortillas at Peppers Supermarket Deming, New Mexico

Laura, the stylist who cut my hair at Supercuts Hair Salon, told me about locally made, fresh tortillas sold at Peppers Supermarket.  If she doesn't have the time to make tortillas, Laura gets "really fresh, tasty tortillas" at Peppers.

Eric shops... I take photos...

Peppers Supermarket
has a small lending

I LIKE this place!

The cards & stationary
lines an interior

The dining area adjacent
to the Del

Fresh Produce & Peppers'
Salad Dressings, Salsas,
Pickled Vegetables & Eggs,
Jalapeno Peppers, Dips ....

The Bargain Aisle

Fresh Baked Goods

Farmer Brothers Coffees
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

Peppers Supermarket sells

Frozen Dinners &
the Meat Counter

Veladoras are religiously
themed candles.

Fruit Punch &
Frozen Vegetables

Pet Supplies

School & Office Supplies
Paper Products

Dish Soaps, Household
Cleaners & Detergents

The Health &
Beauty Aisle

Peppers Supermarket
has a great selection of
 Beer, Wine & Liquor.

We bought Dona Maria
Flour Tortillas.

They are sooo fresh &

Thank you Laura, for recommending Peppers Supermarket and Dona Maria Tortillas.