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Thursday, February 16, 2017

North.... To Jupiter, Florida

Eric and I unhook the utilities, hitch our Jeep to the motorhome at the KOA in Hollywood and start our drive north to Jupiter.

This stretch of US 411 North
is under construction.

Access points businesses 
are clearly labeled.

A police car & firetruck
in front of  Big Apple

Not a great way to start
a workday.

Eric pointed out the
Seminole Casino &
Hotel's Hard Rock
Cafe Guitar.

Big Pappy's Breakfast &
Lunch is next to Big
Pappy's Liquors.

Eric comments that this is a one stop shopping corner...  Breakfast, Lunch and Liquor.

Eric approaches
Interstate 95

I Beams wait to be set
into place by the

This HOV (High Occupancy
Vehicle) Lane is very helpful
during commute times.

The City of Lake Worth
water tower celebrates
the city's centennial
in 2013.

The concrete noise barriers
that line the highway include
etchings of  Florida wildlife.

This outline is of
a Pelican.

Here's our exit to Florida
State Road 706 West
to our next campground.

Ooops...  This is not the main
entrance to the Jupiter-Palm
Springs Motorcoach Resort.

The Club House &
motorhomes in
the background.

When we made reservations last year, we knew that the resort was under construction.  I look forward to speaking with the owners and walking the grounds.

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