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Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Close Encounter with a Parrot on Duval Street in Key West

A man walked up to Eric and me, just steps away from Senor Frog's and placed a Parrot on my arm.

I was startled.

Eric started taking

The fast talking man told us he wanted $20.00.  Eric said, "$10.00."  The man countered with, "$20.00."  Then he told me to hod out my hands.  I did and he put the Parrot on its back in my hands.

He's better trained than
I am.

Then he put the Parrot
on my head.

Eric got pictures of everything while dickering with the man.  In the end, he gave the man a twenty.

After my close encounter with
the Parrot, Eric & I saw the
table on the sidewalk advertising
 Jungle Greg & his birds.

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