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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jimmy Johnson's Big Chill in Key Largo

Jimmy Johnson's
Big Chill is just
up the road from

At first I was confused....  The Jimmy Johnson I know of races in NASCAR...  There's a football on the sign.  The internet provided the information needed.  Jimmy Johnson coached football Oklahoma State University and the University of Miami.  Jimmie Johnson, different spelling, drives race cars.

The Big Chill has a
very large Tiki Bar.

Eric & his Bucket
of Rum Mixed

I got a Bucket of Vodka Mixed Drink....  I preferred Eric's drink.

Eric lights up his
cigar at the bar.

There are ashtrays available and Eric has a stogie...

The band rocks
out & the crowd

A small Pizza is
just what we need.

Eric and I had all this fun just a half mile from our campsite at King's Kamp R.V. Park.

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